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Anubis Energy

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Anubis Energy

Giving reverence to the dark that will soon be

the light.

My nature is sunny yet I’m married to the


Love was the test to determine my path. 23 more words


Saved By Fire

For Anubis, who last year today put the broken pieces of my soul through fire and reforged me. Thank you for not giving up on me even when I did. 7 more words


Wrap-up of the June/July GMC

Well, this GMC ended up being longer than it was supposed to, because of life stuff getting in the way during June. But I think it turned out to be good “month”, even if it was twice as long. 483 more words


American Gods

This one’s behind a cut for potential spoilers. I don’t give away any plot points or anything, just a mention, but I’ve spent over a year avoiding talk of this book so just in case anyone else is still trying to do the same… 578 more words


My Original Conversion Experience

This is an updated version of a post entitled “My Faith,” which I originally published on May 25, 2013. I’m re-publishing today it in celebration of Wep Ronpet.

2,685 more words

GMC Poetry: To Anubis the Shaman




By every name that You have been called

I hail You

As Your sharp eyes can pierce the deepest blackness

May I see what You see… 153 more words