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Check your panties, e-r-r, #Privilege, white ladies...

You’re right: I didn’t spend much time Photoshopping(R) this. ;-)


Skinning the Invisible Knapsack, Part 4 of 5

Among schoolgoys, there is a rather vindictive prank one can do to a classmate who has left his backpack or bookbag unattended, known as skinning. The bag is emptied of its contents, turned inside out, and then zipped back up with all of its contents inside. 1,013 more words


George Soros Donating $10 Million to ‘Anti-Hate’ Groups

H/T MRC News Busters.

The groups that George Soros funds are actually Anarchist, anti-America, anti-white, anti-Conservative, anti-Christian, anti-cop hate groups.    

Here are a couple of examples Black Lives Matters Thugs and the Southern Poverty Law Center. 348 more words

I'm not a racist but-

Tumblr can be very based.
A visual demonstration of why ad hominem and poisoning the well don’t work, also see the Trump administration.

Instead these people try to gaslight us that our realpolitik concerns are bigoted/uneducated and hence, not REAL. 440 more words

The Anti-White Narrative

Genocide if it happens in Tibet, genocide in Europe too.

There’s evidence for a black genocide too, with taxpayer-funded abortion. However, that is slightly different to the white situation, since we don’t have a homeland like blacks have Africa and the Caribbean. 230 more words

Lefty lies

PC is lying when everyone can see the truth, and getting them to repeat that lie. The lie will be based in CM, with all the linguistic tricks of the Left’s historical fascists. 15 more words

Chicago Kidnapping: The World is Becoming Anti-White

We all seen the hateful video of a mentally handicapped man with the intellectual abilities of a child being kidnapped for two days, tortured and humiliated in Chicago. 466 more words