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Tallest Stupa in ancient world: Jethawanaramaya Dagoba | Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka

The ancient city of Anuradhapura is a UNESCO world heritage site and has several magnificent monuments which includes some of the tallest structures of ancient world:  Jetavanaramaya Dagoba, … 210 more words


Sri Lanka: Culture, Caves, and Rocks

Kandy: Drums & Buriani

“Hello, my friend! Where are you from?”, is how most conversations in Kandy started and that’s how we met a guy who, after asking what we were looking for – tea in bags – lead us through Kandy and into back alleys probably no tourists ever venture into. 935 more words


The Ancient Temples and Monasteries of Sri Lanka

The people of Sri Lanka have been incredibly kind and generous. We have had countless conversations on the street, phone numbers given, smiles galore, shy hellos from children and even given local fruit on the train. 318 more words


Strictly: Sri Lanka - Part #2

Before I get into the second half of the week I want to take a moment, or five, to talk about food. I like talking about food so this could take a while, be warned! 1,948 more words

Hail Cesar!

It’s midday and I’m sitting in the caesarean ward of a hospital in Sri Lanka in 32 degree heat. Feeling light headed and queasy having drunk the last of my litre of water and wondering how I’m going to make the short walk back to the house for lunch… … 363 more words


Once upon a time in Anuradhapura

I had never seen a dagoba (=stupa, the theravada buddhist temple) before, and the one that towers over the ancient capital Anuradhapura is impressive. In fact,  the… 504 more words


Ancient City Anuradhapura - Sri Lanka

Anuradhapura, the ancient capitals of Sri Lanka is one of the oldest cities in the world. No wonder! Anuradhapura was the capital Sri Lanka, from 4th century BC till 11th century AD. 1,693 more words