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Learning Log : June 16, 2015

  • Listened to Russian World 2 Lesson 31 on YouTube for the first time.
    • Reviewed Grammar patterns for Agreement of Modifiers
      • этот молодой человек говорит по французски  –  This young man speaks French…
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Learning Log : June 9, 2015

  • Listened to Russian World 2 Lesson 30 for the first time.
    • Practiced telling time using minutes
    • Learned how to say “the whole ___” with agreement depending on gender and number of nouns : …
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Book Finds~The Suicide Club

Saturday Book Find~The Suicide Club 1896
Written by: Robert Lewis Stevenson

I found this beautiful  (I believe first edition) of R.L. Stevenson ‘ s The Suicide Club. 39 more words

Antique Books

Thoughts Brought On by Reading Old Books

First, a shout out to Erik Kwakkel for opening my mind to the possibilities of marginalia.

Working through my summer reading list, I’ve encountered a few old books, namely… 457 more words

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