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Declining Barclaycard's Invitation... with Paper Crafts and a Lucky Penny.

A little while ago an ‘invitation’ arrived through my door.  Addressing me by my first name (how presumptuous!) Barclaycard announced my ‘invitation to apply for a Barclaycard’.   737 more words

Anarchist Art

Op Shopping is really just Shopping

For a while I’ve been able to get on my high horse about consumerism, often sprouting off that I haven’t been in a retail outlet for months (never mind the fact I use so many… 595 more words


Common Space, Creative Space?

I recently came across an article in the local paper on a piece of ‘positive graffiti’ near where I live in Nottingham, UK.  Someone has written ‘have a lovely day’ in fancy writing on one of the city’s public footbridges.   482 more words

Anarchist Art

The Airing of Grievances

Anyone who’s a fan of Seinfeld or knows someone who’s a fan will almost immediately recognize The Airing of Grievances. It’s a part of Fesitvus, and I celebrate a religion-less Christmas, Festivus is becoming more and more appealing as an option. 904 more words


The Progression of a Handmade Christmas...

  1. I got this cool pattern off Etsy…. $13 for two patterns that will yield four gifts – jaaacckkpoottt!
  2. OOOOOOOOOH this sewing machine is on sale, YES!
  3. 430 more words
My Being


Oh, so I may be desperate for some wallowing… but the frustration in me has put me into a blogging slump. 

As I may have over embellished in my About me, I have had a plethora of different blogs throughout the past, I would say… 9 years. 383 more words

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