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Awakened and Stirred

I saw the dawn come
and rise with the sun,
heavy on distant sky
as it turned ever red.

Birds sang the songs
they had learned before, 37 more words


We Need To Act On Our Own Terms!

Lately, we’ve witnessed right-wing populists, nationalists, racists, and fascists of all types licking their lips, emboldened by the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States of America. 927 more words


Interview on militant tactics with GDC member

In the wake of various attacks on antifascists, and the simultaneous rise of effective antifascist direct actions coming into the mainstream media discussions, Against The Grain Radio podcast dedicated an episode to the discussion of what they call ‘militant tactics.’ 360 more words


Bulgaria: Letter from imprisoned antifascist Jock Palfreeman

The annual fascist “Lukov March” is again planned for the 18/02/2017, the date marked by Bulgarian fascists as it was when the Communist rebel Violeta Yakova killed him as part of the class war and resistance against the then fascist regime. 875 more words

International Solidarity

Political Violence And The Modern Man

For most of my life, political violence just didn’t really happen here in the U.S.  That was something that happened over “there.”  Wherever “there” happened to be.   980 more words

Manly Philosophy

Brief History of Antifa; Living for Chaos, Dying for a Cause (part 1)

The Anti-Fascist Movement and It’s Origins

Originally the anti-fascist movement began in the 1920’s following World War I and the rise of fascism. The earliest form of anti-fascism was actually the term the Benito Mussolini’s fascist regime termed it’s enemies, calling the secret police the “organization for the vigilance and repression of anti-fascism.” In Italy the fascist paramilitary wing of the Mussolini regime the “blackshirts” often clashed with the labor movement members, organizing for better working conditions, and were deemed “anti-fascists,” however in 1921 the fascist and socialist parties adopted a legalist and pacified strategy. 524 more words


malicious acting, part 1: intro to fash dishonesty

what’s up comrades welcome to this four-part thing where i’m gonna talk about times fascists misrepresent themselves to serve their purposes. today is the intro part where i blab briefly about the ‘whys’ of it all… 197 more words