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My Great Grandfather's Books

Yesterday, I took his library books out of storage, looking for a place to put them. I live in a small space. I am dedicated to minimizing my possessions. 147 more words


Secrets in the Attic

Tucked between wall studs at our home on Broadway in Machias, my father found a book hidden by my great grandfather William Means. Creative and Sexual Science Including Love, Its Laws, Power & C. 54 more words


Old Books

I do not know what it is about old books. I just gravitate towards them. It is like seeing an old friend after a lot of time has gone by.   510 more words


I snagged these fabulously disturbing (or disturbingly fabulous?) pictures and the book description from Public Domain Review here.

“Images from Ophthalmodouleia: Das ist, Augendienst, the first Renaissance manuscript on ophthalmic disorders and eye surgery, published in 1583 by German physician Georg Bartisch (1535–1607), considered by many to be the “father of modern ophthalmology”. 39 more words


Book Love, Italiano

Thankfully this bookshop in Florence was closed when Daughter and I stumbled upon it this summer, or I may have ended up facing the dilemma of carrying several fragile books back to the U.S. 165 more words