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The Men's Rights Subreddit finds a new woman to love! (Because she hates lesbian feminists.)

The Men’s Rights subreddit has a new favorite lady! The one in the pictures above, if you haven’t guessed. Her name is Sonia Verstappen… 472 more words


Vagina and Consequences

Over on Married Man Sex Life, doucheblogger Athol Kay has provided the ladies with a helpful checklist of the things they need to do, or to be, or to do be do be do, to become the ultimate “red pill” girlfriend or wife. 515 more words


Complementarian Loner: "Due to their lame, banal talking, [women] show they are only good for sex." So online sexual harassment of women is just peachy!

Complementarian Loners, a relationship blog of sorts run by two kinky but reactionary Catholics (and which I’ve written about before), describes itself as “primarily a blog of ideas.” The main idea seems to be that women are awful, worthless creatures. 996 more words


Ann Barnhardt, contemporary anti-suffragette: "As soon as the 19th amendment was passed, men were effectively castrated, and in many, many cases disenfranchised by their wives."

As election day draws ever nearer – at least for those of us here in the States – I thought I’d devote a couple of posts to some of those who think that half of us should be prevented from casting our votes this November. 1,245 more words


Peter-Andrew: Nolan(c): It's "a disaster to say 'never hit women'.....it destroys the womans ability to bond closely with the man via a good spanking." [UPDATED WITH NOLAN RESPONSE]

Some misogynists seem to have a really difficult time telling the difference between consensual kinkiness and domestic violence. Over on the Happier Abroad forums, our old friend Peter-Andrew: Nolan(c) – who doesn’t really seem to be all that happy, honestly – … 845 more words


The Thinking Housewife: "When women were denied the vote, they could reside on a higher plane, far from the oily ministrations of politicians."

Ann Romney’s speech at the Republican National Convention on Tuesday night got Laura Wood, the so-called Thinking Housewife, pining for a world in which the dirty world of politics was limited to dudes. 146 more words


GirlWritesWhat on "The Necessity of Domestic Violence": "I don't really find too much [that's] seriously ethically questionable."

Yesterday, we took a look at Ferdinand Bardamu’s manosphere manifesto “The Necessity of Domestic Violence,” a thoroughly despicable piece of writing that concludes:

Women should be terrorized by their men; it’s the only thing that makes them behave better than chimps.

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