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Celebrities and 'change agents'

The recent death of another rock ‘legend’ is still being lamented on social media sites like Tumblr, even though most of the people there are not old enough to remember the latest… 767 more words

Social Decay

Dwindling and vanishing?

The above was a comment posted on Vox Day’s blog, in response to an earlier comment.

I seem to remember that in the earlier incarnation of this blog, someone took exception to the term ‘Vanishing American’, on the grounds that it was pessimistic or fatalistic. 262 more words


The vanishing White vocal tradition

There’s been discussion about “cultural appropriation” on the part of White people, with the implication being that Whites “steal” from the culture of the vibrant enrichers — why? 1,140 more words

Cultural Marxism

White Privilege: Exposed

Dear RAMZPAUL SHOW: My Response

The following is an unbiased review of “Dear White People” by an online reviewer on RottenTomatoes.com. Spencer S.

“Dear White People” is a film full of divisive issues on race, presented with hysterical point of view by writer/director Justin Simien. 1,048 more words


Video: Typical Muslim in the UK

Why didn’t Labour win the last two election cycles?

Most of the country doesn’t live in gated or secluded luvvie communities to escape these people. 17 more words