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Ancient Egyptian Funerary Environment in the Treasury of Tutankhamun.

The tomb of Tutankhamun needs to be seen as an historical document.

Nowadays everyone knows about Tutankhamun. His mummy, his funeral mask, his golden sarcophagus, his jewels, his spectacular furniture … are familiar to anyone. 177 more words


Relationships with the Divine

Brooke and I spoke earlier today about the feelings that our various gods evoke within us. I expressed confusion and inner conflict regarding my relationships with Anubis and Tyr.  197 more words


A Writer's Muse (Guest blog)

The relationship you have with your Muse can be filled with a bewildering range of emotions, ranging from angst, occasional stupidity (yours, not theirs) to the utterly sublime. 469 more words



I’ve mentioned a few times before here that I was in a serious car accident back in August where my car rolled over three or four times down an embankment. 688 more words


Anubis Excerpt

Then I looked into his eyes. They were fierce, like the eyes of a jackal. What I said to him I have forgotten, my attempts to get him away from me all in vain.

183 more words

Priestess of Anubis

Character design for an Egyptian warrior who has the special responsibility of protecting the Pharaohs’ tombs from robbery and vandalism. Her black jackal helmet is of course an allusion to Anpu (Anubis), the jackal-headed god of embalming in the Egyptian religion.