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It's Never Too Late to Start Taking Care of Your Skin

I don’t editorialize here a lot, right? So I’m going to take advantage of whatever goodwill I’ve built up, and do a little bit of editorializing now. 932 more words


Important Oatmeal - Powerful Breakfasts - Our Recipe

Our Webmaster Rea has a recipe for oatmeal that I tried this morning I found it to be a great start to my day. Oatmeal is a pretty healthy way to start the day, and adding some almonds for protein and blueberries for their antioxidant, and sweet qualities is great. 60 more words


Red, White and Berries

What a beautiful day to celebrate! And what better way than starting off with a healthy juice! This morning we woke up early to run a couple of miles before all the festivities. 212 more words

Chia Seeds


NOW IS THE TIME TO GO BLUEBERRY PICKING! The harvesting of blueberries in North American starts as early as may and continues into late summer. 154 more words


An Excuse to Eat: Foraged Berry-filled Summer Pavlova

“Love is a basket full of nuts and berries. I know, because I gathered them from the forest myself.
”  Jarod Kintz

Summer desserts are classically light, fluffy and many feature fresh fruits of the season, often berries. 347 more words

Baked Treats

Seaquest: The Next Chapter

Sorry, this has nothing to do with Jonathan Brandis or dolphins and everything to do with the next phase of my skincare ingredient exploration.

I still love… 558 more words


Clove...The Oil of Boundaries

History tells us that the Chinese have used clove for more than 2,000 years as a fragrance and spice and that it hit the international health scene several hundred years later. 343 more words