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Important terms in Immunology

The following are some of the major terms used in immunology that you should keep in mind, as these are the basic ones and will be used most frequently. 405 more words

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  • type II C-type lectin receptor (CLR)
  • binds to mannose and related sugars in a calcium-dependent manner through its carbohydrate-recognition domain
  • “Engagement of cell-surface langerin on human LCs by a langerin-specific monoclonal antibody induces the internalization and trafficking of langerin to Birbecl granules.” …
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Background Study

DC Functions

DC functions are closely related to anigen presentation and may be broadly seperated into three categories. These are:

  1. Antigen presentation and activation of T cells…
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Background Study

Tes Kehamilan

  1. Judul      : Pemeriksaan HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin )
  2. Metode : Test Pack (Strip)
  3. Tujuan  :Untuk mengetahui adanya hormone HCG di dalam urin untuk tes kehamilan dengan teknik imunologik…
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Can Liver Illnesses Be Dealt with Successfully With Traditional Medicine?

Hepatitis C is actually one associated with the key causes associated with long-term liver disease, together with about one hundred and eighty million men and women infected globally, and for that reason exposed in order to the chance of serious liver issues, such since cirrhosis, failure along with hepatocellular cancers. 334 more words


May Liver Illnesses Be Dealt with Efficiently With Regular Medicine?

Hepatitis C will be one regarding the key causes involving persistent liver disease, together with about a hundred and eighty million folks infected around the world, and consequently exposed in order to the chance of persistent liver difficulties, such since cirrhosis, failure as well as hepatocellular cancers. 324 more words