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An Antifa Manual

I cannot confirm the authenticity of these documents but they are interesting reading.

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How #Predictable: @CNN is full of cowards. #PeaceThroughViolence

My “Inspiration,” now apparently scrubbed at the behest of CNN’s Commie-overlords.


A Lovely Young Lady's Tale of UTR Charlottesville

Presented as it was written.

2) The cops were standing on the sides of the road just watching. They made no attempt to separate the groups or diffuse the violence.

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Erase the #Democrat Party, too, then. #ConfederateStatues

Had made this and went to Dinesh D’Souza’s site to link to his book and film, “Hillary’s America,” to provide the historical background, and lo and behold, yesterday, … 17 more words


The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution Comes To America

The current madness being exploited by cynical leftist politicians in the US is familiar. We have seen it before, in communist China between 1966 and 1976. 84 more words


The Rising Tide of Anti-White Racism

America is rapidly becoming an indecent nation. The once virtuous society that America was is now falling prey to radical leftists who have created a culture of intolerance. 641 more words


Anti-White Passages In Islam.

Islam is constantly marketed as a “religion of peace” or “non-discriminatory

Little do people know that in all of Islam’s holiest texts (such as the Quran, Hadith, and Tafsir), as well as Islam’s earliest, most reliable Muslim scholars, there is  1,719 more words