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Volktoberfest, Indianapolis

I mentioned in one of my previous posts that I’m really not a car guy…cars are nothing but transportation to me, they get me from one place to another, and as long as they do it in reasonable comfort and economy, with enough space for all our music gear, I’m happy. 101 more words

What's in his hand?

I wish this fantastic photo from the 50s had just a bit more detail because it kills me not to know exactly what’s in this young man’s right hand. 121 more words

Vintage Photo


Your name is Eddie Sisteohen and you crash weddings. Somehow you were able to get yourself photographed and remembered by the mother of the bride. You lived in a photo memory keepsake for years and years and years until, one day, Dolly and Bill looked through it and together couldn’t figure out who you were.  51 more words

Vintage Photo

Half a pound of treacle….

You’re on vacation, you’ve ridden in the car for 1,100 miles, you’re tired, hungry, and need a restroom… and you’re sorry. Wait a minute, “sorry?” Sorry for what exactly? 78 more words

Vintage Photo


I’ve always been particularly fond of Nashes. Quirky, little, oddball cars that everyone either loved or hated. And it looks, here, as if Thetis Dreskin loved his… 26 more words

Vintage Photo


Besides this being a prime photographic example of a proud car owner w/car (1952 Pontiac Chieftain Catalina Deluxe), it also begs several questions. For instance, why is Chuck’s right foot up there on the bumper? 106 more words

Vintage Photo