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St Luke's in danger of closing

The Stroud News and Journal reports this week that the town’s anthroposophical medical centre, St Luke’s, is in danger of closing due to the retirement of two GPs. 397 more words


Non-Infectious Outbreaks: Bizarre Epidemics of Stuff That Shouldn't Be Contagious

An outbreak is usually caused by something infectious; some germ that likes to spread itself around. But sometimes things that shouldn’t be contagious spread themselves around. 395 more words


The Arrow and Vaccines

Is the show just poking fun at the science behind vaccines, do the creators really not know the science behind them either?

The city is going to be hit with a bio-engineered attack that will kill a decent percentage of those infected if not all those in the range. 93 more words

Anti-Vaccination Movement

Bill Would Require Additional Reporting of Vaccine-Preventable Diseases

In short, J.D Sheffield, a medical doctor and a Republican, has introduced a bill into the Texas State House that would disclose the vaccination rates of known preventable diseases at each school. 108 more words


Vaccine 'Personal Belief' Exemptions

California’s state Senate has passed a bill to eliminate “personal belief exemptions” that currently allow parents to opt out of having their school-age children vaccinated. 35 more words


Dear Anti-Vaxxers

Dearest Anti-Vaxxers,

Let me first congratulate on you for being able to read this post, seeing as you were throttled pretty hard with the idiot stick as a infant. 576 more words

Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network uses the rape analogy once more

On April 22 2015 – less than three weeks ago – the anti-vaccination fundamentalist group, the Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network, made it into every mainstream media… 592 more words

Anti-vaccination Dishonesty