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Joyous Times Day 8 - Shun Bad Company and Holding the Skein

Shun Bad Company is a story we can all take to heart, regardless how old we are. We might not see it at first, but some people are just best to cut out of your life, no matter how hard that might be. 559 more words

Early Childhood

Joyous Times Day 7 - The Two Travellers and Brownie's Kittens

Today’s first story is a teaching story. It tells a story of two men who encountered a bear. It’s kind of humorous.

The Two Travellers… 875 more words

Early Childhood

Joyous Times Day 6 - The Story of Little Benjamin and Watching by the Cradle

I’m not really sure of the point of this story. To teach children that life can be cruel? Maybe it is to remind the parent to be attentive. 853 more words


Joyous Times Day 5 - The Rain and Mary and the Birds

You can almost hear the rain on the window, reading this poem. Can you smell the mixture of fresh rain and dirt? Can you picture the three of them snug in front of the fireplace?   489 more words


Joyous Times Day 4 - Nora's Hymn and The Two Cakes

Here is a kind of children’s poem you don’t see nowadays. It’s a sweet prayer, and I think it should be used again! I’m glad to be able to share the things I love with the world so others may enjoy them, also. 679 more words