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Gods of the Masquerade Ball

I’ve mentioned already that the last week or so was a difficult one for me; I ended up getting several significant revelations about things that I’m having to work through and process. 1,344 more words


Anubis Cuteness

I found this recently–I love Stick Gods and so finding ones I haven’t seen before is like my birthday coming early. When Anubis introduced me to Wepwawet, it was as his brother (I’m absolutely not in the camp that thinks they’re the same Person) and my understanding is that Anubis is the older sibling. 42 more words


MOBAs Representing Mythologies and Legends: Weekly Oddity #2

Hello everybody!  It’s Friday, and that means that it’s time for another Weekly Oddity.  That means I get to write whatever I want, in whatever format I want to, as long as it involves something religious.  1,230 more words

Weekly Oddities

Episode 123: The Curse of Anubis

Make sure to read episode 123 here.

Anubis and Aknadin launch their attack against Pharaoh Atem. With the power of both the Pyramid of Light and the Millennium Spellbook on their side, these two enemies of Egypt seem invincible.

Until next time, duel on!

Episode Update

Episode 122 Review

Bet you weren’t expecting that. I’d recently watched the Pyramid of Light, and was thinking about how its place in the Ancient Egypt story line had never been explained. 189 more words

Episode Review

Anubis Is Now My Business Patron

Today Anubis agreed to be my patron as I work on starting up an Etsy/handcrafted business (I work retail in a shop that sells original art and handcrafted goods and my boss is super interested in maybe having some of my jewelry stuff in the shop also). 338 more words