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AAfG announcement for the Golden Dawn trial

On the 20th of April begins the trial of the neo-Nazi gang “Golden Dawn. According to recorded incidents, more than 2,000 individuals have been victims of racist murderous attacks during the last few years in Greece, and these attacks are continuing. 476 more words

Jail Golden Dawn demo at Trafalgar - 19 April @ 15:00-17:00

The Nazi organization, Golden Dawn, is for the first time faced with the prospect of accounting for its crimes, on Monday, April 20th. Golden Dawn’s leader and more than 70 members, including all it’s MP’s go on trial, on this day. 204 more words


Keeping Tito Afloat Then And Now – The detriment of Yugonostalgia To Croatia

A form of nostalgia for communist-led Yugoslavia (whether celebrating Tito as a great leader or starting a new organisation or political party that glorifies the so-called Tito’s antifascism) still, after 24 years of independence, interferes with the lives of Croats almost every day. 1,376 more words

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EDL prevented from breaking through in Oxford

report by Nick Evans, pictures by John Walker

Anti-fascist demonstrators significantly outnumbered the fascist English Defence League in Oxford on Saturday, and prevented them from marching through the centre of the city. 530 more words


Never Again! Demonstrate - No to racist Pegida UK! called by UAF

AAfG will be joining thic counter-demo called by UAF:

<<Pegida UK Islamophobes aim to recreate the hatred of their allies elsewhere in Europe. German anti fascists have responded brilliantly in taking the potential threat of PEGIDA seriously and continue to mobilise in their thousands against them; UAF stands completely in solidarity with German brothers and sisters. 69 more words


Another round-up of repression and resistance

Once again, it’s been a busy week, especially on the legal/repression front. To start off with a bit of an international round-up: In the US, … 707 more words


Petlioura's Assassination, May Picqueray

Petlioura’s Assassination
May Picqueray

Emma Goldman and Alexander Berkmann sent me a telegramm. They were arriving in Paris to stay a while and they strongly wished to meet me there. 428 more words