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She sells antipathy in every joint she rolls
When she walked over to the end of the street and entered the little store
Eyes raking for some barbeque sauce but the nose… 264 more words


Tucker Carlson's Cognitive Dissonance

LOL! Tucker Carlson did his best with his constant interruptions designed to unhinge Bill Nye, but became unhinged himself as Nye remained quite calm and provided the answers to what he was asking. 156 more words

I have vetted the following Dr. Seuss cartoon on Snopes. It is TRUE and a very chilling affirmation that history does, indeed, repeat itself (in varying ways). 140 more words

Donald Trump Needs an Appropriate Moniker

AMERICA, MEET DONALD (CAPTAIN QUEEG) TRUMP,” a real-life version of the fictional Captain Philip Francis Queeg of the minesweeper USS Caine. The Caine Mutiny… 407 more words


3 Ancient Forms of Healing - Antipathy, Isopathy, and Homeopath

This article is by Marilyn Freedman, Homeopath and  was first published

at torontohomeopath.ca

There are a number of ancient medical approaches that have been used throughout history.The three major methods are antipathy, isopathy, and homeopathy. 687 more words



I can’t even write.

I am engulfed by guilt,

I am surrounded by lies.

I am drowning in sorrow,

I am swimming to survive.

I don’t know if I’ll ever run again, 134 more words