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Boho Indian Necklace

Boho Indian Necklace

A necklace set is still the most expensive symbols of wealth, glamour and prestige.

Indian jewelry is actuely exotic.They are large, elegant pieces that hang in long fancy strands and are excellent for both short hair and long haired females.

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Our 1968 'BRG' MGB Sporting Its New 1968 NH Scenic Number Plate.

by Anura Guruge

A cute, ‘value-added’ feature of New Hampshire’s car licensing — when it comes to “Antique Plates“. IF your car is qualified to have “Antique Plates”, and you indeed do have them, THEN IF you can find a NH number plate corresponding to the year of your car you can put that plate (or plates) on your car in place of the “Antique Plates”. 180 more words

Anura Guruge

Titan Program Awards Teens for Tractor Restoration

Titan International Inc.’s 2016 antique tractor restoration program is now open to Future Farmers of America (FFA) and 4H members. The program awards hundreds of sets of tires each year to qualified applicants in an effort to foster the next generation of American growers. 275 more words

Persian sights

The Persian rug is a classic and lifelong possession for any interior. The incredible detailing means every rug is different and even more interesting. Adding this piece to your space will create interest and keep your guests staring. 67 more words

No. 2 - Antique Bureau

There is a little shop in my town which is piled full of furniture which is collected from house clearances. The majority of which is utter tripe, however if you can bare to dig deep enough you can find some gems. 185 more words


Luther Metcalf Windsor Chair-

This is the last and fourth of our Windsor Chair Collection. A Luther Metcalf Windsor Chair. The unique characteristic of this chair is that we can actually pin point this chair to its original manufacturer because of the plate on the bottom. 107 more words