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CAT Practice 6

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It’s almost the end of the semester, we have two more weeks of lectures and tests before we have one week of revision and then… exams! 343 more words


Clinical trial finds promise in new treatment for severe eczema

Atopic dermatitis, also known as eczema, is a disorder of the skin that causes intense itchy patches of skin that become inflamed, red, and cracked. The wounds can also exude a clear, sticky fluid. 523 more words


Morphosys moves closer to getting first antibody drug on market

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FRANKFURT German biotech Morphosys moved a step closer to getting its first antibody drug onto the market as its licensee, Johnson & Johnson unit Jenssen, reported positive results from a phase 3 study of psoriasis drug guselkumab. 229 more words

True Detective Season 1 & 2 Title Sequences

The Season 1 Title Sequence was produced by the talented Jennifer Sofio Hall at Elastic and directed by Patrick Clair through the studio Antibody. The team at Antibody in Sydney, led by Senior Designer Raoul Marks and with compositing and animation support from  58 more words


How do antibodies in breast milk get into babies?

Value Of Transplacental Versus Breast Milk Antibodies: Babies acquire maternal antibodies in utero and through breast milk. Breast milk antibody absorption is a minor, not major, source of circulating antibodies in the newborn (1). 812 more words


How do vaccines work in newborns if the adaptive immune system only really starts working 3 months or so after birth?

Would be helpful to have the exact reference for the assertion that ‘the adaptive immune system only really starts working 3 months or so after birth‘ if only to point out it’s utterly and wholly wrong. 692 more words