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Quick Tips - Why You shouldn't use the Top Antivirus program to protect you.

I don’t recommend using the Top #1/#2 antivirus software there are a ton of resources that both McAfee and Norton use they have so many processes going on in the background that it can have a serious impact on the computer/device performance. 270 more words


[post in Greek] Ransomware: όταν το backup πρέπει να γίνει καθημερινότητα

(ακολουθεί μεγάλο κείμενο, αν βαριέστε εσείς χάνετε αλλιώς φτιάξτε καφέ)
(απευθύνεται κυρίως σε χρήστες λειτουργικού Windows. φυσικά backup πρέπει να κάνετε όλοι)


Ransomware, μια λέξη που ακούγεται αρκετά τελευταία. 409 more words

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Kaspersky Antivirus Free 2019 released!

Kaspersky Lab has just released their latest and greatest FREE version of their flagship product, Kaspersky Antivirus. And while half of the world is still panicking about Russian conspiracy bullshit, this one is a golden nugget. 219 more words


Avast Premiere 2018 and License file

yo bang bro kali ini gw bakal share avast premire, jujur aja nih anti-virus gw recommend banget dah. gak tau kenapa okoknya nih anti-virus ok banget dah dari pada yang lain ( menurut gw ). 197 more words

Avail detailed information on Norton Antivirus Setup

Norton Antivirus – Keeps the system safe from external attacks

An antivirus is a software or a group of programs that keeps the system safe and secured from the external malware attacks and the external threats that might hinder the proper functioning of the system and damage the proper working if the system. 226 more words


Benefits Of Kaspersky Antivirus Help

You know why people are using mostly kaspersky antivirus for his PC, mobile,MAC, window. You can learn here easily its more benefits from the kaspersky PC security system. 16 more words


Trend Micro OfficeScan IpXfer Re-establish Communication script to force update

OfficeScan XG is an enterprise antivirus solution wherein you manage every endpoint with antivirus agent. There is a central management OfficeScan server that can control all antivirus agents for ease of management. 704 more words