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"Apologies for US Supreme Court's judicial activism, but European Human Rights Court is even worse"

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia has apologized for America’s international export of judicial activism, but warned that that human rights law as practised under the… 58 more words

European Court Of Human Rights

George Will: The wrinkle in the Affordable Care Act decision

Washington Post —

“What chumps!”

— Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr., June 29, 2015

Roberts’s intellectual complexity does not prevent him from expressing himself pithily, as he did with those words when dissenting in a case from Arizona. 73 more words


"Why Scalia Should Resign": It Must Make Him Wonder If He Wishes To Be Part Of An Institution That Is Corrupting The Republic

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia should resign.

That’s the thought I had while reading his acid dissents in the two headline-grabbing Supreme Court cases last week, one affirming the IRS’s interpretation of the Affordable Care Act, and the other discovering a right to same-sex marriage in the 14th Amendment. 715 more words


codswallop, gallimaufry and other perplexities

New(?) words and phrases I read this morning:

gimcrack pretenses
legalistic argle-bargle

a Mr. Stern asks
if he was just too cynical
should he celebrate the SCOTUS’ … 10 more words


"Teamwork On The Supreme Court": Discipline On The Left Side, Disarray On The Right

Now that the current term is over for the Supreme Court, analysts are digging into the record to draw conclusions about what happened. In a fascinating analysis, Adam Liptak writes: … 586 more words


They'll Do It Every Time: CDC Gun Research Gets Defunded Again.

“Listen, the CDC is there to look at diseases that need to be dealt with to protect the public health. I’m sorry, but a gun is not a disease. 658 more words