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A vaccine made my baby stop breathing. But I still believe in vaccination

Last year, I became a mom. During my pregnancy, I read all the books and all the articles, and my husband and I mentally crafted a framework to use to raise our baby. 1,041 more words


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Lately I’m going through the Scishow channel on YouTube like it’s Netflix TV or something. I came across this video about why people refuse to get vaccinations for their kids. 41 more words


'No Jab No Pay' Success: Government will not profit financially

It has been widely reported today that the Turnbull Government’s “No Jab, No Pay” legislation has led to an increase in childhood vaccination rates.

This is excellent news and a  1,086 more words


"Come a Patient Return a Doctor" Really? When does Stupidity turn criminal?

People who through their personal Charisma, stupidity that borders on dishonesty and sweet talk influence unassuming and often less educated people to stop taking medicines and act as crusaders against things like Vaccination should be stopped as they pose a real problem to the society. 642 more words


"Something has happened in the motorcade route"

“Something has happened in the motorcade route”

Friday November 22, 1963 Sam Pate, a reporter for KBOX Radio describing President Kennedy’s motorcade


I was struck by recent tweets from Australia’s most troublesome, and arguably troubled, antivaccinationist. 438 more words


Jen Gerson: Two martyrs and one child victim for the anti-vaccination cause

What do you do with a couple like the Stephans? What sentence is appropriate for two loving parents whose belief in natural medicine contributed to their son’s death? 866 more words

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‘Vaxxed’ producers interview Lethbridge parents found guilty in meningitis death

Producers behind a controversial documentary alleging a link between the MMR vaccine and autism took to Facebook to encourage people to support David and Collet Stephan, a Lethbridge couple… 1,287 more words