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Ash's Progress

Ash’s progress : The Exmoor stag I named “Ash” for my recent antler blog has now cleaned his antlers (and got rid also of the annoying rope he had tangled in them for most of the summer) revealing a smashing new set with ‘All his rights’ and 6 a-top one side and 3 a-top the other.

Jochen Langbein


Like a neon deer in the woods

Will probably turn one of these into a sticker, not sure which one.



Looking for rustic decor to go along with your outdoorsy lifestyle? We have antler finials! Along with raising elk and selling antlers for dog bones, we have a few decor products. 154 more words


Young Buck

No pun for this one. This was a picture on my photo todo list. Get a buck in velvet. I’m not done with that goal yet either. 26 more words


Big Buck

Ran into a big-horned buck a couple weeks ago. Here he is.

He’s got a lot of horn for a local buck.