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Am I in 18th century Zanzibar?

In the back alleys and dogleg streets of Stone Town, locals were sweeping their doorsteps with brittle stick broomsticks and opening up their shops. There were T-shirt and souvenir shops, as you might find anywhere in the world, but that wasn’t the kind of souvenir we were hoping to find.  405 more words


Antique Camera

vintage celluloid
memories in shades of gray
iris shuttered dark

kat – 7 December 2016

A three line tale in the form of a Haiku for Sonya’s…

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Challenges And Writing Prompts

"Puto Ati"

Written by Auxl Reign Dithenna Nava, B.S. in Political Science III.

When you first travel to another place, the sights, smells, and sounds are frequently so new that doubtlessly you are some place you’ve never been. 1,078 more words

House Hunt: Disappointment

17 November 2016

Today we lost the Mt Albert orphan house.

I called mama and papa to see how the signing of the paper was going, and when papa answered, his voice was limp. 252 more words