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Global Monoclonal Antibody Market 2015 Industry Applications, Study, Development, Growth, Outlook, Insights and Overview

Global Monoclonal Antibody Industry 2015 Market Overview, Size, Share, Trends, Analysis, Technology, Applications, Growth, Market Status, Demands, Insights, Development, Research and Forecast 2015-2020.

The Monoclonal Antibody market Research 2015 is elucidated in the research report titled “Monoclonal Antibody”. 90 more words

"Bunker busting" Antibody-antibiotic-conjugates (AACs) successfully used to target MRSA bacteria hiding inside the host's cells

One of the difficulties in combating MRSA is that (Staphylococcus aureus) bacteria have the ability to live inside the host’s cells where they are effectively sheltered from the action of systemic antibiotics – it is this reservoir of infection that provides the seed for the relapses that are characteristic of MRSA. 286 more words


Towards immune system-based treatment of leukemia: Cells killing each other!

In October 2015, scientists at The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI, LA JOLLA-CA) discovered a novel way to treat leukemia; by converting leukemia cells to leukemia-fighting cells! 469 more words


Allergies and parasites

So I have some pretty severe allergies. Given the wide variety that I have personally I would be surprised if science found a single mechanism that caused all allergies. 538 more words


Dampak Perilaku Buruk Terhadap Kesehatan (1) : Stress

Stress dan tekanan hidup saat ini hampir dialami oleh semua orang. Nyatanya bagi sebagian orang kondisi ini bahkan bisa sangat membahayakan kesehatannya. Sebuah penelitian terbaru mengungkapkan adanya beberapa efek stress terhadap kesehatan mental dan fisik. 739 more words


Antibody test could detect Alzheimer's at preventable stage

Source: Antibody test could detect Alzheimer’s at preventable stage – Medical News Today

An antibody test that can accurately detect the presence of Alzheimer’s disease before symptoms appear may soon be available, according to researchers from the Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine. 489 more words


Caveat Emptor

A current USDA case involving a major antibody producer underscores the need for the research community to demonstrate its commitment to high standards of animal welfare. 2,234 more words