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Play Free Online Anti Body Game.

Anti Body

Play Free Online Anti Body Game.

Anti-SSA/Ro antibodies found that adult patients with connective tissue diseases block hERG channel with prevents potassium ions from going out of the cardiac cell resulting in abnormal ECG

SUNY Downstate Medical Center says that new research focuses on identifying the mechanism by which patients with various autoimmune and connective tissue disorders may be at risk for life-threatening cardiac events if they take certain anti-histamine or anti-depressant medications.  260 more words


Additional Attribute Allows Filtering of >2.48M antibodies by Modification – 2,624 Modification Types Added to SeekQuence

Antibody modifications are extremely important as they can modulate the affinity and bioactivity of an antibody in its interaction with the target molecule and Fc receptors. 262 more words


How can you explain the immunological mechanisms which prevent people producing antibodies reactive with their own RBC?

Answer by Tirumalai Kamala:

B cells make antibodies, even against RBCs (Red Blood Cells). After all anti-RBC antibodies are the original reason to type blood for transfusions. 1,533 more words

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Ixekizumab, a cloned antibody, can improve psoriasis conditions by neutralizing inflammatory effects of (IL)-17A protein in skin

Manchester University says that a new psoriasis drug has resulted in 40 percent of people showing a complete clearance of psoriatic plaques after 12 weeks of treatment and over 90 percent showing improvement.  191 more words