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Raining Honey

We are almost at the end of our time in Sri Lanka already.  As you might expect we have managed to fill our time quite well.  1,458 more words


Sarapan di Sri Lanka

Kalau di Indonesia, mayoritas sarapan itu pasti makanan besar kayak nasi uduk. Pokoknya banyak karbo dan gak lupa lauk pauknya juga. Nah ternyata di Sri Lanka juga sama. 303 more words

Sri Lanka

Cara Menuju Anuradhapura dari Colombo Airport

Dengan tibanya saya di Bandaranaike International Airport, resmi sudah pengembaraan saya di Sri Lanka dimulai. Kebetulan jadwal pesawat saya cukup enak, berangkat pagi jam 8.30 dari Kuala Lumpur dan tiba di Colombo pukul 9.30. 717 more words

Sri Lanka

15 Alasan Yang Membawa Saya ke Sri Lanka

Pasti pada bertanya-tanya nih, ngapain sih jalan-jalan ke Sri Lanka? Eh ngomong-ngomong, Sri Lanka itu di mana ya? Pokoknya sering banget dapet pertanyaan itu pas saya menceritakan rencana saya untuk jalan-jalan ke Sri Lanka. 221 more words

Jalan Jalan

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Sra Lanka – Ancient Cities

Today, a return to Sri Lanka, and a few of the photographs that I took at some of the ancient sites. 96 more words


~8th Wonder of the World~

Mystical world of Sri Lanka’s ancient Heritage

Sri Lanka showcase 8 UNESCO World Heritage sites that are extraordinarily preserved to outshine more well-known world class attractions.   108 more words


Our Exciting summer plan

If you had asked me a month ago what we have planned for this summer it would have gone something like this- hang out around our new place in Israel, go to the beach, hear some music,and maybe go away to some nice European destination for a few days. 396 more words