Brussels, Belgium

To be honest, I didn’t know very much about Belgium before traveling there. Of course I knew it was known for waffles and french fries, but outside of that, I didn’t know what to expect. 1,248 more words




For those who still don’t know, the real pizza was indeed invented in Napoli. Bellini Pizzeria re-creates the typical Neapolitan Pizza(s) flavor, as it’s recognized as the best one in town amongst the Italian Community also for the folkloristic atmosphere. 108 more words


Normo coffee, made in Antwerp

September the 10th, this time we go back to Antwerp and as we return to work, or classes, we want to show you a place of those you know we like so much, where you can enjoy a great cup of coffee and whose space may inspire you . 737 more words

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