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Bye Bye Birdie

Today, at the craft store, I held a porcelain blue bird – about the size of a golf ball plus tail feathers in my hand. He was on sale, at a deep discount and knew I would happily part with his asking price ($0.74) in exchange for his silent companionship. 620 more words


Are we happy? Really?

So now it is clear..
Our design of economy can successfully compensate value created by market which is controlled by 1%.

But the problem is, 183 more words

Summary: The Economics of Consumption (Consumer culture)

The book The Consumer Culture: a reference handbook, is a goldmine of information on consumerism and consumption.  I’m providing a series of summaries to help educate people on topics about consumerism.  1,142 more words


The Aftermath of Black Friday 2015

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, now squarely in the rearview mirror, how did the merchant class do?

Well, reportedly retailer sales dropped 10 percent to 10.4 billion from 11.2 billion from 2014.  105 more words



Relax and have a walk, ride bike, or help someone. Repair something (or just try), sew something, build something, make something. Be human not consumer. Think first, not act like programmed robot. 9 more words

How to upcycle beloved T-shirts and how to hide logos or advertising prints on bags

Today’s blog post takes up our popular series about how to hide logos and advertising messages on bags and adds an idea on how to upcycle or use old, beloved T-shirts that are no longer good enough for being worn, but which one does not want to give away for some reason. 121 more words