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Competition assays for antibody specificity validation

Confirming the specificity of an antibody you’re using for an experiment is an important step in ensuring that the results you observe are due to specific binding to your target protein. 719 more words

How you can get the best custom antibody development for your company’s needs

When it comes to the research and development work that you do, your needs can understandably be somewhat lumpy. At some points, you might need ‘all hands on deck’, working around the clock to get the work that you need done, and done right. 218 more words


Talk to our company about sheep antibodies and more

When you are dealing with antibodies and other related products, the quality of your inputs is extremely important. After all, it will ultimately impact everything else that you do. 218 more words


FcμR Regulates Tonic BCR Signaling

The FcμR is broadly expressed on granulocytes, antigen presenting cells, and regulatory T cells and is highly expressed on B cells. In humans, disrupted expression of FcμR is linked to B cell malignancies. 282 more words


Get the most out of your business with custom antibody development and more

Today you can find that innovation will pass you by if you aren’t careful. There are plenty of different things that you want to accomplish with your R&D, but you only have so much time and resources to do them. 209 more words


Why does not our body make antibodies against food we intake?

Making immune responses against food components is part and parcel of normal physiology. Whether outcome is normal or not depends on the type of immune responses (see figure below from Berin, M. 127 more words


Patient with unique antibodies helps researchers develop strongest HIV-attacking antibody to date

The human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). Credit: Chris Bickel / AAAS

Medical Xpress)—A large international team of researchers has created what they are describing as the most powerful HIV-attacking antibody ever made. 627 more words