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Antipathy and karma (4 – End)

And now, as we go on again into the third life, the outcome of the suffering which came to us (though only of that suffering which came, as it were, out of our own stored-up hatred), the outcome of the pain which was thus spent in our soul is a kind of mental dullness — dullness as compared with quick, open-minded insight into the world. 292 more words


Antipathy and karma (3 of 4)

Well, my dear friends, to picture, if I may, in homely and familiar fashion, the possibilities there are in this respect, think of an afternoon-tea, a real, genuine, gossiping party where half-a-dozen (half-a-dozen is quite enough) aunts or uncles — yes, uncles, too — are sitting together expatiating on their fellows. 266 more words


Antipathy and karma (2 of 4) – People go through the world with far more hatred than they think

Then, in the next earthly life, out of the hatred is born what comes to us from the outer world as pain, distress, unhappiness caused from outside — in a word, the opposite of joy. 215 more words


Antipathy and karma (1 of 4)

Now let us assume that a man does positive harm to another, out of hatred or antipathy. We can imagine every conceivable degree. A man may harm his fellows out of a positively criminal sense of hatred. 173 more words


“I don’t hate you. I just don’t like that you exist.” ―Gena Showalter


Cultural epochs (1 of 3) - The essential characteristic of our present fifth epoch is the development of intellect

We are living in the fifth post-Atlantean epoch of culture (1413-3573), the ancient Indian being the first (7227-5067BC), the ancient Persian the second (5067-2907BC), the Babylonian-Chaldean the third (2907-747BC), the Græco-Roman the fourth (747BC-1413); the sixth and seventh epochs will follow our own. 153 more words


Looming Problems

Lethargy sits in my belly
Like a well devoured meal.
Motivation stays away from me.
If it was closer, it’d be something to steal.

Hunger like a second cousin… 33 more words