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12 days in Sri Lanka – venturing out

Day 2 – first Sri Lankan train ride: I walked to Colombo Fort Station in the dark, giving a wide berth to the various stray dogs milling around seemingly harmlessly in the street. 733 more words


12 days in Sri Lanka - arrival and orientation

Over the coming series of posts, I’ll be chronicling my 12 days in Sri Lanka in 2016. I’ll cover where I went, how I got there, where I stayed and what I ate. 378 more words


Week 2: Anuradhapura, Trincomalee, Sigiriya

After the fascinated stares and requests for ‘selfie, selfie’ in the north, Anuradhapura felt like a tourist town, and we disliked it almost immediately. The tuk tuk drivers urged us to stay at their own hotels, our guest house attempted to overcharge us, and overall it was clear that we were seen as little more than a potential source of income. 552 more words


The road back to Colombo!

Feels silly now but I was a little apprehensive about climbing Sigiriya as I stupidly read loads of stuff online which made me think it might be dangerous and I wouldn’t be up to it. 1,091 more words


Sentinels of Ruwanwelisaya

Grey Langurs at the famous Ruwanweliseya stupa in Anuradhapura, guardians of a land as old as time.


Hegyek és hullámok között. Bolyongások Srí Lankán

Galle-ban kora reggel kellemes arab dallamok lopakodtak be az utcáról az álmomba, ami felidézett bennem egy hasonló ébredést Szarajevóban. Ott a müezzin éneke szövődött egybe az álmommal, és kellemes emlék maradt bennem utána. 8,102 more words