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Memorabilia Monday: Owl Charm

There is no story behind this little item. Perhaps, it’s made of ivory. Perhaps, it was a pendant for a necklace or a bracelet charm. If you have any more information, please tell us.

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Hollywood celebrity jewels

Beautiful necklace in the Style of Jolie jewelry collection line. Jolie has a partnership with jeweler Robert Procop to crate her line. It should be noted the proceeds benefit the Education Partnership for Children of Conflict, founded by Angelina Jolie in 2006.

Antique Jewelry

Emerald Cut Diamond

Wonderful story how Alfred Hitchccok introduced Grace Kelly to Prince Rainer.  He in turn proposed to Grace Kelly with a Cartier jewel.  Here is Grace Kelly’s emerald cut diamond and platinum engagement ring by Cartier

Antique Jewelry

Actresses in "The Women"

Actresses in the classic movie, “The Women” starring Joan Crawford, Norma Shearer and Paulette Goddard wore their own jewelry.  Seems to be a must see film… 18 more words

Antique Jewelry

Who owned it and who wore it?

Glamour was a Hollywood mystique and one can say Elizabeth Burton was the queen with her jewels. By the 1970’s the ostentatious display of gems and wealth simmered down in Hollywood. 20 more words

Antique Jewelry

Hollywood golden era Jewelry maker

Excellent article document the Golden Age of Hollywood jewelry worn by Greta Garbo, Grace Kelly, E. Taylor. This is about a very comprehensive tour of the Joseff of Hollywood studio.  Stunning

Antique Jewelry