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Del Bigtree misleads his audience over safety of influenza vaccinations

An excellent video published by More Truth © provides a firm evidence based rebuttal to the blatant lies being peddled by Del Bigtree in his promotion of fraudulent anti-vaccine film… 513 more words


An Experience with Vaccination Gatekeepers, Brian Martin

Author Information: Brian Martin, University of Wollongong, bmartin@uow.edu.au

Martin, Brian. “An Experience with Vaccination Gatekeepers.” Social Epistemology Review and Reply Collective 5, no. 10 (2016): 27-33. 2,802 more words

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Get Vaccinated Against Inanity

This is a manifestation of what I call the “Truther” syndrome – that malady that causes somebody with incomplete (or non-existent) knowledge of a topic to assume that they are nevertheless an expert, and that they are capable of making pronouncements on the topic that are every bit as relevant as those of… 548 more words

Hello fellow herbalists...This sight is based on my studies and teachings since 1984 and recently my further education on vitalism through the School of Natural Healing. First off, I want to clarify why I chose the word anarchist. It is not because I enjoy violence, in fact, I have been the exact opposite, a pacifist. If I stay in this country, one that pushes vaccinations on us, then I am going to push back as hard and be just as "in your face" as vaccination companies AND THEIR salesmen, allopathic doctors, US Government and corporations. Or, I am going to leave America and live as a pacifist in an area that does not push vaccinations, chemicals and germ theories on me, my friends and family. I am choosing to help people navigate the confusion surrounding vaccinations and allopathic medicine. Vaccinations have a 65% help rate. That is closer to 50% in my book. What about the other 45%? Fact # 2, vaccinations and antibiotics kill off the bacteria that naturally produces b-12 in our bodies. The only other way we can acquire b-12 is from meat, bee propolis and nutritional yeast. Climate change and drought has been directly linked to cows and the over eating of such animals. They require more water than the average human by a huge margin. Less natural b-12, less education on other sources of b-12, has lead to droughts and climate change, not showering ( basic hygeine )and watering our flowers. So in many ways, my re-education, the way Hippocrates educated his students and community, and Native Americans led their tribes with herbal medicine is what draws me to talk daily about vaccinations and the illness, injuries and deaths they cause when they are pushed on us as a whole.

Conspiracy Theorists: obsessed and beyond reason

This morning I was met with the news that a train accident in Hoboken, New Jersey had left one person dead and over 100 injured. It… 858 more words


Michelle Hauser on anti-vaxxers: How to cause an outbreak

At a time when vaccinations have the potential to put an end to untold human suffering, we find ourselves in the midst of a global crisis of trust in immunization. 839 more words

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