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Cee's Black & White Photo Challenge: Older than 50 years

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Hollywood candid!

In all of my flea market searches for photos, I’d always hoped to find a classic gem like this one. Oh, the photo isn’t that great (should have turned the camera sideways, to start with) it’s who’s pictured within it that makes this one so special. 44 more words

Vintage Photo

"Gladys, Novella. My cousins"

We just don’t see too many cars like this on Attic Autos. And if that pine tree were¬†any bigger, we still wouldn’t have! But luck (and tree size) is on our side and Gladys and Novella took full advantage of the nice weather to pose by this beautiful old automobile. 72 more words

Vintage Photo

Cee's Black &White Photo Challenge: Trucks, Cars & Motorcycles

It’s a different focus every week….always black & white.

This week the focus is cars, trucks and motorcycles. I frequently stop to take photos of old trucks and cars…so here are a few of those photos. 47 more words

Doesn't fit the mold

This photo caught my eye for a host of reasons but the biggest one was this guy here, not exactly your typical lumberjack stereotype climbing into a Mercury at what appears to be a sawmill operation. 120 more words

Vintage Photo