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Hepatitis C, new drugs on the horizon

A new generation of hepatitis C drugs have emerged that have higher sustained virologic response (SVR) — a measure of efficacy defined as the absence of detectable RNA of the hepatitis C virus in the blood — shorter and less complicated treatment protocols, and have similar safety profiles to current therapies that are based on peginterferon and/or ribavirin.  105 more words

Medical Communications

Camp Nursing: Fancy Rashes

It wasn’t uncommon for me to work alone on some nights. Although my scope of practice was greatly diminished from that of a nursing student to practically glorified first aid, I was the person who would make referrals to walk-ins, ERs, and dentists. 383 more words


Neither Bedbugs nor Breast Cancer: A Good Day

Not last weekend but the weekend before, I got a little cluster of mosquito bites on my side. They were itchy as hell, and although I tried hard not to scratch, I did give in and rub them through my shirt a few times. 755 more words


George Church on Being a Vegan

Sometimes I have the opportunity to gain insights from great thinkers. One of those people is George Church, one of the founders of the Human Genome Project and Personal Genome Project, now director of the U.S. 142 more words

Too good to be true? The case of influenza antivirals

There truly is a day for everything, and according to the trusty Internet, this Tuesday, January 13 is Skeptics Day. What better way to get out of holiday mode and back into the routine of January than to turn a critical eye on the evidence, right? 1,026 more words

Acute Respiratory Infections

Natural Antivirals


  It may be my experience as a pre-nursing student, or just common sense, but one of my pet peeves is when people run out and take antibiotics at the first sign of a sniffle. 481 more words

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