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Today in Mary Queen of Scots History

Today in Mary Queen of Scots History.
November 25, 1569. Mary is removed from Tutbury Castle to the walled city of Coventry.

Because of the Catholic Rebellion in the North earlier in November, which focused on Queen Mary as the queen who would take the English throne after Elizabeth was overthrown, the government in London directed Lord Shrewsbury to move Mary Queen of Scots away from Tutbury Castle, which could be easily reached and taken by the rebels, and put the romantic Queen in a more secluded spot. 351 more words

Reading for Guy Fawkes' Night

Tonight is Guy Fawkes’ Night.  I’m not sure whether we are going to see any fireworks this year – they’re usually on after my kids’ bedtime and my daughter is possibly too little.   68 more words


"Let them Eat Cake"

WARNING… The following may contain images of over indulgence,  excessive gratification and scenes of incomprehensible wealth.

A little dramatic maybe but Versailles, formally the home of the French nobility and the location of the royal court, is a site to behold. 334 more words

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Must You Go?


Antonia Fraser

A diary and reflections on a privileged life with an exceptional man for a husband and luvvies for friends – not to mention six children! 363 more words


My History, a memoir of growing up, by Antonia Fraser

My father loves Antonia Fraser’s books – I think he’s read all her histories and some of her detective fiction too.  I’ve only read Mary, Queen of Scots… 1,169 more words


August 27 in history

479 BC Persian forces led by Mardonius were routed by Pausanias, the Spartan commander of the Greek army in the Battle of Plataea.

410 The… 588 more words


The Pleasure of Reading - Edited by Antonia Fraser

 Another book that I read while we were away was an ideal book to pick up and put down between bookshops/ places of interest. Produced in aid of Give a Book charity, it is comprised of forty three authors writing about how they started reading, often compulsively, almost as addicts, and how they have carried on . 389 more words

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