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High sturdy walls
I’ve built over the years
To avoid any contact
The world has to offer.

These walls of mine
Have kept me safe… 78 more words

Is Being Sober Really A Crime ?

On the very first day, as I entered the officer’s lounge, I was astonished by the scene that lay ahead. The usual sullen and gloomy ambience on other ships, here was bustling with flurry of activities. 1,182 more words


Brain, Birthdays and Beyond...

A friend asked me what was so special about his birthday that everyone was so excited about it and wanted to wish him 3 days before hand. 334 more words


Anger is Me

Hey guys, this is a true and honest confession of what I am like when I am angry. I have taken off  my shell, this is me bare and exposed. 406 more words

The Worst Behaviour in Theatres  – Your Top Ten

People texting, phones going off, parents leaving soiled nappies and even drunken theatregoers vomiting from the balcony…when we asked Facebookers to vote for the most annoying habit in Theatres, we were stunned at just how appalling some behaviour can be. 917 more words

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Is It a Bad Thing to be Antisocial?

So, as I write this I’ve been hiding in my room for the entirety of the day.

As I didn’t wake up until 10:30, this hasn’t been sooo long, but still. 244 more words


Their POV…
She stays apart from anyone else. Always described as aloof, anti social or snobbish. Who does she think she is? Looking down her nose at us, She thinks she’s better than us? 139 more words

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