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Candida Cleanse Complex AllinOne Yeast Infection Treatment Support

The probiotic product segment included in this report is based on popular variants, i.e. functional food & beverages, dietary supplements, specialty nutrients, and animal feed. The applications covered in this report are Food (human) and Feed (animal) applications. 244 more words

Antibiotics and microbial metabolites - revisited

What are metabolites?

Microorganisms live in a world of chemical signals. They use small molecular weight compounds, known as metabolites, to regulate their own growth and development, to encourage other organisms beneficial to them and suppress organisms that are harmful. 714 more words

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Good Tummy Muesli - Gluten & Fructose Free

Vegan, Gluten Free, Dairy Free and Low Fructose
Total Protein Count: Not suitable for PKU diets
Serving Size = 1 cup
4 Serves

Muesli has been one of those foods that I have learned to ignore. 683 more words

Vegetarian Or Vegan Friendly

A Fishy Tale of Lumps and Bumps

When you think about potentially dangerous pets,  which animals spring to mind? Alligators? Boa Constrictors? Any of the “big cats”? Pit Bulls? Goldfish?

Goldfish? Really?!?  Well, according to a new study from… 337 more words


Sweet nothings

Day two of the “no fructose” plan was a disaster. I ate TWO bowls (small ones, but still) of chocolate-coated candied orange peel (made by me), and had half a teaspoon of honey in my coffee. 100 more words

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Puir wee hens

This week my hens have been laying a lot less, their wee stomachs are bare & the laying has gone down a lot. One, Violet, is really broody & poorly looking, while three others are doing very watery poo, with white pieces (I lost all fear of discussing poo when my daughter was born: the only thing that worries me these days is vomit). 401 more words


The characteristics of Caspofungin

Caspofungin  acetate for bang was originally accustomed by both the Food and Biologic Administration (FDA), in the US, and the EMEA, in Europe, in 2001. Its currently accustomed ameliorative break by both organisations cover the empiric analysis of accepted fungal infections in febrile, neutropenic developed patients and the analysis of invasive aspergillosis in developed patients whose ache is adverse to, or who are antipathetic of, added antifungal agents (i.e., accepted or lipid formulations of amphotericin B and/or itraconazole). 182 more words