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Antisocial 12/9/16 0055

Sometimes you just need to… delete all social media apps from your phone. How long will it last? In most cases less than 24 hours, but I am making a commitment to myself to use my energy towards something more productive.

I'm the "anti-social mom"

I used to function like a normal person – go out to bars, stay up til 3 a.m., go walking around downtown, shopping for hours. And by “used to” I mean up until last year. 700 more words


Antisocial Queen

It’s been four days since I’ve actually left my room, or my home. I have various examples of what makes me the antisocial queen. Any communication to anyone scares me, and makes me nervous. 404 more words

A Peak Inside My Head...

I have seen many people feel intrigued by my usual behaviour, and I have been called creepy, antisocial and I am waiting for the point in time when they start calling me a psychopath. 534 more words


I'm Asocial

Most of my life, I mislabelled myself as antisocial. I am asocial. I always have been. As long as I live in this world, I think I will always have to be. 933 more words


Fear :: Four Quotations / Memorable Fancies #1688

“What most people are frightened of is other people. We are frightened of each other. And we have got good reason to be frightened of each other.” – R.D. 90 more words