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The opposite of resolution

Every January it’s typical for bloggers, celebrities and companies to talk about what they will do differently this time around. I was thinking of doing the same, until I realised it would be pointless. 454 more words


Surviving mediocrity

In an information and choice filled world, mediocrity permeates everything. Take the review website Qype. Founded in 2006, the site had 1 million unique users by March 2008… 1,107 more words


Making a virtue of being difficult

Sometimes there’s no point rephrasing what someone else has already said.

I’ve been writing TheAntiSofa blog for over a year now and still it’s hard to explain my unique selling point. 115 more words


Fitting the web into your life (and not your life into the web)

Channel confusion can really get in the way of living. Believe it or not, the internet wasn’t created to make our lives more confusing . Even the most basic things, like getting in touch with someone your own age is now a mission, because we’ve got too many ways to communicate. 434 more words


More 'Nuggets of Enjoyment'

After 26 months and 14 days of loyal service, my mobile phone’s died. RIP. But thankfully, this means I’m getting a new one!

Unfortunately, I’ve now got to go through the ritual of backing up photos, contacts etc. 205 more words

Blogging For The Hell Of It

Nuggets of enjoyment

Another bout of insomnia, another blog post. I was adamant that tonight (or this morning) I’d post another weighty article. I’m running low on brain power now, but fortunately I’ve a few things in reserve. 433 more words

Blogging For The Hell Of It

Not so bleeding edge

I’ve probably started blogging 10 years too late. The web-log originated in the early 90’s, and it wasn’t until about 1999 that Blogger.com and other sites were launched. 599 more words