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If I give a child moral precepts I make morality distasteful, disgusting, to him

This is of enormous importance in its application to moral education: if we give the child definite precepts in conceptual form, we oblige him to come to morality in the form of ideas, and then antipathy arises; man’s inner organism sets itself against abstract moral precepts or commandments, it opposes them. 153 more words


Why am I constantly attracted to narcissists?

Perhaps it’s an aspiration
To push what I feel aside
But empathy is a burden I carry
And pain tells me that I’m alive

So attraction to polar opposite… 20 more words


Alabama Chief Justice Judge Roy Moore Inducted Into the National Hall of Injustice

Rational Press (RP) – Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore is today’s winner of the Legion of Dishonor Award for his open defiance of Constitutional law; specifically for his history of disregard for, or his ignorance of the intent of the Establishment Clause of the 1st Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, and of the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment. 348 more words

Acts Of The Ignoble

Montreal coach Dick Irvin called it the Series of the Deflected Puck, which sounds like a string of mysteries that Agatha Christie should have written. This was in the spring of 1945, back when Leafs and Canadiens used to play in Stanley Cup semi-finals. 344 more words


ALERT! Conservative mass email and Fox "News" deception

I just received this email this morning sporting the title, “Instant Poll,” and the brief detail says, “Obama Just announced . . .”

Opening the email I found that it is a… 176 more words

Acts Of The Ignoble

banksy in gaza

Banksy has recently created new series of artworks. This latest body of four murals focuses in on the devastating living conditions of those in the war-torn region of Gaza. 120 more words