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5 things: practice yoga differently

Yoga isn’t just about downward facing dog and child’s pose on your mat. If you’re a little bit like me and like to spice things up from time to time, here are five ways you can practice yoga differently. 881 more words


It feels (just like) starting over

It’s such a tempting idea: how the new year is a reset, a chance to start over. Unfortunately, we are not AIs and there is no such thing. 613 more words


Where you look is where you land

I would like to begin this series with a disclaimer: I have been doing anti-gravity yoga for almost four months. Since then, I have lost 10 lbs. 529 more words


Try not to look like you’re in pain

Everyone who practices yoga has that one pose that they can’t quite do right. We’re all built differently, we have different aches and pains brought on by our lifestyle, age, genetics. 505 more words


Aerial Yoga for absolute beginners

I’d been curious about Aerial yoga for a while having seen it advertised at the Four Seasons. Unfortunately at a million pounds for a one hour class (well 55 bd) i’d been priced out of the experience until I saw that the yoga centre in Boudaiya, Namaste, was offering the same. 517 more words

Body & Soul

I tried anti gravity yoga and now I can't feel my thigh

I’ve recently fallen upon singleton, and with that, comes “finding myself again.” Or so I’m told. For the past four years, I have ritualistically practiced yoga a couple times a week. 520 more words