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Museum Directors Release Protocols for Protecting Artworks Under Threat

To date, over 13,000 objects from Syria’s museums have been moved to secret locations for safe keeping amid the ongoing conflict in the area. In July… 465 more words

The Salonika Campaign: Archaeology in the Trenches

A fascinating video from the British Museum detailing the importance of accidental archaeology in the First World War’s Salonka Campaign in northern Greece (opens in a new window or tab) – … 7 more words


Looted? Roman Antiquity Ordered Returned to Turkey

A 2nd century AD Roman sarcophagus depicting the labors of Hercules, seized five years ago in Geneva upon suspicion by customs officials that it might be looted from Turkey, has been ordered repatriated by a Swiss public prosecutor, according to… 326 more words


To counter ISIS, great antiquities to be virtually saved in case they're actually lost

The Los Angeles Times reports that as “many as 5,000 high-tech, user-friendly cameras will be distributed to volunteers across Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Turkey, Iran, Egypt, Afghanistan and Yemen by the end of the year,” to document the ancient monuments and cultural heritage threatened by ISIS. 217 more words


Israeli Police Spot Tunnel Near Jerusalem Museum That May Have Been Built for Looting

Is clandestine treasure hunting going on near Israel’s Old City? Israeli police announced Monday the discovery of a 100-foot-deep hole in a residential yard in East Jerusalem. 220 more words


FBI Warns US Art Dealers: ISIL-Looted Antiquities Are Hitting the Market

The Federal Bureau of Investigation issued a detailed warning to art collectors and dealers to be on high alert for looted antiquities seized from Syria and Iraq by ISIL.  349 more words


Disgraced Getty Curator Marion True Roars Back With Tell-All Memoir

Ten years ago, all eyes in the art world were fastened on Getty Museum curator of antiquities Marion True, who was put on trial by the Italian government for conspiring to acquire stolen art for the museum. 613 more words