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America's Jews Are Driving America's Wars

Given the recent exchange on anti-Semitism between anarcho-communist Wayne Price, national-anarchist Sean Jobst and myself, this article from Unz Review and the article from Telos posted adjacently offer two diametrically opposed perspectives on US-Israel relations, Zionism, Jewish power and anti-Semitism. 360 more words

Conspiracy “Anti-Zionism”: The Current Face of Judeophobia

Clearly, we need a critique of the US-Israel relationship, Zionist imperialism, and related issues that stands apart from classical Christian and/or Nazi anti-Semitism on one hand, without simply dismissing these things a mere tools of the US ruling class. 275 more words

German government adopts international anti-Semitism definition

Per a government cabinet decision, Germany now has an official standard description for anti-Semitic statements and acts. The definition should make it easier to identify and combat instances of anti-Semitism. 798 more words


Facebook Apologizes For Anti-Semitic Ad Targeting, Revamps Policies

MENLO PARK (AP) — Facebook is apologizing for letting advertisers use phrases like “Jew-haters” as a targeting criteria and for not noticing it until it was pointed out. 312 more words


An Open Letter to the President of Bryn Mawr College

[Published in the Algemeiner, September 20, 2017, under the title “Should We Remove the Names of Antisemites? Not Always.”]

Below is an open letter to the president of Bryn Mawr College… 590 more words


Keep Quiet (2016) ☆☆☆1/2(3.5/4): The repentance of an anti-semite Jewish Hungarian

Joseph Martin and Sam Blair’s documentary film “Keep Quiet” presents one extraordinary human story. Here is a man who has tried to reach for repentance and redemption since he confronted a hidden truth which shattered what he had fervently espoused for years, and the documentary gives us a number of quiet but powerful moments as calmly observing not only who he was but also whom he tries to be at present. 834 more words



BLOG 365 September 18, 2017

            Please grant me a little indulgence. I want to add a reflection that is outside the usual trip through the world of the Middle East. 425 more words