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Cry Bully Says The English Flag is "Offensive" And Should Be Replaced

Cry Bully Kehinde Andrews thinks that the English flag is “offensive” and should be replaced with a “new symbol”.

The Birmingham City University Professor… 437 more words


WHENEVER I SEE someone like DeNiro drooling boomer-babble ...

so apparently Bobbie DeNiro went on the pozz-box to shawk us all with his amazing ability to be vulgar and curse about hating huwhites.

deNiro an ‘alleged’ Italian wants you to know that the american economy doing better, reducing the practice of genocide against whites, and negotiating peace with best Korea is something that (((Hollywood))) opposes on a religious basis. 97 more words

The Royal Wedding - making Britain “Woke”.

So unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that a member of the British royal family got married recently. He married an American divorced actress who starred on Suits, a US TV series I’ve never seen. 1,336 more words