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What Is the Lionsgate Portal...?

If you cruise the more metaphysically-minded corners of the internet, you may have recently been stumbling across references to something known as the Lionsgate Portal (or Lion’s Gate, depending on sources). 831 more words


The Start of a Journey

I have always enjoyed writing, the act of creating words, and images through them, however, the act of this kind of writing is frightening and new to me. 416 more words


A Tale of Tails

As part of my work with the Egyptology Collection at Bolton Museum Anubis found his way to my desk. He was in two wooden pieces: the body and the tail. 616 more words


I was speaking with a friend of mine earlier this afternoon, we’d known each other from the age of 12 years. It’s been a long friendship, both of us are now (mutters incomprehensibly).

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The boat light on the light house...

Not got around to building the lamp room at the top of the lighthouse so this will have to do for now…