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My Main Shrine/Altar

Every time my path takes a new turn I have this impulse to update my shrine and altar space. It feels like the air has changed and it no longer suits its need. 551 more words

As The Path Turns


This is sort of what happened in a recent guided meditation session:

I was about to open the door to my bliss world. I can usually tell which area I will be going to by what door appears in front of me. 1,316 more words

As The Path Turns


The sun dial in the royal courtyard showed it was about four hours to midnight. A lone jackal’s plaintive cry cut through the night and made the man shiver unconsciously as he made his way to the royal temple. 1,327 more words


Of Bonds and Fears

Last week The Wolf had asked about an oath. I was given all the time in the world to answer. A few nights ago I had a dream in which we fought. 927 more words

As The Path Turns

Funeral for a Friend

Recently I attended the funeral of a very old friend of mine. Well, when I say ‘friend’ I’m not even sure what I mean by that anymore with this particular person. 1,223 more words


New Direction

There’s something quite magical about pet ownership. I’m even hard pressed to call it ownership, because most days my dog owns me. As I sit here I multitask between writing this blog entry, and playing fetch with Anubis between sentences *throws ball*. 593 more words


I Hate Pink

…But I just made a pink candle. With pink and white-that-glitters-rose glitter. Because somewhere inside this maladjusted young woman there must be a little girl who wanted to be a princess and believe in fairy tales. 605 more words