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Anubis Treasure Box

When Howard Carter uncovered Tutankhamun’s tomb in 1922, the burial has already been pillaged by ancient tomb robbers. Most of the smaller, solid metal (i.e. gold & silver) objects have been removed. 324 more words


God's Testimony

I took a nap earlier today and I woke up from an old repetitive dream but this time, it was different than the other ones. 1,686 more words

New YouTube Banner

Hey there everyone, welcome back! Here I have an updated YouTube Banner!

Doggie Sketch-a-Day - Relief Sketches of Anubis + no confidence (#Megaman)

“We all return to the soil. ”

That is what he said, not me — ANUBUS NECROMANCES (also called Anubistep) from the Megaman Zero series. This is probably my favorite boss from the first game, outside of the Four Generals. 150 more words

Doggie Sketch-A-Day