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Anubis tattoo I made back in November 2015. Egyptian iconography has been popular in tattooing for a long time now, however I don’t get asked to do this stuff in a traditional tattoo style as much as I would like!


A Wrap to Go

I have now come to the point where I have to bring all together. Find that deeper meaning, get philosophical about Egyptian Mythology. Not necessarily my area of expertise, but here goes nothing. 377 more words


Where does Egyptology, and greek Gods come from?

Ppl are starting to go after the same idols they went after in the bible… Yet, this is EXACTLY why God is creating a NEW heaven, and a NEW earth (revelations 21:1): spirits don’t die. 439 more words


These days you can find Anubis

playing a komboloi’s beads

around his hand, over a glass

of raki and strong ground coffee;

deliberating over the weight… 145 more words

Poetry And Kitchen-sink Metaphysics

White Rabbit looks into the distance, deep in thought. The Jackal Shaman and I watch him. Rather than break the silence we converse in signs and symbols.

1,342 more words

Religion Strikes a Pose

Museums. They’re basically a gigantic storage building for old stuff- old art, old clothes, old stories, old people. This old stuff, however, can be pretty entertaining. 316 more words