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Integrase Inhibitors: An Overview

Integrase inhibitors (also known as integrase strand transfer inhibitors, or INSTIs) are a powerful class of antiretroviral drug which prevents HIV from integrating its genetic coding (genome) into the DNA of the infected host cell. 544 more words


Gene-editing Approaches in Treatment of HIV-infected Non-human Primates

Gene editing of bone marrow stem cells in pigtail macaques infected with simian/human immunodeficiency virus (SHIV) significantly reduces the size of dormant “viral reservoirs… 399 more words


Oral vs. IV antimicrobials

What’s the difference between oral (PO) and IV medications? When do you use PO vs. IV antimicrobials? When are they interchangeable? These are the questions we’ll address in this post. 609 more words


Antimicrobials: spectrum of activity

One of the most difficult concepts to understand is the spectrum of activity of different antimicrobials. We are all taught each antimicrobial in silos of the other ones and I always found it difficult to create conceptual charts in my head. 594 more words



Influenza, colloquially known as “flu” is an infectious disease and public health issue. On a global level, the flu infects millions of people worldwide and circulates yearly. 2,624 more words


Antivirals Market to Record Study Growth by 2024

Global Antivirals Market: Overview

An antiviral is an agent that eliminates a virus or restrains its ability to multiply and hence, prevents it from replicating and reproducing. 632 more words