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Boundaries and the Narcissist

To the narcissist, there are no boundaries.  At least if there are, they do not apply to them.  YOU of course have boundaries, but THEY do not.  347 more words

10 Days Social Media Free

For the last 10 days, I have been back in China. Having been away from hubby for 209 days, I was finally reunited with him and the cats for Chinese New Year. 680 more words


And Over And Over And Over...

Repetition.  One of the ways that a narcissistic person will attempt to manipulate is through what is essentially a form of brain washing.  If there is a side of the story, or a lie that they are trying to advocate, they will repeat it and repeat it…  and repeat it.  297 more words

be kind.

i read somewhere
if you were kind, did a good thing to a person
she or he might not repay the same kindness
however life will surely treat you better. 118 more words


Last Hope

So, what is it that keeps you in the relationship with a narcissistic person?  Part of it stems from the isolation, the continued gas lighting, and manipulation.  462 more words

I am Kenny MacDonald's Grandson

Christmas Day 2017, 17:00

While in Germany celebrating Christmas with my in-laws, I take a moment to call my grandparents to wish them a merry Christmas. 1,770 more words

365 Days


Isolation is a tool commonly used by abusers.  If you have a strong support system in place, there are people around you who can help you realize that what’s going on isn’t okay.  436 more words