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Flower Patches 8 and 9

Perhaps I should have titled this “What Do You Do When Old Looks New?” These stripes are from the same early 19th century quilt as all the other Flower Patch samples, but they look so modern to me that if I weren’t completely sure about their age, I’d think someone was sneaking in new fabric. 125 more words

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My Pants Are Made Out Of Cotton

Like many people who lost a parent in childhood, I don’t have much flotsam and jetsam from childhood.

I did stumble on this school book, though.  197 more words

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Bob Jenkinson's Gansey

Yet again, these blog posts are like buses. Nothing for ages then two come at once.

Yesterday, someone contacted me to ask where they could find the pattern for Bob Jenkinson’s gansey. 1,191 more words

Antique Textiles

Casting On a Gansey and... Tishies!

What do we want from a gansey cast on?

We need it to be:

Strong – maybe with double or triple yarn



Historically, the simple Backwards Loop Cast On seemed to be popular. 2,285 more words

Antique Textiles

A Mother's Labor of Love - Kohistani Baby's Cap

In other places mothers-to-be and grandmas-to-be knit booties and mittens for the expected new arrivals.

In Kohistan they make a cap.

Such amazing work can only be born as a result of deep love! 204 more words

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Helping Mama Quilt

There once was a lady who lived and sewed in New England, way back around 1810. She had a little girl who wanted to help, and so she taught her how. 206 more words

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River Ganseys - Whitby Wyrms

What’s not to love about a man with a log pile? To be honest, after several months sawing logs almost daily I’m definitely more into the logs than the (admittedly lovely) model. 264 more words

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