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Illusione e rifiuto dell’amore della figlia di Minosse e Pasifae

La Fedra rappresenta la tragedia erotica di una famiglia mitologica: da Pasifae ad Arianna a Fedra, che sopporta l’odio e la persecuzione di Venere la spietata dea dell’amore. 118 more words



Via Appia Antica… uno dei luoghi più romantici e suggestivi di Roma!
Link utile: http://www.viaappiaantica.com/


A Florida Oenophile in California Wine Country: Y. Rousseau, Antica, Failla

About this series: After years of loving (and semi-seriously studying) wine, I finally took my first trip to Napa and Sonoma this summer. It was a wonderful week of sunny days, cool nights, beautiful views, and beautiful wines. 1,327 more words


Anassimandro: principio degli esseri è l'ápeiron

“da dove infatti gli esseri hanno l’origine, lì hanno anche la distruzione secondo necessità, poiché essi pagano l’uno all’altro la pena e l’espiazione dell’ingiustizia secondo l’ordine del tempo”




Roman glassware includes some of the finest pieces of art ever produced in antiquity and the very best were valued higher than wares made with precious metals. 34 more words

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Dress-up: Creating an Illusion with Antica Sartoria

Growing up is all an illusion. I’ve seen so many middle-aged men and women jump at the opportunity to dress-up for festivals and themed parties. Although, most men and women don’t realize that playing dress-up is a choice that is made every morning; the gypsy on the street, the sophisticated business women in suits or the man who decided to become a statue for a few hours all chose their own costume and distinctive style. 390 more words

Nero's golden palace among Italian heritage sites in €300m restoration plan

Emperor Nero’s golden palace, the walls of medieval Siena and the foundations of Venice will all receive sorely needed restoration funds after Italy approved a planto spend €300m ($325m/£220m) to protect its cultural heritage. 288 more words