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EDITOR’S CHOICE – Cytotoxicity of Silver Nanoparticles Against Bacteria and Tumor Cells – Current Protein & Peptide Science

Journal: Current Protein & Peptide Science

Author(s): Tianyuan Shi, Xuesong Sun*, Qing-Yu He


With the rapid increase of multiple drug-resistant bacteria, silver nanoparticles (AgNPs) with broad-spectrum antibacterial activities have been widely applied in the treatment of bacterial infection. 165 more words

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40 Days - Day 12

The enemy of character.


We all have one. The ego can be a very positive thing — or a very negative thing. God has a purpose for each of us, and because of that purpose, he has given us an ego. 789 more words


Dear Skeptic,

Dear Essential Oil Skeptic,

I want to take a few minutes to talk to you today. NOT to try to sell you something. NOT to try to push you into something you’re not sure about. 606 more words

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Honey for wound care

From Science Alert: New research by scientists at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) into how honey affects the growth of bacteria has provided support for the effectiveness of manuka honey in treating chronic wound infections. 42 more words


Horseshoe Crab Blood

Horseshoe Crab Blood

by Rita Goldner

On the evolution timetable, we humans are relatively the new kids on the block. We have been here in our current form for about 200,000 years. 888 more words

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