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Headlines -- 5/28/16

White teens spray racist graffiti in “senior prank,” why white supremacists love Donald Trump, Republicans walk out on homophobic colleague, and more. 89 more words


The 'But The Supreme Court' Argument For Hillary Clinton

One ‘hold-your-nose-and-vote-for-the-lesser-evil’ argument currently making the rounds for the Hillary Clinton candidacy–ostensibly intended to address the ‘schism’ in the Democratic Party, among the ‘Left’ and ‘progressives’–goes something like this. 480 more words


Rick Santorum Says The Future Of Supreme Court Is His Motivation To Endorse Donald Trump

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Former Pennsylvania Senator and two time candidate for the Republican nomination for President, Rick Santorum, addressed his endorsement of Donald Trump, saying what finally tipped him into the New York billionaire’s camp was the list he released of his potential Supreme Court nominees. 266 more words

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Republican Congressman Calls on Senate to Give Merrick Garland a Hearing

Congressman Daniel Donovan—New York City’s lone Republican in the House of Representatives—today urged members of his party in the U.S. Senate to consider President Barack Obama’s nominee to the Supreme Court. 475 more words

Daniel Donovan

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Gun Rights

If you were to run down a list of hot-button issues which inflame the electorate on both sides, gun control would be near the top. The majority of the population… 720 more words


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The following is a post well worth reading by fellow blogger Erik Hare (Barataria). He presents a way of looking at the 2nd amendment issue and recent changes in law that many of us were either not aware of or did not fully understand. Definitely worth taking a few minutes to read!

Judicial Crisis Network Happy With Donald Trump's SCOTUS Shortlist

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The Chief Counsel and Policy Director for the Judicial Crisis Network, Carrie Severino, addressed the list of potential Supreme Court candidates released by Donald Trump and expressed optimism that, if he wins the Presidency in November, he would make a good choice to fill the vacancy left by the death of Antonin Scalia. 385 more words

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