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What a car!

Few cars from the 40s and 50s can turn my head as much or more than Cadillacs from 1949.The convertible (pictured here) is impeccably designed, and the fastback Sedanette is, far and away the first vintage car on my wish list (after my first multi-million dollar Megaball lottery win). 90 more words

Vintage Photo

Classic red car.

Although I am not a car specialist, I love the look of classic old cars and they make a particularly interesting subject to paint because of their rounded shapes created by the light reflection. 71 more words


The Sweezers

Pictured here is a beautiful, 4-year old, two-tone 1955 Buick Special. Blocking most all of the driver’s side of this beauty are Mr. and Mrs. Arden Sweezer of Dibble, OK. 35 more words

Vintage Photo

The five-dollar contortionist

Doretta Plog recalls the day she brought her new 1951 Pontiac home from the dealer: “I was standing in my yard, admiring my lovely new Pontiac, when I heard knocking coming from the glove box. 118 more words

Vintage Photo

South Carolina, 1952

Not sure exactly why but when people were told to pose for pictures with their cars, they almost always put one foot on a bumper. Where it started, and why, is anybody’s guess, but this foot-on-bumper thing was practiced all the way up until cars had no bumpers. 82 more words

Vintage Photo

Volktoberfest, Indianapolis

I mentioned in one of my previous posts that I’m really not a car guy…cars are nothing but transportation to me, they get me from one place to another, and as long as they do it in reasonable comfort and economy, with enough space for all our music gear, I’m happy. 101 more words