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Loving the '40

Not all women love cars. But if you can find one who does, you’re a lucky man. And if that special woman you find can open the hood of one and tell you that you’re oil is topped off but your generator belt is about to blow, then I’m telling you — you have found a Goddess. 26 more words

Vintage Photo

Givin me the willies…..

What first caught my eye here was of course the 1950 Buick in a 1966 dated photo print. So the car is 16 years old, which is somewhat rare. 84 more words

Vintage Photo

Attic Auto – from the inside this time!

So, is this woman trying to back up and can’t because there is someone with a camera standing on her bumper? (I say no because she wouldn’t have a smile on her face). 57 more words

Vintage Photo

Just back up a bit next time!

Not entirely certain what was going through the mind of this photo taker. He has centered this pretty lady almost perfectly, yes, but he did so at the expense of the 1950 Mercury she’s leaning on. 28 more words

Vintage Photo

Street Rod Blue

The elegant lines of a 1937 Dodge Business Coupe stand out in a crowd. :-) Happy Friday!

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