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Will Lu-177-anti-PSMA be the next Xofigo?

Xofigo® (radium Ra-223 dichoride) has been a game-changer in the treatment of prostate cancer metastatic to bone. Not only does it provide significant pain palliation and reduce skeletal-related adverse events, but it slows down progression of the disease, increasing median survival by about 30 percent. 903 more words


Welcome to vacciNATION!

Welcome to vacciNATION, where we will be discussing the pressing issue of immunisations and advocating for a nation of immunity. We are medical students passionate about promoting vaccination coverage in a nation of developing skepticism. 610 more words



Antigen adalah sebuah zat yang merangsang respon imun, terutama dalam menghasilkan antibodi. Antigen biasanya berupa protein atau polisakarida, tetapi dapat juga berupa molekul lainnya, termasuk molekul kecil (hapten) yang bergabung dengan protein-pembawa atau… 1,706 more words


A short note on 2015 Flu provision - note my phrasing!

“OK, if only 3% of this winter’s Flu jab customers “were protected” that implies 97% of those so jabbed fell ill with “flu”.

Is this “flu” further example of collateral damage? 146 more words


Blood (part 2) White Blood Cells - A* understanding for GCSE Biology

The previous post looked at the structure and function of red blood cells and plasma.  Now it is time to turn our attention to the rather more complex topic of… 599 more words

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The Immune System: Your Own Personal Military

 To understand how vaccines and other pharmaceuticals work, we need to understand the immune system. You can think of your immune system like your own personal army protecting you from outside threats. 570 more words

The Truth About Vaccines

Here at Curiosity Science, we are big fans of vaccination. It is one of the simplest things that you can do to improve your health and it is the way that we will cure diseases. 434 more words