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A Jewelry Box Full of Stories

by guest blogger Susanna P. Barton

Vintage jewelry is more than stuff. It can be a little piece of someone, a relic of a precious time or a thesis of your personal narrative. 901 more words

2016 Art & Antiques Show

The Jewelry Shop by The Agate Trader Opens Soon

Fine Priday Plume cabochons in jewelry are very rare and these are exceptionally artistic and lovely. They are from a collection I bought from the well known agate dealer and lapidary, Tom Robertson, of Salem, Oregon. 107 more words


Antique Agate Jewelry Shop Opens Soon

I am happy to announce that on December 1, 2016, The Jewelry Shop will be open.

These are some gold rings set with Priday Plume agates from a collection that I purchased at the Rockhound Roundup in Madras, Oregon, in 2015 from the well known agate dealer, miner and lapidary, Tom Robertson, of Salem, Oregon. 101 more words


Fascinating history of earrings

Earrings were found in the royal graves in Iraq. During the Renaissance era women wore elaborate wigs and high collared dresses hiding the ears so earrings were not popular. 113 more words

Antique Jewelry

A historical look at jewelry design

Victorian (1836 – 1901)

This period follows the reign of Queen Victoria. She loved opals. Jewelry motifs were flowers, hearts, bows, birds and serpents. 10K rose gold was common as well as garnets, amethyst, turquoise, pearls. 309 more words

Antique Jewelry

Tips on taking photos with your phone

Great tips article on how to take photos with your phone. Tips such as consider investing in a table-top tripod with an attachment that holds your phone.  34 more words

Antique Jewelry