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Gay Porn Producer calls out anti-Semitic thugs at Chicago LGBT conference [VIDEO]

The Creating Change Protest Was Pure Anti-Semitism
by Michael Lucas
January 27, 2016

It could have been a scene from the early days of Nazi Germany: a raucous mob surrounding a gathering of Jews, chanting vicious slogans, screaming epithets, all the while their faces distorted by a hatred that is as irrational as it is stunning.  114 more words

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Anti-Zionist Volunteering on Facebook

Recently a member by the name of Julian has volunteered to advertise our blog on different sites. He is looking for somebody to help him with this through advertising on Facebook, as he will be sending the people he contacts over there. 500 more words

#BDS: Retired Cambridge Professor Snubs 13-Yr-Old Israeli Girl

The True Face of the BDS Movement
by Liel Leibovitz
December 1, 2015

Shachar Rabinovitch is 13. She lives in Israel. As you can see, she loves horses. 165 more words

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Prof who lost U. of Illinois job offer over anti-Israel tweets wins $600K settlement

JTA) — A professor whose tenured job offer was revoked after he posted controversial anti-Israel tweets has reached a settlement with the University of Illinois. 138 more words

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Hamas - Extreme Child Abuse


Upon seeing the video of East Jerusalemite Ahmed Manasra lying bleeding on the ground after being hit by a car while fleeing after stabbing two Israelis; upon seeing him with his legs bent up towards his head, trying to get up – my heart went out to him… a 13-year old kid – as much victim, as I saw it, of Hamas, as were the victims of his stabbings. 897 more words

Solidaridad con Palestina! Boicot genocidio israelí! | Solidarity with Palestine! Boycott Israeli Genocide!



¡Solidaridad con la resistencia popular palestina! ¡Boicot a Israel ahora!

Tanto si la fase actual de intensificación de la represión israelí y la resistencia popular palestina deriva en una intifada en toda regla o no, una cosa ya es evidente: una nueva generación de palestinos y palestinas está siguiendo los pasos de las generaciones anteriores, levantándose en masa contra un brutal régimen de ocupación, colonialismo y apartheid israelíes que lleva muchas décadas. 223 more words

You can be all three: Israeli, anti-Zionist and BDS supporter

The Radical Left’s anti-Settler Litmus Test for Diplomats
by Steven Plaut
September 26, 2015

The latest tactic of Israel’s anti-democratic Fascist Left is a campaign to pressure foreign governments to refuse to accept Israeli diplomats posted to serve there if the diplomat holds opinions contrary to those of the Radical Left.  46 more words

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