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#@%( *$#@!!

“Honey, pull off to the side of the road,” she said. “I wanna take a photo of the cows,” she said. “Back up! More!” she said. 18 more words

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"Not my Ford…"

I love when I find photos where someone took the time to write on the border or the reverse side, something, anything about what’s found in the image. 122 more words

Vintage Photo


Suspension system for the 1911 Overland.



It’s a pity how manual transmission is such a rare item these days. This is the 1911 Overland. The first picture is the gas pedal. Yes, it’s on the floor all by itself. 36 more words


Handy bottle return

I posted a photo a while back of a dad with two children — I’ll assume his own — and beer bottles were present throughout. Maybe you saw that picture, if not, here’s the link  154 more words

Vintage Photo

Chapter 33

We come out of the desert as if on the edge of a white horizon, tides of colorless light and curtains of milky sand withdraw before us. 1,866 more words


The Whipplesons

Meet the Whippleson’s, Mel and Gert. They live in a small house 30 minutes outside of Green Bay, WI. Mel is in sales. He sells unsightly clothing, mostly women’s, to department stores in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa. 121 more words

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