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How Anti-Vaxxers Could Help Decide Italy's Election

In late 2015, Italian virologist Roberto Burioni took part in a Q&A with young mothers on a Facebook group and was alarmed to find many of them spouting… 1,193 more words

A BREAKDOWN OF WHY I DO NOT TRUST NVIC OR BARBARA LOE FISHER--with links to back up my words because I don't play!

First off, NVIC helped write the 1986 law that shields the drug companies from being sued.

There is plenty of evidence that they were warned where this law would lead (read the link & listen to the interview at the bottom) but they did what they wanted to do because it was in their own interest. 378 more words

Flu Vaccine for kids? No thanksĀ 

Flu has been around for how long now? Decades? Centuries? Since the dawn of time? The last time I looked humanity was never under threat from Flu, well, apart from the Spanish Flu perhaps but I couldn’t even tell you how bad or not that really was in the grand scheme of things, I just know that it was bad, was it even ‘normal’ Flu? 579 more words