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Why we are all complicit in the rise of the anti-vaxxers

A significant new study out of Denmark last week confirmed once again that there is no evidence the MMR (mumps, measles, rubella) vaccine causes autism. In fact, just the opposite seems to be the case: children who received the shot were seven per cent less likely to develop autism than those who did not. 1,279 more words


Ontario's mandatory class for parents seeking vaccine exemptions has ‘zero conversions'

To send kids to school without vaccinations, parents in Ontario must first attend a class of their own.

Conducted one-on-one or in groups as large as 50 at their local health units, the mandatory “vaccine education” sessions for parents pursuing exemptions consists mainly of a video screening, with a nurse on hand to answer any questions. 2,002 more words


Vax or Vex: What To Consider Before Vaccinating Your Child

Writer’s Note: It’s taken me longer than usual to write the piece below. I wanted to be sure I got it exactly right. I’ve read the content linked in bold below and I encourage you to do so, too. 1,117 more words

Why antibiotics don't work on viruses

(Feature image: measles particle, SCIENCE PHOTO LIBRARY RF)

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Unfortunately, essential oils will not protect or treat you of viral infections. Recently, you might have heard about the Texan lawmaker, Bill Zedler, who claims, “They want to say people are dying of measles. 306 more words

Christian Scientist Family Can't Afford Abortion And Decides To Go The Anti-Vax Route Instead

Christianity and science sure do go hand in hand. Remember when Jesus turned the water into wine, let that wine turn into vinegar and, finally, put some baking soda in that bitch? 489 more words


Never underestimate how celebrities can influence important issues

Does it really matter when self-styled influencers enter into important public issues? Like the recent headlines when the 20-year-old wife of an Australian football player… 535 more words

Issue Management

A 'good hook': Why some people listen to anti-vaccination messages

“How many is too many? Who decides? Educate before you vaccinate,” read a billboard near downtown Toronto’s busy Yonge-Dundas Square earlier this week.

The billboards, which have since been taken down, were part of an advertising campaign by a group called Vaccine Choice Canada. 1,192 more words