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Perry's Pontiac

A long-time friend of mine was kind enough to permit me to use this great old photo of his dad (Perry) on this blog. Thank you, Keith! 124 more words

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Bad, bad, LeRoy (Gene) Brown

In journalism, it is taught when compiling a story, to always get the “Five W’s” — who, what, when, where and why. By doing so, you are guaranteed to get all the crucial information within your article, thus leaving your readers fully engrossed and satisfied. 247 more words

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This was a challenge

I put posting this off for a while because to identify the car, I thought, would take me weeks. But I studied it for only a few minutes and my first guess was a 1950 Plymouth (I knew it was not a GM product). 154 more words

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The backside of a '37 Packie

I must have had more than one photo of the same person with his/her car — it happens from time to time. Something about this shot was familiar, I’ve seen this guy before, and… 142 more words

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The Hudson

I don’t believe I’ve seen a happier group of people in any of my dozens of Attic Autos blog posts. Don’t they look as if they are having a blast? 82 more words

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Oh, those grilles

For styling, when viewed from their sides, cars from the 1930s were all within degrees of each other (with the exception of the super luxuries). It wasn’t until you looked at their grilles could you more easily distinguish them apart. 120 more words

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Classic Car Insurance: Protecting Your Investment

There is nothing more exciting for an antique car collector than cruising down the road in an antique car. However, before you get to enjoy your classic vehicle, you must protect your interest by purchasing classic car insurance. 498 more words