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Egyptian Ankh Symbolism

The ankh is a hieroglyph (representation of a concept) for “life”. It symbolizes eternal life, to be specific.

Egyptologists, archaeologists, religionists, historians, random people – no one can decide on where the ankh came from. 924 more words

Daphne Shadows

Three Years

Tonight will be the three-year anniversary of my first oath to Anubis…and it remains, in my mind, perhaps the most important. Even more than the very significant one that followed it on the evening of October 31st, even more than the life-changing permanent oath and marriage vows on the summer solstice that followed that. 428 more words

The Road Goes Ever On And On...

Drawlloween Day 26: I Know a Sarcophoguy

Yep, I added the background via Photoshop. For this I went Egyptian by using Anubis with a mixture of markers and colored pencils.

I Know a Sarcophoguy


Depressed/Pessimist/Lost but Sensualist

(Joanna Karpowicz  -  Anubis On The Red Couch - 2017)

Hey you all!

I am here with one of my friends, Depression. We have met each other every now and then but lately, we have been hanging out for a while. 724 more words

Cleo Dalby and the Curse of the Chaos Mummies

Today I thought I would post a snippet from my middle grade Ancient Egyptian-themed book Cleo Dalby and the Curse of the Chaos Mummies. It’s full of good and evil gods and goddesses, nasty beasts and a battle of life and death to save the world – of course. 1,049 more words

Holidays of Anubis

The Egyptian Daybook by Tamara L. Siudd

Circle of the Sun: Rites and Celebrations for Egyptian Pagans and Kemetics by Sharon LaBorde

I Akhet 6-7… 122 more words


Anubis - 3D Modeling

I created this model in Autodesk Maya, for a class project.

It was the first 3D character I modeled.