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Women Don't Deserve Equal Rights

Disclaimer: The story you are about to read is based on a real life experience. All names were changed for confidential purposes. Also, the following quotes used are not verbatim. 1,243 more words


Dismantling My Anti-Feminism

On my quest in becoming a better person (or rather a better woman, or even more specifically a better black woman) I’ve found that the ridiculous  expectations and standards placed on women are just that, ridiculous-and that I have to do better and stop constantly placing them on other women. 656 more words


Objectification Ouchie

This post is a response to a recent facebook post that went up. I’m attaching a link below for you to go through that.

To understand why I find this particular post unnecessary, ridiculous and deeply problematic, I first need to clear my stance on sexual objectification. 2,777 more words


Deconstructing Patriarchy and Reality of Female Privilege

After my last post, I started to wonder how exactly feminism gained the enormous amount of appreciation and support it did when it was on principle unfounded and clearly against the then present notions of social and political norms. 3,841 more words


Feminism and Equality at odds

To understand the conception of the idea behind this blog, and in essence feminism, we must clarify a few things first. A few might already be familiar with the notion of feminism having fallen from it’s (supposed) grace, and there are definitely a lot who consider themselves to be feminists, or at least subscribe to the idea of feminism. 2,036 more words


Mary Hallock Foote: A Feminist Writer?

There is no doubt that Mary Hallock Foote is the abolitionist and feminist that she is described to be. However, while reading her short story “How the Pump Stopped at the Morning Watch” I couldn’t see any feminist ideals or aspects within it. 408 more words