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Beneath the Mulberry Tree: Sarah Edmonds and Women in Memory

By Annika Jensen ’18

In her memoir Nurse and Spy in the Union Army, Sarah Emma Edmonds, a woman fighting in the Union Army disguised as a man, employed florid diction and a subtle romantic flare to illustrate an emotional and confounding moment in the aftermath of the Battle of Antietam: discovering another woman undercover. 1,050 more words

September 18, 1862

On this day in the Civil War, Confederate General Robert E. Lee and the Army of Northern Virginia leave Maryland after the bloody battle of Antietam the previous day. 9 more words

The Civil War

The bloodiest day in American history

The Battle of Antietam took place near Sharpsburg, Maryland on September 17, 1862. The armies of Confederate General Robert E. Lee and Union General George McClellan were pitted against each other, first in history of the Civil War, on Union soil. 33 more words

September 17, 1862

On this day in the Civil War, the Battle of Antietam or the Battle of Sharpsburg in the South becomes the bloodiest day in American history.  126 more words

The Civil War

The Fog of War--When Modern Weather Gives Us a History Lesson

Col. Lonsdale Hale first coined the now oft-used phrase “fog of war” in 1896.  He termed it as “the state of ignorance in which commanders frequently find themselves as regards the real strength and position, not only of their foes, but also of their friends.”  Hale meant this figuratively, but there are times in war when its fog literally masks the reality of the moment. 961 more words

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September 14, 1862

On this day in the Civil War, Federal forces under General William Franklin fight Confederate troops under General LaFayette McLaws at the Battle of Crampton’s Gap. 20 more words

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Henry Benning meets the 8th Connecticut

Colonel Henry Benning, in command of Toombs’ Brigade on the morning of September 17, 1862, had mounted a very impressive defense and delaying action at the Rohrbach Bridge. 1,268 more words