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On Right-Wing Political Violence

Yesterday, I wrote the following:

[T]he main worry I have is that the gap between disorganized political violence and organized political violence is minuscule, and… 388 more words

Organizing And Strategy

We are the pride and we are at war!

This day we declare war on British Fascism and its public face, Britain First:

Article 1. We declare war, we need no guns, no bombs, no violence. 241 more words

Britain First

The True Believer

As I sit in my Chicago-area suburban-home (the Descendants‘ irony is not lost on me) I look at the news each day and become increasingly convinced that the United States of America, the only country I’ve ever called home, is sliding further away from the values we once espoused of liberty and equality for all. 593 more words

Melton: A Firsthand Account

Melton was the site of yet another disgraceful bigoted protest by Reclaim Australia (RA). Their ranks bolstered by deluded Nationalists like the True Blue Crew (TBC) as well as Nazi skinheads. 183 more words


Teaching citizenship protects young people from extremism

‘The teacher’ (our newest contributor) writes about a recent lesson in ‘Citizenship’ that certainly seems to have hit the  spot. The Biffers probably won’t like lessons like this one but we do. 917 more words

Britain First

Refugee School and University Strike Berlin against Racism, 19th of November 2015

Whether Pegida or State – burning homes are the fruits of their sowing

Over 3000 students from schools and universities took to the streets to protest against racism and fascism in Germany. 178 more words