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Antique Radio - May 14, 2018

A playlist featuring Harry Nilsson, Stretch, Boogaloo Joe Jones, Mongo Santamaria and Edwin Starr.

Antique Radio

This IS Your Grandfather’s Radio

Tube radios have a certain charm. Waiting for them to warm up, that glow of the filaments in a dark room. Tubes ruled radio for many decades. 85 more words

Classic Hacks

{Shabby Chic Antique Radio}

When I was little my dad brought home an old Zenith Radio in non-working condition and totally restored it. I loved watching him work on it. 272 more words

Antique Radio

Muntz R-10 Radio Restoration

This 1958 Muntz is a four tube super-heterodyne AM radio. “Muntz” is short for Earl William “Madman” Muntz (pictured below) who made millions selling cheap cars, radios and televisions between 1934 and 1985. 335 more words

Crosley 10-136E Radio Restoration

My wife’s aunt recently asked me to repair an antique radio she was using for decoration in her house. The radio is a Crosley 10-136E, a standard AA5 tube radio which was produced in Cincinnati, OH, in 1950. 527 more words

Silence from the radio

Stowed away in a storeroom that got flooded in a storm, this old valve radio suffered some water damage. It is now silent and awaits repairs. 139 more words

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