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Anti-White Publishers

Traditional publishing is an industry to be mocked and avoided. If you want to buy a book, do it at a used book store, used on Amazon, or use your local library. 109 more words


CNN's Racist & Religious Attack On White Christians

Monday night on CNN, host Don Lemon and his panel launched in to a racist attack on white people.

Seemingly befuddled by the news of the day… 671 more words

News Of The Day

Texas university newspaper publishes anti-white “Your DNA is an Abomination” column — Fellowship of the Minds

From Fox News: A Texas college’s student newspaper is apologizing after coming under fire for running an opinion column called “Your DNA is an abomination” that accuses white people of being oppressors who “shouldn’t exist.” The apology from Texas State’s University Star came just hours after the column was printed in the paper’s Tuesday edition, […]

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Liberal Journalist Kate Morgan Says The U.S is "Not Much Better Than North Korea" PFFT!!

Liberal journalists are among the most dumbfounded, ignorant, racist, imbeciles in media. The industry is saturated by these fools. On a daily basis they spew some of the most incredible displays of feeble-mindedness you could ever observe. 222 more words


Whites need not apply- the Diversity Crusade marches on

The BBC has banned white candidates from applying for a particular job role in London. Why should I be surprised? After all, we were always heading for this as a result of the well-meaning but disastrously flawed logic that seeks to pay ethnic minorities reparations for the sins of the past. 316 more words


YouTube Censors Mark Collett

As if Twitter’s purge of Alt Right and even tame Alt Lte accounts wasn’t bad enough, Mark Collett’s recent YouTube/Podcast video pertaining to the United Kingdom’s recent propaganda of pushing anti-white sentiments into the holiday spirit was pulled from YouTube in a matter of hours. 44 more words

Mark Collett

White Liberals Defending Minorities is a sign of #WhiteSupremacy 😂😂

So now the shoe is on the other foot as many White Liberals that obviously never had interaction with minorities outside work and the service industry are guilty of white supremacy. 73 more words