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What are they?

Antiviral agents are drugs that inhibit production and growth of  viruses. Most viruses share the same metabolic processes as the host cell, making it difficult to find antivirals for specific viruses. 238 more words

Forget Prince Charming - could frog vaccine cure the Flu?

We all know the fairy tale. Kiss a frog and Prince Charming will appear. Well, what about frogs curing the flu instead? The idea that frogs’ skin can have medicinal or healing properties is certainly not a new one.   686 more words


Scenario: "The Camp Cough"

Due to circumstance you are the senior and only medic at a multi-national relief effort including 300-500 people. It is winter and there is snow on the ground. 245 more words

Case Studies / Scenarios

To Tamiflu or Not to Tamiflu?

Every year we expect a flu epidemic which usually starts in the fall and lasts until spring (as early as October and last until late May).  492 more words

First Quarter 2017

MK 8876

MK 8876
CAS 1426960-33-9


2-(4-Fluorophenyl)-5-(11-fluoro-6H-pyridooxazinoindol-2-yl)-N-methyl-6--3-benzofurancarboxamide Molecular Formula C32H24F2N4O5S Molecular Weight 614.62
  • Originator Merck & Co
  • Class Antivirals
  • Phase I Hepatitis C

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Antiviral properties of Ficus religiosa

ETHNOPHARMACOLOGICAL RELEVANCE: Ficus religiosa L. is one of the most relevant members of the family of Moraceae. It is the most sacred tree of South Asia, and it is used in traditional Ayurvedic and Unani medicine to cure respiratory disorders like cough, wheezing and asthma. 223 more words