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The Initiation from the Anunnaki Council

Walking through the streets of my Babylon I smell the scent of precious resins in the air; myrrh, frankincense, copal. I am nearing the market place, the bizarre, and beyond that, the mighty Ziggurat. 1,365 more words

The New Human Model

Within this work I will reveal my conversation with Father Enki regarding the New Human Model and below this I will explain in my own words the meaning of this channeling. 2,364 more words

The Coming of the Visible Third Eye

Marduk: This is wondrous, isn’t it, the way all this is going?

Helen: What do you mean?

Marduk: The way the moon is rising above the sun. 692 more words

2017: The Coming Times

Over the past few months I have been receiving many messages and images which I have been storing in my memory for the day that would come where they could all be explained to me and for when I would be told to share what I had been told. 2,923 more words

The Spiritual Gold Rush 2016

“We are the Menorah, the collective voice of those whom you know as the Anunnaki gods, but we are the combined paradigm of the resounding frequencies of every planet in the universe. 1,503 more words

Gateway of the Sun

This is a channeling from Lord Marduk:

We are the pattern makers of your world and the universe. We are the ordinators of time and the destinies of worlds and we are the recorders of the events that take place either within the material or the etheric. 1,290 more words

The Coming of the Anunnaki Children

Enki: “Nanaea, can you see those doorways? They are doorways that have been opened between Earth and the Kingdom and many of them you have opened yourselves. 1,851 more words