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Wagner's The Tale of Lohengrin (1913) - Book Pictures and History

This was one of the most amazing and memorable Christmas presents I’ve ever been given, it was originally my great grandmother’s and had been passed down to my grandmother and grandfather before my mum discovered it and (knowing I love books) gave it to me for Christmas this year. 96 more words


What's a "Few" Books?

A room full of well-priced, used books is intoxicating to me. It’s easy for me to go overboard and buy books that appeal to me even when I know they have little resale value. 258 more words

Old Books

Give It Away

Do you have a collection of something you treasure; art, books, old coins, stuffed animals? Most of us do. Our collections say a lot about who we are – our personalities and what we hold dear. 408 more words

Novice Writers

The Only Thing Better Than Finding The People For The Books...

Is BEING the people for the books!

In Part 2 of Classic Overshare, I outline how I went from being a book collector (read: hoarder), to being a Book Collector, and its amazing rewards. 911 more words


Live Life Like a Salad - The Really Really Old Cookbook

Travel through life like a salad. Be cool as a cucumber, fresh as a lettuce leaf, firm as a tomato wedge, stoic as a celery stalk, and sharp like pepper. 37 more words


They Tell Me It's Friday

Greetings, all and sundry!

It is Friday, according to the calendar although in my world it is just Monday on a loop. My poor boss has been laid up for a week, so I have been holding down the proverbial fort. 458 more words


We Who Are The Quick

We lose people, we who are the quick.

Or maybe it’s more accurate to say they leave us. We hold tight to them, for all we are worth, but in the end, if they see the crack in the door and clear path to get to that sliver of sky beyond, they go. 644 more words

Sea Monster