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Hunters of the Golden Cobra (1982)

‘Hang on to your jollies, we’re going after him!’

Two British officers in the Philippines in the 1940s tangle with a murderous cult while trying to retrieve a relic with supposedly supernatural powers. 371 more words

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The Ark of the Sun God

The Ark of the Sun God – 1984 – Italy

Rick Spears is a professional burglar. While traveling in Turkey, he is hired to break into the lost Temple of Gilgamesh and retrieve Gilgamesh’s legendary scepter. 235 more words

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The Warbeck Weekender, Part 1... THE LAST HUNTER Reviewed

DVD. Region 1. Dark Sky. Unrated.

David Warbeck had already starred on several occasions in the land of the big boot (most notably in  Sergio Leone’s Duck, You Sucker! 1,151 more words

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Yor, The Hunter From The Future/Il Mondo Di Yor (1983)

‘Yor’s World! He’s The Man! Yor’s World! He’s The Man!’

Yor wanders the prehistoric wastes alone, flexing his pecs, until he saves a young woman and her protector from a predatory dinosaur. 683 more words

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Virgin of Nuremberg Soundtrack Released!

Quartet Records once again just amazes me at the titles that they are releasing these days! Now only are they releasing Riz Ortolani’s score for Antonio Margheriti’s 1963 film… 147 more words

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East Meets Worst... HERCULES AGAINST KUNG FU reviewed


Directed by “Anthony M. Dawson” (Antonio Margheriti). Produced by Carlo Ponti. Story by Luciano Vincenzoni & Sergi0 Donati.  502 more words

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ARRIVEDERCI, ROMA... Italians After The Bomb

“Films such as The Bronx Warriors were the last gasp of our industry trying to survive.”

(Venerable Italian exploitation scribe Dardano Sacchetti… quoted above in a recent interview with Calum Waddell). 2,442 more words

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