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After I Receive a Blood Transfusion, When Does that Blood Physiologically Become Mine?

Functionally, it remains the same.

Prior to the transfusion, tests for cell surface antigens on the donor and recipient red blood cells (RBCs) would be done to ensure no differences are present that might cause a transfusion reaction. 427 more words


Biobit – Antibodies recognize foreign invaders and signal their destruction

Antibodies, or immunoglobulins, are Y-shaped proteins that are used to identify pathogens in your body for destruction by your white blood cells and immune system. Antibodies are made by your… 280 more words


Too much vitamin A can cause microbial structures to become unable to activate immune cells

Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology says that although vitamin A supplementation can have profound health benefits when someone is deficient, new evidence is emerging to show that vitamin A supplementation above and beyond normal levels may have negative health consequences. 163 more words


Kill It. Maim It. Mimic It.

In my field, stories of famous scientific discoveries are like childhood fairy tales. Ask any immunologist and they can tell you the one about Jenner, the milkmaids, and the neighbor boy (wow, that almost sounded dirty). 1,981 more words


Am I Your Type?

Eons ago, when slimy, scaly lizards ruled the world (more so the 4 footed versions, as opposed the bi-pedal renditions we are familiar with today) my high school offered a course in Anatomy and Physiology; in which I  enrolled. 608 more words

It's Evolution Baby!

Scientists Are Trying to Change All Blood Into Type O

At some point in your life, you’ve probably been asked to donate blood. If your blood is type O, you may have been asked to donate even more, because your blood type is the most useful and is less common.

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Antibody and Antigen

Antibodies are host proteins that serve as the first response to the immune system and comprise the principal effectors of the adaptive immune system. They are produced in response to molecules and organisms, which they ultimately neutralize or eliminate. 251 more words