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Justified judging - mission impossible

Justified judging – mission impossible

Justice and injustice
Are subject to sympathy and antipathy

To be without prejudice
When judging a man
Is not possible… 59 more words


Fear and antipathy for the spiritual world

Sometimes people present themselves outwardly as quite robust – but in the depths of their souls they are cowards. Because of the fear they experience for the spiritual world, they look for various ways to stun themselves. 155 more words


About positivity and refraining from criticism

The esoteric pupil must try to discover the positive in every phenomenon and in every being. He will then soon notice a hidden beauty underneath the ugly outer appearance, that even behind the exterior of a criminal something good can be found, that even in a mentally disturbed person, in one way or another, the divine soul is hidden. 138 more words


ROOT ROT: The Cause of Corruption in Government

Why can’t we ever learn? FOLLOW THE FRIGGIN’ MONEY!

I’ve been making MONEY IN POLITICS my major argument for the ROOT CAUSE of virtually all that is wrong in our Government–in economics, the healthcare “debate,” gun violence control, poverty, etc, etc. 569 more words

Acts Of The Ignoble

From the Progressive Mind: Empathy or Antipathy; It's Your Choice

by Gary Thompson

Hurricanes Harvey and Irma have blasted the Southern Coast of the United. We’ve all seen the pictures and videos. People who willingly chose, or were ordered, to evacuate were caught in bumper to bumper traffic on freeways and moving at a snails pace. 534 more words


Assignment 3 planning part 4

Notes on the Decisive Moment

Above is a link to a copy of my hand written notes that have have made with regard to my change in direction to this assignment. 112 more words

Assignment Three


I am going to have to step back before I can move forward.

Deep sense of frustration and antipathy towards my photography and how it fits in with my studies. 66 more words