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We have many Messiahs but are people willing to lead the change?

Yesterday, Aruna Roy was present at ISFiT and shared her experience in combating and challenging corruption through the ‘Right to Information’ mechanism. Roy is known for her efforts to fight corruption, and for supporting government transparency. 986 more words


An Introduction

This blog aims to illuminate the current issues in the world of combatting corruption. While the blog will eventually comprise of examples spanning the globe, the first series of posts will focus on the UK, analysing some of the institutions that are placed in charge of upholding public standards and limiting corruption. 170 more words


(Still) improving the odds of success when the topic is sensitive

Several years ago I wrote a blog called “Improving the odds of success when the topic is sensitive”.  It was a reflection on the experience of carrying out a study on land corruption in Vietnam, summarizing some of our team member’s thoughts on how to engage on sensitive topics.  145 more words


November 20: "Permanent State of Emergency"

Human Rights Watch, the international human rights advocacy NGO, has once again spoken on the situation in Venezuela, this time through its Latin American director, Jose Miguel Vivanco. 425 more words

Daily Update

China Goes to Anticorruption School

China intensifies cooperation with the International Anti-corruption Academy. While Chinese officials may really want to get schooled — political and PR motives also abound.
For more, see: … 19 more words

Frustrated Multinationals Look to Trim China-Based Staff - Businessweek

Slightly less than half of European companies operating in China plan to expand their mainland-based workforce in the next year—down from 61 percent in 2012, according to a recent survey by the European Chamber of Commerce. 164 more words

China Alert

Xi Jinping's anticorruption drive expected to end "gift" loophole in China

(Reuters) – China’s largely rubber stamp parliament is likely to close a loophole when it meets next week to ban officials from getting around corruption allegations by claiming money received was simply a gift, a state-run newspaper said on Tuesday. 272 more words