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Antisocial Personality Disorder

A mental condition in which a person shows symptoms of ignoring the feelings of others or ignoring the morality of good/bad.

Also called “sociopathy”.





This Thing of Ours

A common misconception that we notice people tend to have about a majority of hikers and backpackers is that they are loners, escaping to the wilderness in hopes of avoiding the general public altogether. 325 more words


Pulling Teeth

It’s a regular occurrence when trying to get me out of the house.  Why?  Because I’m weird, inappropriate, loud, awkward …. Is there a need to continue?  453 more words



I’ve always been a very low-energy person, so I don’t have any horribly exciting hobbies. I like to watch TV (and by TV I of course mean Star Trek), read books, SCUBA (whenever I find myself somewhere tropical), and sing karaoke, though Hubs hates karaoke. 182 more words


Real Love

you took the mask i was taught to wear

and shattered it

and in the pieces

you found a new me i had not known

but longed to


Just until..

There isn’t anything new happening

There isn’t any exciting to talk about

There’s you and me

Our history

My family

But what about it

It’s all been said… 40 more words