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Memorial Day


Antietam National Cemetery by Joshua Eller

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Antietam National Cemetery

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Washe Koda's Tumblr

"Their Balaklava"

There are some stories, no matter how heroic, that just do not fit into the standard interpretation of a battle.  Take, for instance, the story of the 7th Maine at Antietam.   715 more words


Instruments of War: A Canadian Musician in a Rhode Island Regiment

By Ryan Nadeau ’16

Canada! America’s hat! Our friendly little brother to the north. The home of hockey and Tim Horton’s and your home, too, when that other political party elects their crazy candidate. 1,407 more words

Historical Analysis

Civil War Echoes: O Canada!

With the recent controversy involving O Canada in the NBA news, it might be of interest to our readers to note that the song is an echo of the Civil War. 187 more words


Brain Antietam


I DO have a brain attic, in fact. But mine is more like Antietam. (Really cuts away the deadwood and the malingerers)

A little town called Shepherdstown

Nestled between Boonsboro, Maryland and Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, lies a small town with a huge variety of restaurants, shops, scenery, and history. This little town is Shepherdstown, West Virginia. 701 more words

Glory III - After Action Report

by Tom Thornsen

Designer:  Richard Berg

Publisher: GMT Games

“Awesome Bob” and I have both had this game in our collections for some time and finally decided to break open the box and try the system.   3,704 more words

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