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My weekend.

I gotta admit, this past weekend was pretty awesome.  Saturday I worked, then went and played putt putt with the kids and my man and his son.  303 more words

"You never do anything. Why don't you hangout more?"

In 2015 we have all sorts of technology and social media sites that let us see what our friends like, what pictures they’ve taken, and what they do. 364 more words

I don’t look at this as a bad thing. It’s just that if I take the time to socialize with someone, it has to be worth it to me. 49 more words

Chapter 14 Fresh Hell

“Indira, open the door. Now!” Henley demanded imperiously.

“Fuck off, Henley. I’m not letting you touch me.”

“Don’t make me break down this door!” Henley shouted. 914 more words


"Your intern exhibits anti-social traits"

Internship has kept me awfully busy, to be very honest. I had big plans before internship started, such as write and complete an approximately twenty-chapter story, which very obviously did not happen. 533 more words