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Ruth Bader Ginsburg Upends the Notion of the Silent Justice

Ruth Bader Ginsburg appears to be on a book tour with no book. The oldest Supreme Court Justice has been on a media tear recently, making headlines with interviews about everything from feminism to her workout routine, even slyly revealing that she was… 814 more words

The American Melting Pot

I’d like to share with you some thoughts that came out of a short piece I was asked to write about the Roberts Court. I’d like to dedicate this commentary to Yusor Abu-Salha, who spoke on NPR’s Story Corps about how wonderful the U.S. 729 more words

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The Notorious RBG Speaks: Gender Discrimination Is the "Unconscious Bias"

I love the way Federal Supreme Court Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg speaks about her feelings on gender discrimination, how she explains that early on in her career she felt that the “way things were” was her only option, but has since expanded her feelings on gender discrimination to realize that change can happen. 481 more words

Chauvinism Alive Today

Supreme Court justices on parasailing, elephants and not being '100 percent sober'

Washington (CNN) — Supreme Court ideological opposites Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Antonin Scalia, came together for a discussion on constitutional issues Thursday night, but their camaraderie and escapades stole the show. 517 more words


"Judicial Activism": What It Will Take For SCOTUS To Buy Conservative Arguments On ACA Subsidies

A lot of the points that the New York Times‘ legal correspondent Linda Greenhouse covers today in an overview of the stakes involved in… 529 more words


Are Any Gun Control Measures Reasonable? I'm Not Sure The NRA Would Agree.

This is going to be a difficult column to write but it needs to be written.  So I’m going to ask all my friends on the gun-sense side of the aisle (my friends on the pro-gun side seem to be dwindling – gee, I wonder why?) to read what I write very carefully and don’t jump to the conclusion that Mike the Gun Guy has finally lost his mind.  593 more words


The Easy Case Against Corporate Personhood Part 4

Anywhere in the world, a thing is a thing, a person is a person, and an idea is an idea, except in the United States, where an idea is a person with more constitutional rights and political power than citizens, thanks to the soundly corrupted legal logic of the Koch Brothers wing of the United States Supreme Court. 699 more words