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The Dumbest Thing So Far

The CBC (in Canada) has produced a hilarious video promoting White Genocide. Genocide of any people is not normally a laughing matter but when you make stuff this bad it becomes the… 116 more words

White Genocide


I suggest a new word. Actually a re-edit of an existing word. Anti-White like to throw the word ‘racist’ around. Often it just means something is pro-White’ or not sufficiently destructive to the lives and well-being of White people. 27 more words


Hamilton BS

One of the actors in some Broadway ‘musical’ called Hamilton addressed Vice President Elect Mike Pence after the conclusion of their  performance a little while ago in New York. 327 more words


Being a normal white man is unhealthy, apparently

The crusade against white men continues.

No later than a week ago, European newspapers published an article with a identical fallacious title “being a macho would be unhealthy… 311 more words

Trump's choices

I know my point of view is out of step with much of the right, but I am not happy with some of the choices Trump is making for his cabinet. 760 more words

Cultural Marxism

Minorities voted Trump?

According to the exit polls I’ve seen since the election, there was no upsurge in minority votes for Trump this time, as contrasted to previous candidates. 312 more words

Cultural Marxism

'White Genocide' Explained

Below is part of an article (found here) by some person named ‘Amanda Taub’ writing for some 20th century ‘newspaper’ (made out of actual paper), titled ‘White Nationalism Explained’. 1,363 more words

White Genocide