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Listening To Music Makes You A Druggie?

Listening to music doesn’t make you into a monster.
It doesn’t get you addicted.
It doesn’t harm you.
Its a support system for people.

Yes. 179 more words


Blood Drugs: Reducing street violence against illicit drug distributors

I would first like to acknowledge that I oppose the manufacture, sale, consumption and promotion of illicit drugs, and I hope for a world one day where we do not need synthetic substances to artificially increase our happiness, relaxation and interpersonal relations and intimacy. 1,368 more words

Say No To Drugs And Yes To Rollerskating

For those of you who missed the ‘How To Not Get Raped‘ PSA yesterday, here’s a similar commercial about drugs and rollerskating.

Personally…I say go rollerskating on drugs.


Fourth Post; Gut Feeling.

I’ve got this gut feeling. It just won’t go away, no matter how much I want it to. Its driving me insane! Let me set up the situation for you; 472 more words