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Confessions of a Medical Heretic (Part 3)

Duty to Warn

By Gary G. Kohls, MD

“Still psychiatrists went on behaving as if antipsychotics were essentially benign and arguing that they were necessary to prevent an underlying toxic brain disease (7). 2,385 more words

Dr Gary Kohls MD


Depression is an odd animal. My husband and I spent the last few days in Zion National Park, Utah. I was awestruck by the beauty of nature yet felt sad at the same time. 1,141 more words



I have found a few things I can do that absolutely keep depression at bay once my medication is correct – A good belly laugh being number one. 227 more words



I am typing as I prepare to dash out the door for the WordPress Conference. I am so glad to be here. Happy I came. I was hesitant to attend as for the last four years I had let my health and depression define me. 161 more words



“Live to live” my shrink said to me. I had relayed my story about the surgeon who removed my gallbladder telling me my liver was enlarged which can cause you to drop dead. 64 more words



How many women have ever looked at a man in amazement as he is staring you in the eye lying. I am talking stupid lies. “No honey I have not had a drink.” Meanwhile he is slurring and smells like a brewery. 102 more words



Life itself can be a stressor. Those times where you become overwhelmed and drop into a mental recession are situational depression days.  Tomorrow, for instance, I am having surgery.   65 more words