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How Much More?

At this moment, gangs of Africans have surrounded a baseball stadium in Charlotte, North Carolina. They are menacing fans as they attempt to exit.

How much more of this aggression are white people going to put up with? 21 more words

Ethnic Conflict

~Anti-White agenda behind federal HUD projects in America~

There are HUD projects underway in many fine white suburban areas in the United States.

Treasonous  Obama and his anti-white regime have declared many urban areas  “not to be diverse enough” and so the real meaning of HUD  is, “Weaponised Genocide of the working class White Race.” 149 more words


Shaun King : Another Self Hating White

Shaun King is just another example of White self hatred. King is a leading activist for the Black Lives Matter movement. What is interesting and uncanny is that Shaun is White. 126 more words


In Other Words, Weakness is Strength

Creating Thought Diversity: an example.

The following example explains one way a thought-diverse team might be assembled. Five candidates were interviewed for two vacant positions on an NOC cyber-analysis team. 198 more words


The Anti-White Proposition

Just when you thought it could not get any worse, more and more non-White immigrants are flooding over the border and into our countries. We have put people in power at all levels that do nothing to enforce the current laws regarding immigration. 364 more words


An Explicitly Rightwing Livestream of Ferguson

I have no idea whether this video stream will be available in archived format, but at this moment it is streaming live with 422 people watching. 63 more words

Ethnic Conflict