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Happy Birthday Bertolt Brecht!

“Unhappy the land that is in need of heroes”

Life of Galileo (1947)

Bertolt Brecht (10 February 1898 – 14 August 1956), born on this day 118 years ago in a middle-class Christian religious family in Bavaria, was a German playwright, poet, theatrical director and inspirer of the ‘epic theatre’ genre. 471 more words

Χωρίς κατηγορία

Dover calling: antifascists get ready to defend migrants from Nazi threat

Antifascists are heading to Dover tomorrow, Saturday 30 January, to oppose an anti-migrant demo organised by various Nazi outfits. rs21 spoke to activists involved in building the counter mobilisation about their aims and hopes. 650 more words


The Rumor About the Earth

How exhausting. Every time there’s a newly prominent conspiracy theory that I think I may actually be able to enjoy, someone has to bring the Jews into it. 1,013 more words

Left-wing Politics

Regarding Protocol 14:88 and Lefty Terror

I felt it in order to clarify my opinions on a certain situation; that is “lefties” (liberals, socialists, progressives, et cetera) following this blog or Liking posts which are hosted on this blog. 778 more words


In response to Biologicallyfemale

You should add a disclaimer that you are a blabbing moron that doesn’t understand the Frankfurt school’s historical unimportance in marxist thinking, thinks people not wanting to be murdered and dehumanized is playing victim, doesn’t know that marxism is actually all about linking things together and not seeing them as individual moments of time, thinks “classism” exists, and uses marxism as a boogeyman to scare people from social liberation”

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New Croatian Government Exposes Opposition’s Communist Killjoys of Democracy And Progress

BIOGRAPHIES/CVs of Croatia’s new Government officials can be found HERE

It took 14 hours of presentation of Tihomir Oreskovic’s new centre-right cabinet for the new government and its program and discussions in the Croatian Parliament on Friday 22 January 2016 for the same government to earn a majority vote of confidence. 1,834 more words

Een kort woord over het Antifascisme Vraagstuk

De SP in gemeente Bernheze heeft enquête die het wilde houden over een AZC afgelast na anonieme bedreigingen. SP-fractievoorzitter Cor van Erp: “Partijgenoten ontvingen anonieme mails waarin staat dat het niet goed met ze zou aflopen als ze wel zouden enquêteren. 1,247 more words