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Tooth of Buddha - Lap of Lanka III

An exceptional beauty stood beside the funeral pyre, a single tear on her cheek contradicting the vision of perfect peace on her exquisite face. She stood twirling a blade of kush on her fine fingers. 740 more words


Up towards the historical heartland

From Wipattu we headed towards Sigiriya, via Anuradhapura, visiting some of the old palaces and shrines along the way. I know very little about Buddhism and after asking lots of questions know a little bit more including understanding how important Sri Lanka has been in terms of nurturing and maintaining Buddhism. 216 more words

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Negombo, Sigiriya and Anuradhpura: from the beach to ancient cities

Hell, already 10 days on the road!

Right now I am sitting in a lousy guest house in Kandy (since I am staying here for one night only I will survive it) and the best thing about this crappy place is the stable wifi ;-) and electric sockets, where my apple-fitting-adaptor fits. 810 more words


3 Places to Explore with All Inclusive Sri Lanka Holidays

Nestled in the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka is a small tropical island, famous for amazing wildlife and religious background. The country has a coastline of around 1300 km, and is adorned with some of the most peaceful beaches of the world. 403 more words

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I ate like a local in Sri Lanka

Kottu and rice meals with fish seems to be are the popular food items in Srilanka. Except for the dinner at Galle, I chose local restaurants to have food. 107 more words


Olympic athlete beaten by bicycle.

Sorry to inform his fans but Julian has taken to his bed after a day on a bicycle! Granted his bicycle might have been a little small for him, granted the brake was sticking on the rear wheel and there were no functioning gears, nevertheless his near collapse at the end of the day came as a bit of a surprise (but only to you Karen!). 639 more words