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Chewing Gum: In Contempt of This Abomination!

Okay, we’re calling it. Chewing gum is rubbish! What is the point of this bloody stuff?! It loses any flavour within 120 seconds of chewing commencement. 423 more words


Positive Communities Meeting

Don’t forget, theres the “Positive Communities” meeting taking place in Blantyre tomorrow Thursday 4th October 2018, outside ASDA from midday until 3pm.

South Lanarkshire Council and its safety partners are keen to hear your viewpoints on  anti social behaviour issues within the community. 107 more words


i’m already over it itwas
since you asked

this guy(this
that seems altogether charming,al
-together singular
a potato

agreeing on the wise
against inclination… 73 more words

Amateur Poetry

Extra Antisocial

It can’t be fixed…

Your not I…

So why try…


I left it to be…

Hermit by choice…

Silence doesn’t bother me…

In public… 232 more words

De ce nu mai calc vreodată într-un oficiu poștal

Mi-a amintit Facebook despre Poșta Română cu care mă luptam acum trei ani. Fiindca aveam de trimis niște bani și atâta mă dusese capul – să-i trimit prin mandat poștal. 379 more words

(anti) Social

A day of laziness

There’s are times when one wants to just do absolutely nothing for one whole day. It’s like, you just want to naturally wake up without that annoying alarm clock ringing. 90 more words

Sickening Reality