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Naarm / Melbourne: LGBTQI community blockade of Australian Christian Lobby event

On the evening of 27.08.16. the far-right religious conservative, transphobic, queerphobic hate group the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) held an event at Scot’s Church in Naarm / Melbourne CBD. 612 more words

Direct Action

An Open Letter to the New Left

You may have opened this wondering what all comprises the New Left.  Well, Abbie Hoffman, this one’s for you and I hope I get to open all of your eyes up and show you that you’ve been cheated, fucked over, and left for dead by a party that pretended to care about you.   362 more words

Bristol Mayday Radical Workers' Bloc and action. 1st May (obviously).

Invitation from Bristle Afed: it’s the day after bookfair so why not stay over for the party?

Calling all Anarchists, rebels, radicals, and workers who are sick of taking shit! 132 more words


Sheffield Anarchist Bookfair 2016


Anarchism, for those who are not aware, is a principle of autonomy and non-hierarchical responsibility-taking for groups or individuals and usually manifests in anti-authoritarianism and other egalitarian structures, for example with groups like Occupy or Climate Camp, Reclaim the Streets, Earth First! 479 more words

PEGIDA Munich April 18th

PEGIDA Munich marched once again on April 18th. As usually 150 participated in the racist march. Antifacist activists blocked the route at Isartor. PEGIDA was redirected by police and passed by the roadblock on the other side. 100 more words


Journey to the End of the Night: The Paris 'Nuit Debout' movement

By Gearóid Ó Colmáin | American Herald Tribune | April 17, 2016

In his novel ‘Journey to the end of the night’ Louis-Ferdinand Céline provocatively described the soldiers who had died in the First World War as ‘idiots’.

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As leftist groups in their broad umbrella that ends at the tip point of ANTIFA harangue patriots for being “rayciss” along comes a whole bunch of Chinese nationalists preaching on our shores for a foreign power. 1,018 more words