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Anti-vaccination and flat earth are just as real as anything else. This is because nothing is real anymore. About hyper-reality and Post-Truth politics

How did We Lose The Gatekeepers

Today we live in a very different political world. The traditional media has lost its powers and their dominance over news coverage. 1,219 more words


Why anti-vaxxers get it so wrong

By Tim Harding

The inability to accurately appraise one’s own knowledge is a cognitive bias known as the Dunning-Kruger Effect, first identified from social psychology experiments conducted in 1999. 264 more words


Guest essay by Eric Worrall You can smell the desperation. YouTube will now place Wikipedia entries about global warming below videos ‘refuting evidence of rising temperatures’ YouTube will add snippets of factual information on select video clips It will target controversial topics, such as anti-vaccination and climate change YouTube hopes it will reduce misinformation and…

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Climate Matters

‘No Jab, No Pay,’ not here

Australia has a blunt way of getting parents to vaccinate their children called ““No Jab, No Pay.”

As the name suggests, parents don’t receive welfare payments, tax benefits, and child-care rebates if they don’t vaccinate their children. 505 more words


Vaccination -right or wrong? - Part 1

Vaccine in simpler terms is a biological substance used to provide active immunity to the body. The first vaccine dates years back, in 1796 when Edward Jenner discovered the idea of vaccination after realizing that exposing the body to cowpox virus could actually prevent smallpox. 872 more words

Kat von D!!

Hello, and welcome to the hardest ethical makeup review I’ve had to so far on ‘Pretty with Principles?’. Kat von D was actually the company, and person, who made me realise how difficult this process could be. 1,130 more words


The anti-vaccination movement goes back more than 150 years: its history holds lessons for today

To be clear: when there’s a new vaccine, I’m the first in line, with my sleeve already rolled up. I’ve had a lot of diseases I wish I had been vaccinated for: measles, mumps, rubella (or German measles), chickenpox, influenza H1N1 (just before the vaccine was available), and pertussis (childhood vaccine must have worn off). 1,217 more words