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AKick Mobile Security; best Antivirus Software for Mobile

With this inevitable fact that your smartphone needs Mobile Security Antivirus too, there has been dozens of antivirus app launch making it quite difficult for the users to choose the best. 283 more words

Antivirus Software For Mobile

Endpoint protection is much more than anti-malware

Lately, there has been quite a bit of discussion of traditional versus next-generation endpoint protection. The truth is, however, that there is no “traditional” anti-virus or anti-malware as such – at least not when it comes to the companies that perform above the industry average in third-party tests such as… 295 more words


Tired of identifying Trojan? Have a look for spotting them in an easier way

A Trojan horse is a destructive program that is delivered via emails, downloading or via online services. They are usually hidden behind the software applications. Trojans can enable cyber criminals to spy on you, stealing your sensitive data and gaining backdoor access to your system. 305 more words

Computer Safety & Ergonomics

The computer as useful as it may be, can also be dangerous. People need to know how to use a computer safely. If done properly, anyone can use their time wisely and efficiently. 374 more words

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Norton Antivirus Technical Support for Ransomware


The world around us is becoming smarter and more connected with the internet day by day. Internet not only has connected us together but also has made our lives simplier. 174 more words


Kenapa Kaspersky?

Sedikit review (iklan) tentang Antivirus yang dari dulu osem. Kenapa aku suka Kaspersky sedangkan banyak lagi Antivirus yang tak kurang hebatnya selain Kaspersky? Adakah sebab aku agent menjual Antivirus jenama ini? 361 more words


How to tell if you have been hacked

Antivirus programs are important for preventing cyber attacks, but it’s unwise to leave your computer security solely in the hands of your antivirus. In fact, most attacks are designed to infect your computer only when you perform an action that lets them in, or they trick you into installing them yourself. 950 more words

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