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Don’t ban anti-vaxers — Kiwiblog

The SMH reports: The self-proclaimed “world’s number one anti-vaxxer” has been denied permission to visit Australia. Immigration Minister Peter Dutton said on Thursday Kent Heckenlively​ would not be able to tour Australia later this year as part of an international campaign calling for a pause in childhood vaccinations.

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How a casino got dragged into a divisive social issue

Organisations sometimes find themselves unwittingly caught up in controversy they had no part in. But the reputational damage can still be just as great, especially if they don’t act quickly and firmly. 483 more words

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The Vaccine Paradox

Published on LinkedIn on 09 July 2017 by Leticia Labrador

World Immunization Week’s theme this year is Vaccine Works. Indeed they do. When a subject is vaccinated against a disease, its immune system is trained to fight the disease in a “safe-mode”. 404 more words


Lies and Deceit from Australia's "Vaxxed" promoters

Lies and deception are second nature to the Australian Vaccination skeptics Network and particularly the group’s conspiracy pushing driving force, Meryl Dorey.

Never one to stray far from the spotlight Dorey has been active in promoting the anti-vaccine conspiracy theory propaganda flick, … 1,528 more words


Vaccine Rates up 300 Percent in Suburbs after Doctors Begin Marketing Shots as 'Gluten-Free'

In response to increases in preventable diseases associated with the anti-vaccination movement, the American Medical Association has partnered with the Food and Drug Administration to renew faith in the practice. 105 more words


Naturopaths not 'real' doctors, despite video claims they are ‘medically trained’: critics

Britt Hermes worked as a naturopath for three years, until she discovered her boss, himself a naturopath, had been illegally importing and injecting cancer patients with a drug not approved by the U.S. 1,058 more words