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Robert Fulford: Anti-vaxxers are winning as ignorance and pseudo-science vanquish intelligence

If an ordinary medical journal had published that trouble-making article, few would have paid attention and the angry, dangerous controversy about autism and vaccination might never have exploded. 740 more words

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Homeopathic Vaccines, what are they?

Many individuals who take a pro-vaccine stance blame homeopaths for the decreasing rates of vaccination in modern community. People believe that homeopaths are influencing their patients to stop the use of conventional vaccines and rather use ‘nosodes’, or homeopathic vaccines. 572 more words

An Overview

Anti-vaccination movements have existed for as long as vaccines themselves, and though arguments against vaccination have varied over time, they have often stemmed from similar roots; religious opposition, distrust in the medical sciences and misinformation through flawed vaccination studies. 350 more words

The Dangers of the Anti-Vaccination Movement

In the age of the internet, it is pretty easy for misinformation to spread like wildfire. For better or worse, just about everyone has a voice that they are eager to share, and people with opinions that could easily be considered harmful to society or not exactly exempt from that. 685 more words

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Vaccination and Anti-Vaccination

The topic of vaccination has become an increasingly touchy subject, with a lot of fear mongering and ignorance from both sides.  Both sides seem to prefer hurling insults at each other than discussing the subject with any form of civility.   1,140 more words

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Skåne Regional Council Indirectly Finances Anti-Vaccine Campaign

Did you know that a Swedish county council that is responsible for healthcare in the region also indirectly finances anti-vaccine talks and efforts by the anti-dentist quack organization? 729 more words


5 Activists Who Met Ironic Fates

In the last few years there have been news stories about activists who have either died or had some tragedy occur where the very thing that they have spent time fighting for or against has been their downfall. 1,298 more words

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