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Ignorance and apathy

Ignorance and apathy are surely two of the biggest threats to us in our day.

Few people seem to know the truth — they are ignorant — and even fewer care about the truth, being apathetic towards it. 952 more words



An acquaintance of mine, bless her heart, was irate when hearing the BLM slogan repeated for the millionth time — that is, ‘black lives matter… 594 more words

Cultural Marxism

It hasn't worked yet

And chances are it never will. But still we keep on trying.

A group of police officers at a Pennsylvania restaurant performed one of those ‘random… 409 more words


Summer of 2016: violence & protests

As the summer heat settles in, it is beginning to look like we have a spreading Black insurgency against the pro-Black government (headed by a Black president and attorney general) in the USA. 407 more words


Progressives maintain 'Narrative' despite rising anti-White violence

In the wake of the Dallas Massacre, in which Black Lives Matter activists targeted and murdered White policemen, the Progressive Left has failed to aknowledge the deadly consequences of its often-hateful rhetoric and is attempting to maintain its pre-Dallas racial narrative (known to AltRighters and Southern nationalists as simply “the Narrative”) in which Whites are collectively racist, evil and on the “wrong side of history” whilst Blacks and other non-White groups are helpless victims of White racism). 256 more words


BLUE-FLU outbreak should hit #Dallas first

Hate (White) cops so-o-o much you wish they (the White ones) were all dead? I wish you could find out what it would be like…at least for a day or two. 72 more words


Never enough

At Diversity is Chaos, blogger Average Joe  links to an article on a new Pew Research poll on racial relations. And it’s the same old story: there is a disparity between the attitudes of blacks and Whites as to whether race relations have improved, or whether ‘inequality’ has been adequately addressed — addressed by… 924 more words

Cultural Marxism