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He who shouts the loudest...

People often think of science as something performed in labs, by people in white coats, something quite isolated from their own lives. Yet scientific research has far-reaching implications for so many aspects of society, particularly government policies and public health. 453 more words

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The Vaccines Keep Coming

By Gina Flores

Staff Writer at NoFakeNews.net

Year after year the vaccines seem to keep coming. Big Pharma has hundreds of new medicinal concoctions in the works that are eventually slated to be injected in human beings. 114 more words


Michael Leunig, Conscience, and The Choice to Vaccinate

Popular whimsical Australian cartoonist Michael Leunig has again raised controversy with a cartoon published in The Age and the Sydney Morning Herald on the 19th of August on the topic of vaccination. 1,518 more words


CMA calls for proof of vaccinations before children can be enrolled in school

HALIFAX — Every elementary and high school in the country should require parents to provide proof their child has received up-to-date immunizations for school entry, Canada’s doctors say. 796 more words


Who said issues have to be about facts

It’s no secret that issues often revolve around perceptions and feelings rather than objective facts. Look no further than the activist campaign against overwhelming scientific evidence on the effectiveness of… 533 more words

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This Makes Me Angry

I apologise in advance for any profanity I may use in this post. I feel it is justified to show the degree of anger in relation to these acts and events. 310 more words


The vaccine post (you knew this was coming)

My time has come to write the vaccination post. You know, the one that almost all blogs written by a mother have. Why now? The trigger was a facebook post by a relatively famous person, saying that people who don’t vaccinate their kids are stupid. 1,118 more words