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Teaching Anti-White Racism to Black Children

There are constant calls from black activists and white liberals for America to have a “conversation” about race, but a genuine conversation cannot begin until these liberals come to terms with the fact that culture rather than racism or slavery is the primary reason for the plight of a large segment of the black population.  418 more words


#Racist Trans model Munroe Bergdorf says Whites "Most violent and oppressive"

Former L’Oreal model Munroe Bergdorf was given a platform by the BBC despite its mental illness.

The BBC allowed “her” to appear in The BBC: This week program in order to further demonize white people as uncontrollable racists. 106 more words

Post Vegas Anti-White Media Hysteria

On this blog and many others, the anti-white slant of the mainstream media is often highlighted. Recently, there has been an uptick in the number of anti-white hit pieces. 1,563 more words

Dove Racism Exposed...?

Just a quick post today.

There has been a back lash to what is clearly a very benign advert for a lotion that aims to show the cream is suitable for all skin types; regardless of skin colour. 231 more words


"The Defenders" From Netflix Reviewed

Are we pretending this isn’t terrible?

Review by ElRon


I was a fan of the first season and half of the Netflix show “Daredevil.” It had its flaws but was a relatable story of vigilante justice in a crime ridden city. 374 more words


As It Stands, Federal Law States Whites Can Never Be A Minority

The video below shows an exchange between a woman from Fontana, CA and some kind of Official. According to both aforementioned parties, Fontana, CA has a population where Hispanics are the Majority. 100 more words


Turok, The (Black) Dinosaur Hunter - He Hunts Dino Fascists bc Slavery

Turok the Dinosaur Hunter may not have been the most popular property but the property has been around in Sci-Fi Comics since 1956. Turok was definitely nothing to sneeze at. 219 more words