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Just a message board post - it got so long thought I'd drop it here as well....

No doubt jews control the media and the money. And through that control they’ve bought our government lock, stock and barrel. We don’t have politicians, we’ve got paid whores for Israel/jews. 712 more words


Norwegian school brutally kicks out students, reopens as immigration center

A failing Norwegian school has brutally kicked out all of the students living there with just a few days notice to find somewhere else to live and study. 150 more words


Fears of MAJOR terror attack as fully equipped BOMB LABORATORY discovered

ANTI-TERROR police have discovered a terrifying fully-equipped bomb laboratory capable of causing huge devastation.

An elite special forces team say they also arrested terrorists with “extreme religious beliefs” in a raid, which came just days after Islamic State’s horrific attacks in Paris. 80 more words


During Paris Attack, “British Moslems” Met to Plan Islamic State in the UK

One of the biggest conferences ever demanding Islamic rule in the UK took place at the exact same time as one of the biggest terrorist attacks in history. 830 more words


Why are Swedish Women Emigrating in Record-Breaking Numbers?

Sweden’s 2014 emigration statistics have been released last month, and they show that Swedish-born women are emigrating away from Sweden in record-breaking amounts.
In 2014, a total of 51,200 people emigrated, and 23,900 of those were women. 223 more words