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Why I Comment Anonymously

I’m an introvert who fears rejection. Rejection makes me sad. Rejection makes me feel… rejected. To avoid that feeling, I tend to not write anyone anywhere. 273 more words


Home School

A tribute to the past. This may be an entry to a poem book I am attempting to accumulate. Not entirely sure yet. I still need a lot of help. 464 more words


Smartphones creating negative social skills

It’s OK to use your smartphone walking down the street or on public transportation. But not at a family dinner. And definitely not in church. 517 more words


“Always Smile..
Because it confuses people.
Because it’s much easier than explaining what’s killing you inside….. “


"Where All Da White Women At?"

Sorry, not all the white women specifically, I just think it’s really funny… If you get it. If you don’t, that’s ok, you’re just a bit uncultured. 171 more words


Hi, my name is Cassie. And I’m an introvert.

I hate socializing. I want to stay home alone all day, sitting in my PJs behind the security of closed doors. 141 more words

Crunchy Mama

Qatari supercar owner admits: 'We make too much noise'

A wealthy “boy-racer” from the Middle East welcomed the proposed crackdown on anti-social driving in Knightsbridge and admitted “we make too much noise.”

Kensington and Chelsea council chiefs plan to introduce “car-Asbos”, making it a criminal offence for drivers to rev their engines, rapidly accelerate or play loud music in the neighbourhood. 282 more words