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fuck your idols

ihr sagt, es wär alles nur provokation
nur symbolik mit keinerlei unterton
nur der reiz einer grausamen faszination
nur ein mensch, sein kampf, und seine mission… 226 more words

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"your revolution is no liberation" texts on antisemitism and the left by Moshe Postone, Theodor Adorno, Max Horkheimer, Stephan Grigat, Jean Amery

he dominant anti-globalisation grievance against capitalism goes something like this. Money- and market-orientated processes have reduced human beings to commodities, robbing them of any means of existence except the sale of their own labour-power in exchange for tokens of commodity-value: money. 229 more words


Till stöd för kamrat inför rättegång mot tre nazister från SMR

Imorgon i Uppsala tingsrätt inleds rättegången mot tre nazister i SMR som den 10e augusti 2013 misshandlade en kamrat från Uppsala LS i centrala Uppsala. 193 more words


AAfG announcement for the Golden Dawn trial

On the 20th of April begins the trial of the neo-Nazi gang “Golden Dawn. According to recorded incidents, more than 2,000 individuals have been victims of racist murderous attacks during the last few years in Greece, and these attacks are continuing. 476 more words

Jail Golden Dawn demo at Trafalgar - 19 April @ 15:00-17:00

The Nazi organization, Golden Dawn, is for the first time faced with the prospect of accounting for its crimes, on Monday, April 20th. Golden Dawn’s leader and more than 70 members, including all it’s MP’s go on trial, on this day. 209 more words


Keeping Tito Afloat Then And Now – The detriment of Yugonostalgia To Croatia

A form of nostalgia for communist-led Yugoslavia (whether celebrating Tito as a great leader or starting a new organisation or political party that glorifies the so-called Tito’s antifascism) still, after 24 years of independence, interferes with the lives of Croats almost every day. 1,376 more words

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