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Thieves Essential Oil

Thieves has the most interesting story. Here is your history lesson: It was created based on research about a legend of 15th Century thieves who rubbed oil on themselves to avoid getting the plague while they robbed the dead and dying. 115 more words


Essential Oil Close Up: Basil

Very much like Oregano (which I covered just before Christmas), you’re probably super familiar with this oil – although you’ve more than likely just got a pot of dried leaves in your cupboard and occasionally grab it out to sprinkle it over some food after being inspired by the many TV cooking shows. 545 more words

Essential Oil Close Up's

The Worlds 7 Favorite Spices & How they can Benefit You Every Day

“Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.” Greek Physician Hippocrates

#1 Cinnamon, Ceylon

Antioxidant #1 of all spices outranks even garlic. Cinnamon aids blood sugar regulation, decreases insulin-resistance (precursor to diabetes type 2). 1,147 more words

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Herbal Chest Salve for Flu Season

By Catherine Winter

I can’t believe it’s the end of November already. So much has happened over the last few weeks that I was shocked to wake up this morning and discover that there’s only a week left before December rolls on in. 703 more words


How to Eat a Pomegranate Very Slowly

Hi all!!!

I’ve had a Pomegranate many times before, but already after it’s been prepared, usually at restaurants.   This time, my mom gave me one along with some other goodies.   176 more words

Antiviral Drink Prepared With Only 3 Ingredients, Highly Effective!

Viruses and colds can sure destroy your joy in the upcoming winter holidays. We give you a healthy and natural drink to prevent this and protect your health The ingredients needed are easily available, and they are commonly used in folk medicine. 33 more words

Pink Porridge for morning glow

Pink porridge with blueberries – great antioxidant. Also stirred in a spoonful of coconut oil- great antiviral. And an addition of two drops of cinnamon bark essential oil give this a whole lot of immune boosting properties. 28 more words

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