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Have I been wrong all this while?






我心知肚明我错了,但我不明白我到底是错在哪了。我仔细想了又想,难道我太过自信?还是我早已放弃了融入这个社会?或者是我心里作祟,总是认为我和他们不一样?老天爷啊,我到底该怎么办?请你指点一下这不知所措的我… …

Lost and Found

It’s always such a downer to see posts on Facebook (or whatever social platform you’re on) about a stolen motorcycle. I remember one, posted by a mom who was evidently distraught for her son. 885 more words


Exit 121. Staying home for no good reason.

It’s Sunday night.  I’m pretty sure that in approximately 121 weeks of doing this blog, I have never posted on a Sunday night before.  Sometimes I’m on the ball and I get my post done on Saturday; often I post Sunday afternoon or early evening; and occasionally I don’t get it done until Monday or Tuesday.  540 more words

je n'ai pas sommeil

This Sabbath I muted my phone and left it on kitchen counter; all the phone calls & texts went unanswered. I haven’t had much sleep since friday evening and I drifted in and out of sleep and even though I haven’t been to church so as to avoid people, I did my Sabbath devotional and I’ve sorted that one with God so I’m good. 1,157 more words

Thoughts of an introvert

Hi. I’m Squishy. (People say in unison – “Hiiii squishy”) I am an introvert. I have been an introvert for the past 20 years. Some say it’s because I was home schooled. 417 more words


far gone

do you see her?
she fades into the background
do you know her?
because she knows you
she watches
and understands
before you even did… 109 more words

FrightFest Previews - Interview with 'Let Her Out' Director Cody Calahan

The opening night midnight slot at FrightFest has proven to be a mixed bag over the years, but never seems to fail to draw a reaction. 1,468 more words