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Why I'm Not Voting - And Nor Should You

There is an overwhelming subservience to the institution of parliamentary democracy in this country. Upon informing people I would not be registering to vote in the legislative elections in May, I was met with reactions of shock and horror. 722 more words


Biblical Counseling --- Exposing the Darkness Disguised As Light

Excerpt from Got Questions.org:

“Secular psychology is based on the ideas that man is basically good and that the answer to his problems lies within himself.

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I've little to add to this wonderful post. It should be required reading (including its links) to all parents and expecting mothers:


This is an attempt at Anglo-Saxon poetry. They had rhyme, lots of alliteration and pauses in the middle of the line. I originally wrote it with the spaces to show a pause, but readers were confused, so just cut out the pause and started a new line. 147 more words


Materia and Disposition

I have always found it useful to draw a line between occult and medicinal/chemical/biological/etc. properties of a material. I want to chew that over a bit here in a loosely practical fashion and highlight the importance of the person to the occult operations. 708 more words



When looking upon the law of Karma you must think of the future, for with everyone of our actions we enter into our account book an item which will bear fruit. 153 more words


Callous Lot

Callous Lot

A callous lot
Pleasant to watch
Only when babies

As they grow older
Even without bother
The evil within them grows

Their deeds surprise the devil… 63 more words


The Pathetics of Human Emotion

As humans, we have a desire for human interaction; in the sense that alone, we cannot compare our feelings and thoughts to another conscious mind without having another person to interact and bring about those ideas. 569 more words