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Wooden Antikythera Mechanism is Geared for Greatness

builds custom wooden orreries, which are mechanical models of the solar system. It’s no surprise then that he’s interested in the Antikythera Mechanism—a small geared device discovered off the coast of the Greece in 1900 that is believed to be the first analog computer and one of the oldest known geared systems, built partly to predict the positions of celestial bodies in the solar system as it was understood in ancient Greece. 228 more words

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Antikythera for the interested

This book is ace. I’ve had a fascination for the antikythera mechanism for a good number of years and this probably dates back to a TV programme which is mentioned in the book and featured Arthur C Clarke. 193 more words


Antikythera 2015

I’ve posted about the Antikythera wreck previously but here’s news of last year’s work. There is an excellent video available at the web site of the… 285 more words


Marvels and Miracles

A recent article in the Los Angeles Review of Books contained an arresting title: On Medieval Robots: mechanisms, magic, nature, and art. It was a review by Kanish Tharoor of a new book by Elly A. 1,299 more words

The Return to Antikythera

Early on an April morning of 1900, before the twilight hours had washed the moon from the sky, two Grecian fishing vessels left port at the island of Symi and set out for the northern coast of Africa. 929 more words

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Return To Antikythera - 3D

Sounds like a movie title, doesn’t it?

Work on the wreck site continued during the 2015 season with over 40 hours of dive time spent on the wreck itself (if that doesn’t sound long, remember the wreck is a52m down, so it’s as far beneath the surface as Nelson is above Trafalgar Square). 161 more words