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A Ramble, a Cycle, a Forage!

Most of my day today was spent foraging.  Taking a large rucksack, some bags, gardening gloves and a pair of scissors, I headed to various spots in and around Nottingham to see what I could rustle up. 955 more words


Upcycled bags - or how to hide advertising prints and logos on textiles

Today’s blogpost is another upcycling project of ours, namely fabric shopping bags we got as freebies which we upcycled to remove or hide the advertising prints, logos, company and brand names that are printed on them. 161 more words

Declining Barclaycard's Invitation... with Paper Crafts and a Lucky Penny.

A little while ago an ‘invitation’ arrived through my door.  Addressing me by my first name (how presumptuous!) Barclaycard announced my ‘invitation to apply for a Barclaycard’.   737 more words

Anarchist Art

Op Shopping is really just Shopping

For a while I’ve been able to get on my high horse about consumerism, often sprouting off that I haven’t been in a retail outlet for months (never mind the fact I use so many… 595 more words


Common Space, Creative Space?

I recently came across an article in the local paper on a piece of ‘positive graffiti’ near where I live in Nottingham, UK.  Someone has written ‘have a lovely day’ in fancy writing on one of the city’s public footbridges.   482 more words

Anarchist Art

The Airing of Grievances

Anyone who’s a fan of Seinfeld or knows someone who’s a fan will almost immediately recognize The Airing of Grievances. It’s a part of Fesitvus, and I celebrate a religion-less Christmas, Festivus is becoming more and more appealing as an option. 904 more words


The Progression of a Handmade Christmas...

  1. I got this cool pattern off Etsy…. $13 for two patterns that will yield four gifts – jaaacckkpoottt!
  2. OOOOOOOOOH this sewing machine is on sale, YES!
  3. 430 more words
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