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The madness of the anti-medicine movement

Long term anti-vaccine lobbyist, Judy Wilyman recently had one of her standard attacks on HPV vaccination republished on the site of the ambitiously named The New Zealand Journal of Natural Medicine… 1,919 more words


Anti-vaccine websites are misinforming parents, study says

Source: Anti-vaccine websites are misinforming parents, study says – Medical News Today

Many anti-vaccination websites use a “considerable amount” of misinformation, as well as pseudoscience and anecdotes to reinforce the perception that vaccines are dangerous, according to research presented this week at the American Public Health Association’s Annual Meeting in Chicago, IL. 646 more words

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How to undo one good article with one wayward embedding

Yesterday, news.dot.com.au published an interesting article on some tactics being proposed to sway anti-vaccinationists from their destructive course:

THEY SAY a picture is worth a thousand words, and in the case of winning the war over anti-vaxxers, an image like this may be enough to change the mind of even the most extreme sceptics.

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Anti-vaccination Dishonesty

Herd Immunity against measles won't hold as vaccination rates fall

Avoiding or delaying the measles vaccine has left nearly 9 million children in the U.S. vulnerable to the disease, including roughly 2 million children too young to receive the vaccine…

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Anti-Vaccine Group Accidentally Funds Research Proving No Link To Autism

HOUSTON (CBS Houston)– An anti-vaccination group accidentally funded research that proves there is no link between vaccination and autism.

Despite science, organizations who question vaccinations are still searching for evidence that they could threaten children’s health, as reported by… 169 more words


The problem of clustered drops in herd immunity

There are many reasons anti-vaccine lobbyists push the falsehood that herd immunity “is a myth”, is not important or simply doesn’t exist.

To listen to recent untruths from Meryl Dorey, one should eagerly accept that it is “documented” in… 319 more words


Australia takes a stand against anti-vaxxers with a proposed $11,000 penalty

Parents who refuse to vaccinate their children in Australia may soon lose up to 15,000 Australian dollars ($11,000) per child per year in tax and child care benefits under a popular proposed law. 240 more words