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On vaccinations....

On vaccinations….

I wasn’t going to wade into the vaccination debate, but I’m getting sick of the ongoing war on social media between pro-vacc and anti-vacc mums, and I have to ask….. 457 more words


The Anti-Vaxxer Movement

Better late than never I suppose. We all have heard of the anti-vaxxer movement. Said movement is caused a wave of controversy in the U.S. Before I dive into my side of the argument, let me present you with some information regarding the movement. 410 more words

Immunization rates for toddlers 'sub-optimal,' say experts

TORONTO – A high percentage of two-year-old kids have been vaccinated against a variety of childhood diseases, according to a Statistics Canada survey, but some immunization rates still fall below what’s considered optimal. 588 more words


Why we should not entertain the dangerous thoughts of Jenny McCarthy

It appears the new trend across the developed world is to actively choose not to have your child vaccinated. Yeah, thanks Jenny McCarthy. Thanks for the 10 years of false information you have been propagating to the world. 363 more words


You Can’t Deny That Anti-Vaccination People Love Their Children

With the first measles death in 12 years being reported recently and California’s blocking the personal beliefs exemption has brought up the anti-vaccination discussion. The people who oppose vaccinations have come under fire again. 881 more words


California governor signs vaccine bill that bans personal, religious exemptions

By Michael Martinez and Amanda Watts


(CNN) — California Gov. Jerry Brown has signed legislation outlawing a family’s personal and religious beliefs as reasons to exempt their children from school vaccinations. 501 more words


California Legislature passes strict school vaccine bill

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – California lawmakers on Monday sent the governor a contentious bill that would impose one of the strictest school vaccination laws in the country in reaction to a recent measles outbreak at Disneyland. 569 more words