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"Solidarity without Limits" Demonstration in Dresden

On February 6th PEGIDA announced a Europe-wide action. In Dresden, Prague and some other cities all over Europe racist rallies were held.
According to “Durchgezählt” 207 more words


Erasure, entitlement and mimicry in pop liberal anti-racism

Three articles that should be on everyone’s reading list on the dynamics of entitlement and erasure within purportedly anti-racist milieu:  339 more words


Britain’s worst on Holocaust memorial day

Last Wednesday was Holocaust Memorial Day. The 27th January, 1945 was the day when Allied forces first entered Auschwitz concentration camp. Auschwitz and its sister camp, Birkenau were used for slave labour and the industrialised extermination of the ‘final solution’. 239 more words

Britain First

EDL/NWI Doing what they do best

Here at EBF we abhor violence. So do most of our supporters. We always advocate peaceful protest as part of normal, representative democracy. But don’t be fooled. 362 more words


Report-back from January 2, 2016 Counter Demo to Anti-Refugee Protest


Approximately 2 weeks before the rally was held, a Facebook event page named “End the Influx of Refugees” went up and was quickly found and shared between concerned friends and comrades from the Greater Lancaster area. 923 more words

Shapeshifters: The Paganism of Identity and the Danger of Fascist Infiltration

1- Tha mi ‘nam Geangach

“Their primary focus is to now enter social movements, community spaces, spiritual communities, and the like, and influence them in a certain direction, usually towards the “preservation of the European traditions and people.”

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