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The Truth About Charlottesville

People have gotten so focused on the crimethink of the participants of the Unite the Right rally that they have become completely unable to focus on the object facts. 490 more words


Terror Group Antifa are now calling Toowoomba home.

Since the rise of power from political party One Nation, more and more Left Wing extremists have been moving to Toowoomba to eliminate the right wing agenda. 100 more words

Council Removes Flags at Mothers Memorial

Coming into 2018, the TRC wanted a fresh look, and are sick of being abused by people who are offended by the Australian Flag. So as of today, the flags at the war memorial will be removed to help diversity in our region and to avoid immigrants from being offended. 50 more words

Texas shooter was not part of Antifa

Claim: The shooter in Texas on November 5, Devin Patrick Kelley, was a member of Antifa attempting to start a civil war.

Fact: The shooter does not have any known ties to Antifa and evidence circulated online is fabricated.  68 more words

Politics And Government

War On Christmas Records First Casualty Since 1979

Written by Rachel Gilfords

The War On Christmas, initiated by the F.D.R Administration as part of the New Deal to “stimulate job growth”, has created a personal tragedy to the Adams family. 384 more words

Autonomous Antifa: From the Autonomen to Post-Antifa in Germany

An Interview with Bender, a German Comrade 
by Paul O’Banion

Bender has been involved in the autonomous movement in Germany since the 1980s, and talks here about his experiences and observations from thirty years of organizing. 5,326 more words


Remember, Remember The Fourth of November (Episode 20 - Political Activism in the Trump Administration)

20th episode! Let’s do this. The guys are back to talk about political activism in the age of Trump and the challenges we face with protest ranging from difficulties in organization, to reasonable fears of police overreaction, to simple problems with outreach to new communities. 38 more words