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Roommate Misadventures - Chapter 27

Netflix is Better than People

S leaned against the counter and stared out the window to their balcony. It looked nice outside. Almost nice enough that she could consider going outside today. 386 more words


Why Smartphones and Tablets Aren't as Antisocial as We Think (or at least they don't have to be)

My daughters, whose birthdays are only a couple of days apart, both got tablets this year as their gift from us. I worried about this, as we stood in the desolation of a middle-of –the-week Best Buy. 557 more words


Watching a Documentary About Your Own Disorder

It gives a strange feeling to watch something about yourself, something you completely relate to.
A sense of not being alone but also reality.

An interesting sensation.


The Idiot in Rainboots

Holy consistency Batman! 2 post in one day? Let’s keep this train a-chugging. Toot Toot! Next stop Today’s-Events-Ville! All aboard!

Ok, enough with the train analogies, I think I’ve overdone it enough for one evening. 514 more words



The after school football practice scheduled for today was cancelled as coach wanted to focus more on the junior team , the coming weeks too the junior team would be practicing double time so we have a couple of weeks free after school . 1,461 more words


Severe Lack Of Sleep

Ready to face the world today with about an hours sleep.
Going to my grandparents’ house today like I do every Tuesday to try and break out the border of antisocial behaviour. 21 more words

Online Schooling was Right for Me

Unlike most students, my formal education growing up was not in a traditional brick-and-mortar school. That’s right! I didn’t experience school bus rides, study hall sessions, cafeteria lines, recess, or snow days. 524 more words