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Flu Vaccine for kids? No thanks 

Flu has been around for how long now? Decades? Centuries? Since the dawn of time? The last time I looked humanity was never under threat from Flu, well, apart from the Spanish Flu perhaps but I couldn’t even tell you how bad or not that really was in the grand scheme of things, I just know that it was bad, was it even ‘normal’ Flu? 579 more words


Autism 'myths' fuelled by the Internet, Halifax health experts say

The Internet provides instant access to vast amounts of information but it’s not all accurate; especially when it pertains to medical information.

“People think they’re experts, Dr.

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Vaccines and Autism

You are right. Let me assure you parents. You are right. You should be concerned about anything that has to do with your children. You are their first defense, their last defense, and oftentimes their only defense. 2,151 more words


'I'm pro informed consent': Teacher guilty of pushing anti-vaccine views suspended for talking to media

An Ontario high school science teacher who was found guilty of professional misconduct after pushing anti-vaccination views says he was suspended without pay for three days for speaking to the media about the case. 545 more words


Anti-vaxxers converted Minnesota's Somali community. Now, the state faces historic measles outbreak

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MINNEAPOLIS – The young mother started getting advice early on from friends in the close-knit Somali immigrant community here. Don’t let your children get the vaccine for measles, mumps and rubella – it causes autism, they said. 1,792 more words


The Tactics of Social Control by the Skeptics

 By  Dubius Anonymuus

  It is helpful to look at the extent to which the “Friends of Science in Medicine” and their allies will go to dominate the conversation, scare off opponents, and give the impression that there is a groundswell of opinion in their direction. 1,093 more words

When words don’t match: The problem with “vaccine safety” and its coverage

“Vaccine safety” is now a disturbing new phrase used in media coverage.

When one news story adopts a new expression, other media outlets soon follow. 765 more words

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