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How to remove or cover up logos and advertising prints from bags (part 3)

Today another blog post in our popular series on how to remove or cover up company logos and advertising messages on bags. As you can see in the photo above, today’s bag is a shopping bag made from jute. 347 more words

DIY bottle covers/bottle bags for aluminium bottles

Today’s blog post features another, better photo of the bottle we used for the tutorial last week, plus a photo of another bottle cover we made from fabric scraps. 64 more words

Filtering Out the Nonsense

Good Morning! Lovely day here in Virginia. When I think of summer, I think of green leaves and the beautiful patterns they form. I felt particularly inspired by them this morning so I decided to upload a few photos to add some color to this blog. 372 more words


Upcycling: How to hide logos or brand names

As our last post about how to remove or hide advertising prints from shopping bags was so highly popular, today another post about anticonsumerism and how to hide company logos or brand names from bags (or other items). 175 more words

A Ramble, a Cycle, a Forage!

Most of my day today was spent foraging.  Taking a large rucksack, some bags, gardening gloves and a pair of scissors, I headed to various spots in and around Nottingham to see what I could rustle up. 955 more words


Upcycled bags - or how to hide advertising prints and logos on textiles

Today’s blogpost is another upcycling project of ours, namely fabric shopping bags we got as freebies which we upcycled to remove or hide the advertising prints, logos, company and brand names that are printed on them. 161 more words

Declining Barclaycard's Invitation... with Paper Crafts and a Lucky Penny.

A little while ago an ‘invitation’ arrived through my door.  Addressing me by my first name (how presumptuous!) Barclaycard announced my ‘invitation to apply for a Barclaycard’.   737 more words

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