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It started yesterday, on the actual holiday. The Valentine’s Day displays were being quickly dismantled as early as 9:00 a.m. while shoppers were wandering into stores. 62 more words


Zero waste: Menstrual cup

This is seriously the best invention since women started bleeding. It has made my life so much easier. I have been using it for over 2 years now. 304 more words


How to stop shopping

I have been trying to accomplish this lately. I really want to cut back on my shopping. I only want to shop for the bare minimum amount of stuff.   406 more words


Anti consumerism

I feel that minimalism is connected to anti consumerism. I know that not every one feels this way. I have seen people on youtube who own less than 100 things, but who keeps upgrading to the latest gadgets and things, and then tossing out the old ones. 529 more words


Meeting minimalism

I was always a hoarder. Not extreme because a was just a kid, but I was the kind of kid that could not throw out the box from McDonalds happy meal. 551 more words


Bye Bye Birdie

Today, at the craft store, I held a porcelain blue bird – about the size of a golf ball plus tail feathers in my hand. He was on sale, at a deep discount and knew I would happily part with his asking price ($0.74) in exchange for his silent companionship. 620 more words


Are we happy? Really?

So now it is clear..
Our design of economy can successfully compensate value created by market which is controlled by 1%.

But the problem is, 183 more words