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Fresh Fruit Salad

You’ll love this colorful, pretty fruit salad, visually irresistible, which makes you want to stand over the bowl and slurp up every single bite.
Fruit salad is a refreshing cool down for summertime or to brighten up a cold winter day with a sweet and sunny citrus salad, either way in every season fruit salad has its own charm. 319 more words

Alcohol and COPD Flare Ups

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD) is a lung disease caused by long-term lung damage, usually due to smoking. Although smoking has been identified as the primary culprit for causing COPD and triggering COPD exacerbations or “flare-ups”, … 473 more words


C & C special Sandwiches

Quick to prepare, easy to carry, sandwiches have been the loyal hunger zappers since times immemorial. Over the years they have acquired a healthy demeanor and have become the favorite mini meals of weight watchers and healthy eaters. 243 more words

NSP Super Trio - Product Highlight

Super Trio (60 Packets)

Stock No. 222-7

Super Trio from Nature’s Sunshine Products is another absolute favorite of mine! I love the convenience of getting… 682 more words

Mary Ann Pack

Going for the bitter food: Grapefruit Arugula Salad

Bitter food is extremely healthy – enhancing our antioxidant system, stimulating our digestive system and reducing craving for sweets – but often neglected in our diet. 658 more words