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Unity Through Solutions discusses a possible Constitutional Crisis

Unity Through Solutions discusses a possible Constitutional Crisis

Unity Through Solutions contends “There are two distinct views of our Founding Document , our Constitution.”

“Living Breathing”  subject to interpretation based on current norms. 376 more words

Unity Through Solutions

The Gifts of Beauty and the Arts

NOTE: This is an edited version of an opinion piece that I wrote for Franciscan University of Steubenville’s student newspaper The Troubadour in March 2016. 540 more words


Jackie Robinson and the Freedom Summer

Friends of Padre Steve’s World,

I am still on vacation and will posting some new material have brought an older article out of the vault. I think it is important because it covers a watershed moment in American politics, a moment that started the Republican Party down the path that has culminated today. 2,522 more words


Judge Scalia and the Bohemian Grove

Judge Scalia’s hunting camp, where he died,  was actually a club for rich, white, creepy men who, essentially, want to rule the world.  They were not the Bohemian Grove, but apparently, a tributary of the Bohemian Grove. 249 more words

What if Trump reaches the Oval Office?

The checks and balances of the Founding Fathers haven’t stopped Donald Trump get this far but what about once he gets to the White House? 211 more words

Donald Trump

Political Correctness & Why It's Unhelpful

Although I agree as often as I disagree with Bill Maher, I invariably respect him. Yes, he can be painfully smug and obnoxious, but at least he has conviction and the ability to converse with people whose ideas often radically depart from his own (an ability that is seemingly few and far between in today’s increasingly polarised world). 128 more words


Time to Confirm Merrick Garland?

Poor old Merrick Garland, and President Obama, and the Democratic Party for that matter. We are now almost at the 150 day mark since Obama pushed the button and nominated Garland to replace the late Antonin Scalia on the Supreme Court. 225 more words

Donald Trump