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Moringa: the miracle food...

Recently, I have been introduced to this superfood that, by some accounts, is hailed as a miracle food with some amazing healing properties…
As you can imagine, And as we know well ‘if something sounds to good to be true, it probably isn’t!’. 215 more words


Kombucha Tea

Most of my friends know that I love my kombucha and brew my own at home. Not only is Kombucha (aka. booch) a tasty tea-based drink, but it also has many health benefits because of the fermentation process the tea goes through. 869 more words


Anti-Aging: Why Collagen is Vital for maintaining healthy, youthful skin.

How to stop the hands of time.

First let me explain what Collagen is and why Collagen production is key to anti-aging and keeping your skin looking young, plump and wrinkle free. 433 more words

Eat to Live Forever

Finding the elixir of life in food.

Tinggal dua bulan lagi dan tahun 2016 akan resmi ditutup dengan kata “adieu”. Bagi generasi Y/ Milenial yang gemar berencana jauh-jauh hari sebelumnya, bulan November merupakan momen yang pas untuk memulai daftar resolusi tahun depan. 991 more words


Resveratrol - Potential Treatment Protocol for Autism

As we all know, the incidence of Autism Spectrum Disorder has exploded in the general population the last 10 to 20 years, and much research has been dedicated to trying to find the causative factors associated with this devastating condition. 439 more words