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Screen Culture, Part 5 - The Surveillance State

This concludes our series on the spiritual implications of today’s computer culture.

In ‘1984’ the dictatorship was always surveilling you.  Now, young people want to be surveyed.  

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Our Lady of the Rock to Enoch - "Little ones, wickedness and sin continue to increase, the immense majority of this ungrateful humanity is under the power of demons"

Heavenly Messages to Enoch

Aug 9, 2019
Call of Our Lady of The Rock to the People of God
Message to Enoch

Again, I remind you, my little ones: Place on the Spiritual Armor in the morning and night and extend it to your children and family, so that they also have the protection from Heaven! 591 more words


Everything old shall be new again

These were not rituals.

These were the off spring of the Giants who were the offspring of the fallen ones.


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Donald Trump the 45th President Elected maybe the Antichrist

Donald Trump is going to be our new president elected. How I have no idea? But there are so many theories surrounding it. Let’s breakdown all of them. 423 more words

Donald Trump