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Anubis for K

K. is a joy of life poured in a human body. When he laughs, the world laughs. But don’t be mislead. There is also sadness in him, although he balances those two powers with utter grace. 14 more words


Anubis for R

R. is kind, intelligent and his heart is bigger than Manhattan. He tries to hide it under Marlowesque image, but fails. While walking the street he observes and feels. 16 more words


Anubis in Hakone

Again, my hero Anubis. This time on canvas paper. This painting is a kind of an hommage to “Spirited Away”, one of my favorites anime by great Hayao Miyazaki. 41 more words


Walking with the Wolf

My emotions a well sorted out and anything thrown in will rattle everything. That is what happened recently. The Wolf just threw deity knows what into the mix and now I suffer from a constant state of confusion. 648 more words

As The Path Turns


More commonly known as Set today, he was the Egyptian god of desert storms, foreingers, and chaos.

His siblings were Isis, … 240 more words

The Room of Doom, Part III: Calling on the Old Gods

It has crossed my mind that if I am to properly subdue Midgard and rule it utterly, I might need to occasionally enlist the help of some of the native deities. 74 more words


My latest batch of new votive candles

EDITED TO ADD: I managed to get my NEWEST candles (the ones I poured yesterday, using the new molds and iridescent glitter) to the shop this morning, so┬áif you want to take a sneak peek before I showcase them on the blog you can find them… 771 more words