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Why vaccines are important (and anti-vaxxers are scumbags)

The internet is a marvellous place that gives us cat videos and memes galore. It also forces us to confront some more asinine displays of human sentience. 535 more words

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Sometimes, all it takes is a one-word prompt to get us writing. Today’s Daily Post writing prompt: CONTROVERSY.

NO DOUBT about it. We live in a disputative society. 1,279 more words


Anti-vaccine lobby spreads more lies about Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Just over three weeks ago I came across an email sent to Australia’s premier anti-vaccination organisation, headed India kicks out Gates Foundation. The author offered a YouTube link and the observation… 1,712 more words


Ontario science teacher found guilty of misconduct in anti-vaccination case

TORONTO – An Ontario science teacher stormed out of a hearing after being found guilty of professional misconduct for telling students vaccines could kill them. 723 more words


Ontario teacher denies anti-vaccine allegations at disciplinary hearing

TORONTO – An Ontario science teacher accused of telling his high school students they could die as a result of vaccination had a history of pushing anti-vaccine theories, a disciplinary hearing heard Tuesday. 712 more words


Robert Fulford: Anti-vaxxers are winning as ignorance and pseudo-science vanquish intelligence

If an ordinary medical journal had published that trouble-making article, few would have paid attention and the angry, dangerous controversy about autism and vaccination might never have exploded. 740 more words

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Homeopathic Vaccines, what are they?

Many individuals who take a pro-vaccine stance blame homeopaths for the decreasing rates of vaccination in modern community. People believe that homeopaths are influencing their patients to stop the use of conventional vaccines and rather use ‘nosodes’, or homeopathic vaccines. 660 more words