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How to Start Out As a Vintage Jewelry Collector (Part 3)

At this point, your hobby may start to become more serious and time intensive. If you wish to become a specialist in vintage jewelry, you should be making every effort to begin making money from your passion. 413 more words

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Tedious...but Rewarding

Sadly I’m not doing much “hunting” lately and have no entertaining thrifting experiences to share!! ¬†Instead I’ve been convicted by all my¬†unlisted stuff (piling up in various rooms of our house) and have been slogging away at adding them to my Etsy store. 95 more words

A Bit Of Bling

Ravishing Rubies

Although the word ‘ruby’ simply means ‘red’ in Latin, this precious stone can be found in a range of shades from pale pink to a deep red known as ‘pigeon’s blood’. 341 more words


Antique Naga Jewelry

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A Brief History of Gold Part 3

Welcome to part 3 of a brief history of gold. For parts 1 click here; for part 2 click here.

Historically, gold may have been maintained by the well-to-do, but that has never stopped the rest of the world from trying to acquire it. 316 more words

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Flower Designs in Antique Essex Crystal

Having spent some time among the animals and birds, why don’t we stroll through an Essex crystal flower garden?

This charming Victorian piece is actually a parasol handle! 478 more words