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Alien from the Deep - Italy, 1989

Alien from the Deep is a 1989 Italian science fiction horror film directed by Antonio Margheriti (Cannibal Apocalypse; Seven Deaths in the Cat’s Eye… 510 more words


Yor: The Hunter from the Future (1983)

35 years after its initial release in the United States, this cult classic, made from an Italian-French-Turkish mini-series, is still fun to watch and perhaps still has its catchy theme song. 607 more words


Vengeance (1968)

Plot: A massive gold heist has been pulled off, with tens of thousands in riches, but of course, not everyone plans to share the wealth as planned and that means a double cross goes down. 555 more words

Murder, He Wrote... An Exclusive Interview With DARDANO SACCHETTI

The interviews that appear on this Blog have been drawn from our extensive archives here at The House Of Freudstein, comprising conversations with film makers that have taken place at various times over the last thirty-odd (some of them… 4,300 more words


80 Glorious Years: "BARBARA STEELE in L'Aldila"... and in conversation with The House Of Freudstein.

Friday the 13th of December, 2013 was a lucky day for your humble correspondent Bobby Freudstein, being the day that my longest, most soul-destroying and hopefully final stint of conventional employment mercifully terminated. 3,372 more words

Italian Horror

Blu-Ray Review: The Green Slime (1968).

Directed by Kinji Fukasaku
Written by William Finger, Tom Rowe, Charles Sinclair

Cast: Robert Horton (Commander Jack Rankin), Richard Jaeckel (Commander Vince Elliott), Luciana Paluzzi (Dr. 573 more words

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