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antifa sounds: Αντιφασιστική παρέμβαση στην Καλλιθέα 4 Απρίλη 2015

Αντιφασιστική εκδήλωση στην Καλλιθέα στις 4 Απρίλη στην Πλατεία Δαβάκη με hip hop μικροφωνικές, αντιφασιστικά έντυπα κλπ. Διοργανώνεται από τον αντιφασιστικό πυρήνα antifa kallithea

αντιφασιστική δράση


Dieser ACAB-Bildband befasst sich mit den unterschiedlichen Ausprägungen des Polizistenhasses im öffentlichen Raum. Neben des klassischen ACAB-Motives in Form von Writings und Stickern versammelt er deren Verballhornungen und Parodien (z.B. 1,074 more words


Fat Albert to the Nutty Professor

Fat Albert to The Nutty Professor


I’m sure you made your mamma proud!


Possible Relatives

  • John L Jenkins
  • Tyrone L Jenkins
  • Daron L Jenkins
  • Iona B Jenkins…
  • 8 more words

Evening. Here's a Pic of a Fat Stupid White Power Nazi Cunt on His Arse

Jay Thomson, National Front, Manchester, 28/3/15.

Credit to the anti-fascist comrades for their handy work.



Mr. & Mrs Keenan

Thomas Keenan and Jessica (Cunningham) Keenan (aka Jesylovescake) tied the knot on Nov 15th 2014.

These two definitely belong together let’s just hope she gives him a little more cake than she has been eating. 158 more words

Hey hey hey!

It’s Fattttttt Albert! No, it’s not Fat Albert, it’s Fat Daryle!

Do you think Daryl Lamont Jenkins would make a good Fat Albert or a better Free Willy stunt double?

Fourth World Radyo: The Folly Of Racialist Nationalism (March 27, 2015)

Summary : TheAngryindian speaks from Everyman Studios about current events in Yemen and its relationship to nationalist causes that may begin as moderate movements to liberate people and often morph into insular, oppressive and xenophobic regimes. 137 more words

Spoken Word