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When No News is Not Good News

John Fardoulis reports from the Antikythera wreck site this morning: “This is a live update from over the Antikythera shipwreck. The archaeologists in our team dived the wreck for the first time today, a major milestone. 380 more words

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Antikythera: The Dig Begins

Divers are now over the site at Antikythera. They are making the last preparations before digging into the sands over the wreck – overburden that may at last reveal more of the contents of a wreck that has astonished the world with magnificent marbles and bronzes from ancient Greece. 674 more words

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This Week: The Return to Antikythera

This weekend scientists, divers and support staff will begin to converge off the Greek Island of Antikythera to mount a technologically advanced excavation of an ancient wreck that in 1901 yielded an astonishing array of marble and bronze artworks along with coins and a navigational computer that continues to astound experts. 1,054 more words

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The Archaeology Hour is now live!

The Archaeology Hour is now live at http://archaeologyhour.podomatic.com

The Archaeology Hour podcast is now live on Podomatic and you can follow it by opening the link and downloading the broadcast. 304 more words

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The Antikythera Mechanism

Arthur C. Clarke (1917-2008), author of 2001: A Space Odyssey, called it “one of the greatest basic mechanical inventions of all time.” (1).You may miss it altogether unless you ask to see “the mechanism.”  Although it’s on the ground floor of the National Archaeological Museum in Athens, Greece, you can easily get caught up in the fascinating displays of pottery, statuary, and (my favorite) medical instruments and completely miss the darkened room in the back dedicated to an ancient astronomical calculator known as the Antikythera mechanism. 650 more words


The lost technology.

Discoveries are done , inventions are made , new technology is created but what if some thing , some technology much more advanced than its time is created and lost so that the knowledge is lost for not years, not decades ,not centuries but for more than a millenia . 164 more words