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Anti-vaccination stronghold in North Carolina hit with state's worst chickenpox outbreak in 20 years

Chickenpox has taken hold of a school in North Carolina where many families claim religious exemption from vaccines.

Cases of chickenpox have been multiplying at the Asheville Waldorf School, which serves children from nursery school to sixth grade in Asheville, North Carolina. 905 more words


Anti-vax billboard 'fear speech, not free speech', Health Minister wants it taken down

ABC News Josh Bavas 9 October 2018

Queensland Health Minister Steven Miles says he is appalled by an anti-vaccination billboard on Brisbane’s northside and his department is investigating whether it can be removed.

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Why Anti-vaxxers are stupid

Hello internet, today I got several vaccinations so I figured “Hey lets talk about people who think vaccines cause autism and completely destroy their arguments”. So that’s what we are gonna do today. 1,006 more words

Australian government to provide meningococcal vaccine to teens

Recently the Australian government announced that from April 2019 the meningococcal vaccine Nimenrix will be available free to teenagers aged 14-19. This will prove to be a significant public health measure against Invasive Meningococcal Disease (IMD). 815 more words


Vaccine Hesitancy - Refusing the privilege of being disease free.

In the part 1 of this 2 part series I talked about why it is so necessary to get vaccinated. This part tries to delve deeper into understanding the reasons behind low vaccination rates. 870 more words

Anti-vaccination and flat earth are just as real as anything else. This is because nothing is real anymore. About hyper-reality and Post-Truth politics

How did We Lose The Gatekeepers

Today we live in a very different political world. The traditional media has lost its powers and their dominance over news coverage. 1,219 more words


Why anti-vaxxers get it so wrong

By Tim Harding

The inability to accurately appraise one’s own knowledge is a cognitive bias known as the Dunning-Kruger Effect, first identified from social psychology experiments conducted in 1999. 264 more words