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Alien Ham

Exoplanets are trending currently. Why? Recently NASA discovered an exoplanet orbiting a star in the Proxima Centauri system. This planet orbits within the “habitable zone”, and is named (by us) as Proxima B. 832 more words

Light It Up!

Electric lights are everywhere. So much so, we tend to take them for granted. Electric lights have come a long way from the their early start in 1802. 1,082 more words

Antique Radio


The 1930’s radio show “Lights Out Everybody” began every episode with those six little words, and then proceeded to scare the pants off thousands of people who tuned into the half-hour show that aired at midnight. 556 more words

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Besides the car repair “hobby”, I have some geeky hobbies as well.

It’s called a dynamotor.

Cars/trucks/planes had 6 volts, 12 volts or 24 volts available, but not the 50 volts to a couple of thousand volts needed to operate the vacuum tubes of the early mobile radio equipment. 133 more words

Antique Radio Shop near Kunming, Yunan, China

My friends over at Crimson Lotus Tea sent me this photo of an antique radio shop near Kunming, Yunan in China they ran into during a recent trip. 16 more words

Antique Radio

Luck of the draw

It’s been awhile, I’m a jerk I know. Honestly I don’t know how other bloggers find the time to blog every day, I’m lucky if I can get a post in every week. 648 more words