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Afternoon Sketches

Still learning to draw these days. I’ve heard that art students practise by copying paintings of great artists. So I think maybe copying sketches would help me improve. 10 more words


What the buck?

There are times when you just get lucky, and get to capture the photo you’ve always dreamt of. This buck with its beautiful antlers, made for a striking subject. 20 more words

Don't let it see you...

Empress stretches her legs a little

Big Sky

Sheep Trails and Deer Antlers

I’m sure this title is a little confusing for many! It is, however, a good reflection of my run on the Western Way Trail yesterday. I went fishing for the afternoon and stuck on my trail runners to do a similar run on the trail as I had completed 2 weeks ago. 212 more words

April 13

Result of all my deer studies.

Sketch Blog

Da Mafia Moose

Someone on Tumblr requested a drawing of Thunderhoof from Robots In Disguise 2015 in a suit and with a Tommy Gun. I was happy to oblige.

Completed Works