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대화 격률 이론으로 본 미국 수정헌법 2조

재미나게 읽은 이번주 이코노미스트 기사 하나를 공유한다.

What does America’s Second Amendment really say? (the Economist, 11월 16일자)

기사는 미국 수정헌법 2조를 언어철학자 폴 그라이스의 cooperative principle 협동의 원리를 들어 풀어준다. 78 more words

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Hot Mess Doesn't Do Basketball 

When my work emails us and says there are free tickets for the OSU basketball game, I jump at it. It’s for my sons.

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Glover Gardens “Everything Rub” 

Spicy, slightly sweet and “southwest tasting”, this versatile rub is a winner! Use it in a variety of ways, or make a big batch for gifts from the kitchen. 16 more words


Bird Of Prey

One day, which day she couldn’t say. Her love for him fell asleep in the sun, never to wake back up. Little dramas played out too long, unfolded into nothingness. 12 more words


Anniversary Musings

16 years ago, I finally became a Mrs.

It was a beautiful day, albeit a little cold, being November!

A year of frantic planning, which had followed a beautiful four-year romance, during which we made the choice to be together forever ♥ 350 more words


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Congratulations. Happy Anniversary. Live Long. Be Well. Stay Safe. Love Forever..... would have been my wedding day toast.

When Will The Right Consider Changing The 2nd Amendment?

Here is our inaugural post from the “right”:

How many kids would have to die in shootings for the right to consider ceding ground on the 2A? 579 more words