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Whatever you say, say nothing

On the 28th of March 2015 at the home ground of Clapton FC a visiting group of antifascists from Scotland and parts of London, plus Steve Hedley the Assistant Senior General Secretary of the RMT were attacked by a crowd of up to 100 Clapton Ultras.  617 more words

Baltimore Police Union Boss Inflames Tension With ‘Lynch Mob’ Remark; ‘Rough Ride’ Alleged - The Root

Ryan heaped fuel on an already tense situation when he said protesters were acting “like a lynch mob,” as he vigorously defended the police officers involved in Gray’s brutal arrest that resulted in his death. 250 more words


Stand up to UKIP!

With just a few weeks to go until the general election UKIP are still polling around 18% and are in the media daily. This group of ex tories, bankers and racists have seen phenomenal growth in support with their own aggressive brand of right wing rhetoric. 588 more words


To hell with "progressive" intentions?

In critiquing the counter-protests to Reclaim Australia, Brad Chilcott labels the counter-protestors as abusive, violent and as hateful as Reclaim Australia supporters [1]. I understand that the counter-protestors’ chants of “F*** off racists” may well have upset the sensibilities of “reasonable” progressives or “middle” Australia. 1,501 more words


25.04 2015: Kundgebung gegen die Pro-Hamas-Tagung

Am 25.04.2015 soll in Berlin die „13. Konferenz der Palästinenser in Europa“ mit bis zu 3.000 Teilnehmerinnen und Teilnehmern stattfinden. Die Konferenz gilt als die „wichtigste Aktivität von Hamas-Anhängern“ (Berliner Verfassungsschutz 2010). 286 more words