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Introvert VS. Antisocial; what they are and are not

You will see posts online from awkward friends and family members proudly denouncing any inelegance, passing it off as sheer introversion. In a way, it can be relieving. 257 more words


A pre-millenial tale

Act 2, Scene 25, Take 2.

I repeat. “You need to spend less time playing video games. If you have time after studies and school work, try and do something else, physical activity for instance. 743 more words

Life As I See It

The Media: Bringing society so close yet so far

It isn’t recent information that the media is at constant consumption in modern society . There have been many sources expressing the paradoxical nature of the media, the idea that the media improves and makes it more accessible to communicate with each other but in fact does the contrary and disconnects people from interacting with one another. 380 more words


Being in a crowd

Sometimes I can’t look at people when I walk because feeling the obligation to acknowledge the sentience of so many selves makes me want to throw up. 19 more words


Seating monologue

Maybe the first mistake was going to lunch at 12:30 – right after my first class let out – when the dining hall is always crowded at any university or college on planet earth. 564 more words


Time to face the (digital) reality

I have a social media problem.

There’s literally no denying it. I start my morning flicking through my twitter & instagram (and Acorns #addict). Throughout the day I’ll be casually touching base, chatting with followers or replying to messages. 568 more words

Social Media

The antisocial

As i sit down to write this first entry, the word that established a firm grip on my mind was this,Anti-social.

I had an unplanned brunch with friends i’d tag as close and one reminded me of how secluded i’d become.That i was no longer outgoing and full of energy around people i’d just met- that i had changed.I’d heard this from more than a fair share of people i’d come across, and i wonder….is this really who i am seen as now?The anti-social? 391 more words