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How do vaccines work in newborns if the adaptive immune system only really starts working 3 months or so after birth?

Would be helpful to have the exact reference for the assertion that ‘the adaptive immune system only really starts working 3 months or so after birth‘ if only to point out it’s utterly and wholly wrong. 692 more words


Cell of the day: B Cells

So I’ve decided that as well as doing reviews of recent discoveries and papers, I’m also going to do features on cells/genes/molecules that I find interesting. 443 more words


Does the body always produce antibodies for every possible antigen?

‘Antibodies for every possible antigen?‘ Sharks can apparently do this. Humans? Maybe not.

‘Will every human have an antibody that will be effective for a given pathogen?‘ No and neither is this necessary because… 395 more words


Media Partnership Conferences with Terrapinn‬

‪‎SciDocPublishers‬, gains its pleasure to associate as a Media Partner to the ‪‎Terrapinn‬ organising 11 Conferences in 2016-2017

‪‎Conferences‬ List

1. World ‪‎Vaccine‬ Congress Europe… 44 more words

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Why do some illness produce antibodies whilst some others don't?

Assuming illness refers to infection, first, could one know for certain that an infection didn’t induce antibody production? Typically, we look for infection-specific antibodies in blood. 1,079 more words


Targeted Photoimmunotherapy : Promising approach for cancer treatment..

  • Tumour micro environment has both T cells which can destroy cancer and TREGS regulatory T cells. TREGS suppress the immune response in tumour microenvironment which results in unchecked proliferation of cancerous cells.
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