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Exercise for Fighters: Anti Rotational Banded Partner Hold

Strength coach, Loren Landow, explains the partner anti-rotational banded partner hold exercise to develop trunk stability and reactive strength for his athletes.

Get rid of...

The cry of the ‘anti’ crowd.

And replace it with what?

Surely it’s better to build an alternative to the thing that displeases you.

After all, it’s easy to tear down a lot harder to build something of meaning.


My Opposition to Absolute "Anti-ness"

Nothing can be purely the opposite of anything. To cut right to the chase, if something is opposite something it inherently has at least one similarity to it’s opposite: they relate by be being opposite. 150 more words


Deafheaven - ' Honeycomb'

The band every Metalhead loves to hate are back. 

The first new music since 2015’s ‘New Bermuda’ comes in the form of 12-minute epic ‘ 226 more words


12 Anti-Aging Foods To Incorporate Into Your Diet

One cannot prevent aging but can slow down the process. Know that your fork is the best weapon to fight aging. Eating right food provides you with the nutrients that help you combat aging. 19 more words