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Approved nov 30 2012

A SLAMF7-directed immunostimulatory antibody used to treat multiple myeloma.



cas 915296-00-3

Elotuzumab (brand name Empliciti, previously known as HuLuc63) is a… 1,437 more words

0rphan Drug Status

Doctor, Doctor 

A little late but let me fill you in on the RE and Endo appointment from last week.

First up- the “seriously WTF” appointment with our RE. 640 more words


Antibody alternatives in specific aptamer 3-D scaffold binding

Antibody alternatives in specific aptamer 3-D scaffold binding

Larry H. Bernstein, MD, FCAP, Curator


New Proteomics Tools to Open Up Drug Discovery

Dr. Paul Ko Ferrigno, Chief Scientific Officer, and Dr. 1,191 more words

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Antibody Discoveries Customized for You

If you need immunohistochemistry for your project, we have years of experience working with both known and unknown antibody protocols.  We can get your project done fast with great results at a fraction of the price.   9 more words

Histology Service

Is PSP the route to not just Alzheimer's but also Parkinson's?

We’ve known for many years that Parkinson’s disease, which the textbooks call an α-synucleinopathy, has some aggregated tau as well. It appears that each of the two proteins, once misfolded, not only induces its own normal brethren to misfold, it also induces copies of the other to misfold. 420 more words

Is there a software/plugin/tool which allows us to select a combination of multiple primary and secondary antibodies to be used for immunofluorescence?

Question continued: I was doing a triple staining(staining 3 proteins) with a different combination of antibodies from different species and was irritated by choices. Should  I choose goat anti-rabbit conjugated to Alexa488 or donkey anti rabbit conjugated to Cy3 and so on…Is there some tool where we can input our constrains  and the tool presents us with possible options ? 521 more words