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This mechanism was discovered in 1901, in a Roman era shipwreck, off the Greek island of Antikythera, which is a bit north of Crete.

It has been dated to between 100BCE and 205BCE, with the older date considered the best estimate.   104 more words


The Roundup #42

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From Archaeology.org:

Tiny text on the famous Antikythera Mechanism has been deciphered by archaeologists from Cardiff University. 235 more words

St Myron's day.

Every 17th of August the island of Antikythera seems to wake up from lethargy. 95 more words


Antikythera : Digging in the pirates nest.

Antikythera  become famous because of the ancient shipwreck that brought the amazing Antikythera mechanism114 more words


Wooden Antikythera Mechanism is Geared for Greatness

builds custom wooden orreries, which are mechanical models of the solar system. It’s no surprise then that he’s interested in the Antikythera Mechanism—a small geared device discovered off the coast of the Greece in 1900 that is believed to be the first analog computer and one of the oldest known geared systems, built partly to predict the positions of celestial bodies in the solar system as it was understood in ancient Greece. 228 more words

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Antikythera for the interested

This book is ace. I’ve had a fascination for the antikythera mechanism for a good number of years and this probably dates back to a TV programme which is mentioned in the book and featured Arthur C Clarke. 193 more words