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LUCOZADE BRITAIN This is Lucozade Britain, Where everyone is high. Everyone's on something Or wants to reach the sky. Everyone gets hammered And no one feels a thing. No one watches meteorites Or hears the robins sing. This is Lucozade Britain. It's only getting worse. Everyone's obnoxious. Everyone feels cursed. Everyone's disconnected. We can't see eye-to-eye. We're burying our differences In mud-mounds ten miles high. So everyone takes something To get them through the day. Everyone is pepped up Or wants to feel that way. This is Lucozade Britain, Where everyone gets down. Everyone slurps on something, If it's grey, green, pink or brown. Everybody's vaping Or watching games of darts. Everyone plays poker And wants the Queen of Hearts. Everyone wants a quick fix. No one's digging in. Everyone's on the shortlist And saving their own skin. This is Lucozade Britain, Where everything's past its best. Our selling points are shop-soiled And wouldn't pass the test. Woeful is our watchword. We've ceased to pave the way. We're meaningless, meandering. Our dog has had its day. This is Lucozade Britain. We are the living dead, A zombie barmy army That's not right in the head. No one's doing anything. We've all come to a halt. We're living with misgivings And barely worth our salt. So we guzzle up more bubbles. We don a sequined dress. We down a few Jack Daniel's And get into a mess. This is Lucozade Britain. We're all commodities. Everyone's dispensable. We all feel ill at ease. Everybody's hurting. Everyone's unwell. Whether we'll recover, Only time will tell. By Robert Cunliffe

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From the office of the Deputy Führer.....sitting deep in the Führerbunker I think they are asking a bit much of their readers to “read to the end”. They don’t normally cope with that many words and look at the pictures to get an idea of the story. 1. Heavy police guard? I don’t call a couple of policemen from Ireland picking them up “heavy police guard”. It’s not like they chucked them into the back of an armoured lorry. 2. If you don’t like being arrested, try not breaking the law. It’s not hard. 3. It’s not just Sinn Fein/IRA who don’t want Britain First over there. Seems the only ones who do want them there are Bunting and a couple of brain dead followers. And it wasn’t the IRA who decided to arrest them, it was the police. You’ll find the IRA don’t have powers of arrest in Ireland at all. 4. Awwwwww. Bless. They don’t want to be in prison. Oh well. Never mind. 5. Oh now it’s back to the establishment who is against them........I thought they were blaming the IRA? 6. Oooooh. There it is..............more money. And £30,000 again? What are they going to do with the £20,000+ that was left over from the last court case a couple of weeks ago? They not going to add that to it? 7. Savage assault on politically correct traitors? 😂😂😂 is that the same way that you were all “savagely attacked by Islamists” when you did a knuckle dragging expedition outside East London Mosque? All they did was nick your idiotic banners and flags. God knows what you’d have called it had someone thumped you? Maybe that would be a “murderous assault”??

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