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UK race audit ordered


She included Whites as a racial group and the White Working Class specifically.

Prime Minister Theresa May has ordered a review into how ethnic minorities and white working class people are…

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Elites worry about challenge to US democracy

The democratic system of universal enfranchisement and massive Big Media influence which has enabled US elites to adopt policies which are rapidly transforming a previously stable and mostly homogeneous country  125 more words


The Protocols without Zion

The (((Soros))) leaks, a series of internal communiques from the Open Society Foundations (((OSF))), are going to go down the memory hole very, very fast. (((George Soros))) is a leading bankroller of “progressive” causes, sponsor of color revolution attempts in Europe, check writer for #blacklivesmatter, and a multi-million dollar donor to the Clinton presidential campaign. 1,793 more words


'Dixie' banned at Ole Miss

‘Ole Miss’ has caved again.

The University of Mississippi’s marching band will no longer play any variation of the song “Dixie” – a tradition some seven decades old at football games and other sporting events.

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Cultural Marxism

Why article 50?

A random sampling of the headlines today, about two months later, despite heel-dragging like a corpse.

“Record number of EU students gain places at UK Universities” 884 more words

Trump: Hillary is the 'real bigot'?

Where have we heard this line of rhetoric before?

I realize Trump is not perfect, and this may not turn me against him, because the alternative is much, much worse. 393 more words

Cultural Marxism