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Spotlight On: Antony and The Johnsons

Antony Hegarty can be described as many things: a musician, a vocalist, an activist, but one thing that doesn’t necessarily spring to mind is ‘witch’. That is how Hegarty describes herself on  471 more words


björk // vulnicura

What a surprise! I was still in Biophilia-listening-and-watching-mode, when I found out last week, that there is a new Björk album out on the market already. 288 more words


mud, insects and death

   The question about the origin of the artwork becomes the question about the essence of art.  (Martin Heidegger, The Origin of the Work of Art… 821 more words

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Three Men Walk into a Bar... [Satire Saturday Prompt]

First off, you may have noticed that today’s prompt is not of the #SonnetSaturday sort as originally advertised.

Yeah, about that…

See, I did me some literary math and took the total number of participants to date and subtracted that number by the presumed difficulty level, which I presume is pretty high, in sonnet composing and concluded that we just don’t have the mathematical heft to support a #SonnetSaturday. 329 more words



Thanks to a new friend, I’m rediscovering the whole singer/songwriter genre. I used to listen to a lot of this type of music in high school, but slowly gravitated towards more electronic influences. 84 more words


Beer - #507 - Garage Project - Cat's Pajamas

So, I have me a strangely named beer, the Garage Project Cat’s Pajamas, giving us quirky names, quirky music, a quirk in the numbers and idiosyncrasy, perhaps. 675 more words


Another World - another year.

This past year has been a year of great loss for me. As you all know my father was one of those losses. Losing a parent is something you think about but never can really imagine what it feels like until the final curtain is drawn. 357 more words