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The Art of War - Motifs in an Embroidery

Surely Sun Zhu meant THIS arr?

More photos coming soon on WOVENSOULS.com


"Some Knitted Nightcaps of the Debtors"

Thursday, 18th October
Went over the bridge at 11 ¼. Went shopping with my aunt… Walked with my aunt around the castle yard (she wanted some knitted nightcaps of the debtors)…”

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More Strength to the Camel's Back!

Here’s a beauty that will strengthen the proverbial camel’s back ….

With something so gorgeous to call his own, no last straw will ever have the strength to break his back!


Sep 2017

Art Kaleidoscope


Mudags, aka:  muirlags, Crealagh and craidhleag (creels) were egg-shaped baskets with a ‘post hole’, used for holding wool ready to spin. They are known to have been a thing in Scotland – and so, hopefully, Ireland, Wales and England too. 1,097 more words

Antique Textiles

A Gift for the Emperor!

A gift for the Emperor ….depicted in silk in the late 1800s.

So delicious ….

Feasting on the art is so soul satisfying!



Walking Wheel - How Many Miles A Month?

So how many miles could a Great Wheel spinner walk in a month? 120 miles?

To reprise; in “Spinning Wheels, Spinners and Spinning”, Patricia Baines wrote: 1,278 more words

Antique Textiles

Boring But Useful - Knitting Needle Size Conversion Chart

Just finally got round to making one of these.

And I thought it might be useful for other fans of vintage haberdashery and knitters of old patterns.  108 more words