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Vaccinating, metaphorically and literally

There’s a lot of bad (either misleading or blatantly false) science information on the Internet. Science communicators often try to combat the bad content by dumping as much accurate information as they can into the world, but that strategy is not as effective as many would hope. 1,308 more words


Unvaccinated children stigmatized more than their parents, study finds

VANCOUVER — Children who aren’t vaccinated face harsher judgment than the parents responsible for the lack of immunization, says a study examining attitudes concerning a contentious public health issue for which Canada lacks a national strategy. 529 more words


Case Study - Vitamin K

A northern-NSW five-week old baby was fighting for life this year after suffering a brain haemorrhage, an illness that the Vitamin K injection sufficiently prevents. A shot that parents must consent to. 100 more words

JRNL301: Vaccinations

Vaccination: Definitely Worth a Shot

In 2010, a seven-year-old child who had returned from Sweden was diagnosed with measles. According to Sascha Garrey, this child was intentionally left unvaccinated which led to an outbreak in San Diego, California. 3,646 more words

Ontario teacher guilty of promoting anti-vaccine views suspended for talking to media

An Ontario high school science teacher who was found guilty of professional misconduct after pushing anti-vaccination views says he was suspended without pay for three days for speaking to the media about the case. 583 more words


How the “Anti-Vaccine” Movement Threatens Us All

Step back and take a good look. It’s a full blown, parent on parent brawl. I’m struck with an urgency that the vaccine discussion is perilously off track and acutely needs correction. 1,770 more words


Debunking "The Pro-Vax Argument Lost Me When"

Credible scientific and medical information about vaccines can be gotten from reading the websites of medical organizations and government public health websites, science and medicine textbooks by mainstream publishers and reading scientific review papers in highly credible scientific journals. 3,656 more words