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Hostile Conservatives Successfully Launch Themselves into Orbit!

Indifference to suffering is humanity’s greatest moral failing.

Because of the congressional conservative’s opposition to any regulation that might save lives—especially the lives of children—President Obama has announced the details of his executive order, executed in an effort to curb unfettered avenues to firearm purchases. 616 more words

Acts Of The Ignoble

Karma-Moral-Egoism (End)

People have a certain antipathy toward moral preachments. They say, “What is being preached to me is the will of someone else and I am supposed simply to acquiesce to it.” This belief will become more and more dominant to the degree that materialistic consciousness becomes dominant. 413 more words


The Purpose of Repentance, Pt. 1

“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”~~Dr. Seuss

Today’s word of the day, from Word Think, is antipathy, “A deep-seated feeling of dislike; aversion.” “’His antipathy for first wife dates back to his divorce.’” 430 more words



On several occasions,
I’ve spent recess alone,
Been chosen last in gym class,
And been the victim of pointed index fingers
And malicious laughter.
Now, every time someone laughs with me, 55 more words


That terrible evil of our times

If a person looks back in a more unselfish way to what he has experienced in childhood, youth, etc. — according to the age he has reached — there emerges as if out of the gray depths of the spirit various persons who have had something to do with his life in all sorts of relationships. 433 more words


If I give a child moral precepts I make morality distasteful, disgusting, to him

This is of enormous importance in its application to moral education: if we give the child definite precepts in conceptual form, we oblige him to come to morality in the form of ideas, and then antipathy arises; man’s inner organism sets itself against abstract moral precepts or commandments, it opposes them. 153 more words