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Statement in SOLIDarity with our Compas Zapatistas!

Occupied Land, West Coast of Amerikkkan Yankee Empire

7th of July, 2015

“But because it was understood that resistance is also a weapon in the struggle, and that organizing resistance was important, we are able to be here today and you can see this in our actions; that’s how we are battling capitalism. 607 more words


BlackCommentator.com - July 02, 2015 - Issue 613 Cover Story: Has the Neo-Confederacy Fallen? - A Commentary on Twenty-Three Years of Fighting the Neo-Confederate Movement By Ed Sebesta, BC Guest Commentator

People expect a racist to be a marginal individual, rude, belligerent, spouting racial slurs and can comfort themselves that they must not be racist since they are not like that. 219 more words


A Perversion of Virtue (the Charleston shooting) | The Angriest Black Man In America

Throughout the decades following slavery the use of Christianity as a buffer to Black rebellion and resistance endured. During the Civil Rights era, Dr. King – a southern preacher – taught a philosophy about non-violence and the power of love to overcome all. 188 more words


Local minister urges the flying of Black Liberation flag this weekend | abc11.com

“While some people are talking about Confederate flags and saying take it down, we’re saying let’s take this flag and raise it up,” said Scott while holding the red, black, and green flag first introduced by political activist Marcus Garvey in 1920. 113 more words


Antifa - Violent Left Wing bigots and extremists. Attacking Old Women and children.

Antifa are the Far Left Violent extremists of Australia. They Call Australian Soldiers Murderers and rapists. They are involved any numerous crimes including drugs, vandalism and numerous assaults. 253 more words