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Oral vs. IV antimicrobials

What’s the difference between oral (PO) and IV medications? When do you use PO vs. IV antimicrobials? When are they interchangeable? These are the questions we’ll address in this post. 596 more words


Antimicrobials: spectrum of activity

One of the most difficult concepts to understand is the spectrum of activity of different antimicrobials. We are all taught each antimicrobial in silos of the other ones and I always found it difficult to create conceptual charts in my head. 594 more words


ADS: Delirium and Antifungals

Sheliza did a great job covering delirium in today’s session. It was interesting because I experienced the development and trajectory of delirium first hand when working with frail elderly patients with dementia and various comorbidities prior to residency, so it was especially interesting to review PRISME. 317 more words

Academic Day Seminars


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Pharma Finding New Ways to Kill Us

It’s no longer just the side effects of their medicines.

A new study found “excessively high” levels of antibiotic and antifungal drugs in water sources near a major drug production center in India where 50% of the country’s drug exports are produced and a fifth of the world’s generic drugs. 366 more words