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Six Ideas for Civil War Movies

Despite the heavy proliferation of literature and documentaries, and its integral importance to American history, the Civil War’s representation in movies has been highly lacking since the coming of sound. 1,350 more words

Civil War

Was Lee's "Lost Order" a Turning Point? (part three)

(part three of three)

What exactly the Lost Order told McClellan has been the subject of much heated debate and controversy almost from the moment he glanced its contents. 1,233 more words

Was Lee's "Lost Order" a Turning Point? (part two)

(part two of three)

On September 10, 1862, as he advanced deeper into Maryland, Robert E. Lee began splintering his forces, as outlined in Special Orders No. 1,127 more words

Was Lee's "Lost Order" a Turning Point? (part one)

(part one of three)

Civil War campaigns could often turn on a dime in favor of one army or the other. A sudden change in initiative marked the turning points of the war that scholars love to toss around the table. 1,001 more words

“Thenceforward and Forever Free”: The Emancipation Proclamation as a Turning Point

We are pleased to welcome Dan Vermilya, author of the upcoming Emerging Civil war Series book That Field of Blood: The Battle of Antietam. Dan, a historian at Gettysburg National Military Park, is also a licensed battlefield guide at Antietam National Battlefield. 1,333 more words

Remembering Antietam

The soldiers, both Union and Confederate, who fought at Antietam (Sharpsburg, if you like) are remembered for their courage and the sacrifices they made. Some paid the ultimate price. 337 more words


The 88th Pennsylvania at Antietam: A Cornfield Invalid Saves Washington

Now was the moment of truth for Major George Gile and his new command, the 88th Pennsylvania. Instantly Gile’s “stentorian” voice “rang out, “88th. On first division, deploy column, march. 4,847 more words