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Domestic Terrorism in Canada: it's not what you might think

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines terrorism as “the use of terror especially as a means of coercion”. The FBI defines “domestic terrorism” as activities with three characteristics: 1,443 more words

Child Abuse

"Healing is Prevention"

My latest article in The University of Chicago Magazine is outIt’s a profile of Ryan Lugalia-Hollon and Eddie Bocanegra, the heads of the Chicago YMCA’s Youth Safety and Violence Prevention Program. 51 more words


Good Critic on Yaocho Bar's new Coasters by Gabriel Beltrone of ADWEEK.com

Tokyo bar chain, Yaocho, collaboration with Ogilvy & Mather Tokyo for new collection of coasters which will be changed into chilling beat-up face after placed with a cold drinks. 248 more words

City Life

Holistic Approach to Organizations and Institutions

After reading “Statement on Gender Violence and the Prison Industrial Complex” by INCITE! Women of Color Against Violence and Critical Resistance and “Building an Abolitionist Trans and Queer Movement with Everything We’ve Got” written by Morgan Bassichis, Alexander Lee, and Dean Spade, I sat and reassessed my opinions on these topics. 422 more words


Let's Get Consensual! U Vic men explain sexual consent.

Selkirk College nursing students Katie Baas-Sylvester and Stephi Krebs and counsellor, Robin Higgins recently spent an intense and interesting  day at UBC with people from 22 other Canadian campuses exploring prevention and response to sexual violence on campuses. 69 more words

Thriving As A Student

Writer Warriors

 Preface: I would like to add some explanation about my motivation for this post. Over a month ago a site that I was following, a beautifully designed, highly artistic and expressive site written mainly in Arabic (so, untranslatable to me; I have not been able to find a Translate button for that site), posted a photograph that absolutely appalled me. 471 more words

BE2: Friday Life Path Mapping Results

Terrorists in Uniform pockets full of Steel

Run for your life be light on your heels

Undercover thugs with their badges and their steel

Trigger happy pigs going back five decades

Remembering when you couldn’t even enter certain places… 199 more words

Domestic Violence