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Génération Identitaire

This French youth organization occupied the office of the European Commission Saturday and demonstrated against mass immigration into Europe.

Génération Identitaire’s press release is here… 37 more words

European Nationalism

I Do Believe

This is in three parts and will conclude on May 27, 2015

Gran was leaning over the piano looking at a crowd of people locked  hand in hand in a human chain on the black and white TV. 762 more words

What's On My Mind

The Self-Destruction of the Episcopal Church

The Episcopal Church peaked in 1962 and has been in precipitous decline ever since. With each new reform (i.e. implementation of Progressive policy), people leave the church. 723 more words


Militant Anti-White "Diversity Officer" May Lose Job after Tweeting 'Kill All White Men'

A welfare and diversity officer caught up in a racism row could potentially lose her job for tweeting the words “kill all white men” and calling people…

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White Indifference

Racial indifference in Whites seems to be the norm. The downtrodden Whites accept the anti-White narrative spewed from every direction and do nothing to counter it.   731 more words


The Literary Wasteland

Lately I’ve been scouring magazines and small presses in an attempt to find somewhere to unloose the stories that run rampant through the drafty places in my mind. 238 more words