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The Legend of Adapa

The Tablet Of Adapa
Adapa – The First Man

translated by Stephanie Dalley

He (Enki) made broad understanding perfect in him (Adapa), To disclose the design of the land. 854 more words


The Sumerian King List - Puzzles historians after more than a century

Out of the many incredible artefacts that have been recovered from sites in Iraq where flourishing Sumerian cities once stood, few have been more intriguing than the Sumerian King List, an ancient manuscript originally recorded in the Sumerian language, listing kings of Sumer (ancient southern Iraq) from Sumerian and neighbouring dynasties, their supposed reign lengths, and the locations of “official” kingship. 944 more words

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Watchers from Eden?

Ok so you are all familiar with the Anunnaki. Some Authors have portrayed these beings as being Aliens from outer space. The truth could not be further from that, but rest assured the truth is no less intriguing. 114 more words


Scientists - Adam And Eve Were Not The 1st Humans On Earth

Adam and Eve were not the 1st humans. They were the most genetically advanced humans of the genetic experiment. Let’s have a closer look.

Genesis Chapter 4: verse 13 Cain said to the Lord, my punishment is more than I can bear. 463 more words


Space Oddity - Chapter 6

Chapter 5 – Chapter 4 – Chapter 3 – Chapter 2 – Chapter 1

The hall beyond was a mess of flame and smoke.  My skin tingled as if mint had been slathered on it, but the fire had no other effect.   3,046 more words