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Are we Romanticising Life before Social Media?

Then & now – has it really changed that much or have we just upgraded our distraction? (Images via Getty)

This is an impromptu post evoked by a comment received on the campaign’s Facebook page in reply to the last blog article Is Social Media Really Making Us Anti-Social? 313 more words


Is Social Media Really Making us Anti-Social?

We live in a world where we prefer to receive news and announcements instantly and conveniently (Image via Flickr)

So we’ve talked about the reality of social media, the good and the bad of social media, and the benefits of face to face interaction. 236 more words



Have you ever been bullied or picked on because you were different or because you did things a little bit differently? Maybe you got bullied or picked on because you had braces, or because you were over weight or because of your race or nationality, academic status, sexual orientation, e.t.c. 931 more words


Separate Author's Article

Okay, here’s the deal……

Below is the link to an article. I did not write it, of course, but I felt you should read it. When you go to the site make sure you read part two (click on the number 2 shown to the right of the number 1 at the bottom of article). 123 more words

Have you seen the new Fits?

at Honda dealership
tag-along w/a friend waiting
for maintenance

dressed quickly, I
in unkempt long hair
notebook underarm
pencils protruding from hoodie
pocket left hand… 431 more words

Emerys Watchel

Is Social Media making us Antisocial?

Likes, shares, comments, views, all elements of an incredibly complex virtual community that we like to call social media. Within the past several years, social media has grown and changed in numerous ways, all the while sucking more and more people into its online belly. 1,221 more words

True, but give an inch and he'll take a yard


I should have looked at him, considering how serious he sounded. He never sounded serious. He was too lighthearted to sound serious in this way. 279 more words