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In California, Prostitutes are Disorderly Vagrants

SFGATE is carrying a story titled Appeals court in SF allows challenge to state law banning prostitution. While some of California’s laws should not be overturned–for example, it’s hard to understand how knowingly infecting someone with HIV could be deemed anything other than criminal–I hope this is one who’s time has come. 635 more words


Dumbass Sociopath. His “Christian” Enablers.

Friends of Padre Steve’s World, I have longed believed that the President of the United States is a sociopath. The man has no sense of care, empathy, respect for the law or the Constitution. 8 more words


Another Strike Against Women …

I am beginning to wonder why we have Congress at all, for it seems that Trump and his administration are doing pretty much whatever Trump wants done without the approval of our… 8 more words


It’s Gun Control Again

We have had another attack where multiple lives we lost by a douche with a gun….in this case many guns….and of course the debate has started again…all the… 11 more words


Don Cherry. Henry Grimes. New Jersey 1965.

Photo Info: Don Cherry. Henry Grimes. New Jersey 1965. Album: Don Cherry. Complete. New Jersey. 1965.  Don Cherry Quartet: Don Cherry: cornet Leandro “Gato” Barbieri… 12 more words


Richard Posner leaves bench to invest time in promoting access to justice

Thirty-five years ago, Ronald Reagan appointed Richard Posner to the Seventh Circuit United States Court of Appeals. At the time, Posner was a well-known conservative legal scholar, particularly identified with the “economic analysis of law.” He had written a… 122 more words

Originalism is shaping the Supreme Court

By Aristophanes

With his theory of originalism, former U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia said one should interpret the Constitution, as well as other statutes, by adhering to an original semantic meaning.  1,799 more words

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